40+ Best Sagittarius Tattoos: Discover the Meaning Behind the Archer

Best Sagittarius Tattoos And Ideas With Meanings For Men And Women

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Tattoo is one the best way to express our personality and character traits. Tattoos express your inner feelings very beautifully. It is because a tattoo design with meaning adds a layer of uniqueness to it and makes it more special.

Today we are going to discuss the Sagittarius zodiac tattoos. We will discuss it, its personality traits, its elements, and their meanings, and also design ideas for zodiac Sagittarius sign tattoos.

From Minimalist to Extravagant: A Guide to the Best Sagittarius Tattoos

There are twelve zodiac signs in astrology. Today we are discussing the zodiac Sagittarius sign. Out of 12 astrological signs, Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the zodiac.

The people born between November 21 to December 21 belong to the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

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In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is half horse and half human and associated with the centaur Chiron.

The symbol of the Sagittarius sign is “Archer”. And the sign element of Sagittarius is ” Fire”. The ruling planet of the Sagittarius sign is “Jupiter”.

Its detriment is mercury. Birthstones of the Sagittarius sign are Topaz, Tanzanite, Citrine, Zircon, and Turquoise.


Each of the twelve zodiac signs has different personality traits. All have some negative and some positive traits. Let’s discuss the personality traits of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Positive traits: Sagittarius people are lively, they always resist regulations, rules, and constraints because they want to feel free and live their life according to themselves.

You will find out that Sagittarius people are very magnetic as they attract people very easily with the help of their innate humor.

Sagittarius are born to explore or you can say they are great travelers, adventurers, and free spirits who want to travel the world.

These people are very admirable, every person who comes in contact with a Sagittarius person admires them. Sagittarius people are sympathetic, intelligent, faithful, knowledgable, and have sensitive natures, therefore they are seen as wonderful and loving people.

They want freedom in their life and they want to live their life on their terms only. These people are risk-takers and the most imaginative people in this world full of people.

They have a great love for art and beauty or you can simply say they are true artists.

Negative traits: Sagittarius people are very selfish and egoist, they are prone to it. They take things very seriously, so be careful when you mess up with a Sagittarius because they keep grudges for a longer period of time.

Sagittarius people are very quick in judging people, they even don’t take a minute to judge a person. Whenever any conflict happens, they utter what comes into their mind, they don’t filter their words or think once about what they are speaking.

On some occasions, they feel very self-satisfied. Sagittarius natives easily get bored with things and they move on. They are short-tempered people, they easily got hyper.

These people are also inconsistent, over-confident, clumsy, annoying, very blunt, and emotionally cold.

Sagittarius is a fire Zodiac sign. People who are born under this sun sign have their birthdays from November 21 to December 21. Jupiter is the ruling planet of this sun sign and the zodiac sign is represented by an archer or a bow and arrow.

Sagittarius people are very confident and are often people with a strong will. Since it is a fire zodiac sign people born under this sun sign speak what is on their mind freely, they are fearless.

The symbol shows an archer that is half horse and half human carrying a bow and arrow. The upper part of the archer is the human body carrying a bow and arrow in a shooting position while the lower body is that of a horse.

Meanings Of Sagittarius Tattoos

People often get the whole symbol inked because it signifies courage, will, passion, and pride. It also gives character to the tattoo.

Not only does the Sagittarius symbol look cool but it also has a lot of meaning and history behind it.

The archer can either be a male or female depending on your choice. One of the strongest meanings of Sagittarius tattoos is victory.

It symbolizes that no matter how many hurdles or challenges are there in life you will always come out victorious because you have a fire and strong will inside you.


In every zodiac sign, there are a few elements which define that sign and these elements are used in making zodiac sign tattoo designs.

These elements can give your tattoo design some twist. We will discuss Sagittarius sign tattoo elements and their meaning.

  • Archer: In Sagittarius, the archer is half horse and half man. The archer symbolizes freedom, courage, accuracy, balance, and concentration.
  • Sagittarius constellation: Sagittarius constellation is one of the constellations of the zodiac. It is a constellation with 32 stars and with a planet. It lies in the southern sky between Capricornus and Scorpius, and it represents “archer”.
  • Sagittarius Glyph: Sagittarius glyph is like an arrow with a plus sign pointing upwards. This glyph represents your willpower for a higher purpose and abundance or your desire for direction.
  • Birth Flower – Carnation: The birth flower of the Sagittarius zodiac sign is Carnation. It is known as a very long-lasting flower. Carnation is a flower that comes in a wide variety of colors and it is also a multi-petaled flower. These flowers are the symbol of longevity and love as other flowers don’t last for long and these flowers stay beautiful and bright for a longer period.
  • Ruling planet – Jupiter: The ruling planet of the Sagittarius sign is Jupiter. Jupiter is known as a planet of wisdom that’s why people of this sign always try to explore themselves and new things. The planet Jupiter represents growth, luck, prosperity, and expansion.
  • Sign element – Fire: Sagittarius is a fire sign. The fire sign is associated with boldness, creativity, and brashness. The people having the fire sign element are also lusty and aggressive.
  • Jupiter Glyph: Jupiter glyph encourages us to expand and improve ourselves for a better life.

Unleash Your Free Spirit with These Stunning Sagittarius Tattoos

The best thing about Sagittarius tattoos is the fact that there are so many options for you. If you want an elegant tattoo you can always get just a bow and arrow tattoo without the archer which is simple but extremely elegant.

If you are one who likes cute tattoos a cute little bow and arrow on your wrist or ankle is a fantastic choice.

If you like detailed tattoos then you can go for a fullback archer tattoo with a bow and arrow which looks absolutely brilliant.

If you are a fan of non-symbol tattoos then you can just get Sagittarius inked on you in the font of your choice.

You can always ask your tattoo artist to add some other details to your tattoo so that it is not very common and looks unique yet retains its meaning.


Before getting a tattoo, you always have a difficult task to do and the task is to decide where you are going to get a tattoo.

Many people find it confusing but don’t worry, we are here to clear all your doubts regarding tattoo placement.

There are a few things you have to consider while deciding the placement of your tattoo. Sagittarius sign tattoos can be small or large and simple or complicated, it is your call what you decide for yourself.

  • Meaning: The meaning of a tattoo plays an important role in deciding a good placement for a tattoo. Sometimes the placement of a tattoo disrespect the tattoo and many people find out offensive. So be careful and always thoroughly learn the meaning of the tattoo which you are going to ink on your body and according to the meaning decide the best placement then.
  • Size: The size of the tattoo also matters a lot when deciding the placement of a tattoo. If your tattoo size is large, you can choose the forearm, biceps, chest, shoulder, back, rib, thigh, or on legs. If your Sagittarius sign tattoo is small, you can choose the finger, wrist, forearm, collarbone, neck, behind the neck, behind the ear, or on the ankle. These are the best placements for small-size Sagittarius sign tattoos.
  • Visibility: This is the factor where you have to decide whether you want your tattoo secret or not. If you want to show your Sagittarius zodiac sign tattoo to everyone, you can opt for wrist, forearm, biceps, neck, behind the neck, behind the ear, ankle, or on legs. On the other hand, if you want your tattoo to be personal, you can go for the chest, shoulder, thigh, back, or collarbone.

Sagittarius people don’t want to be copycats or wear a tattoo that is too common and seen millions of times. They always want something new and unique for themselves. So, We have collected all the latest, interesting, and impressive designs of Sagittarius zodiac sign tattoos. Please check them out and choose the best one for yourself.

Here we have the best 55+ Sagittarius Tattoos designs and Ideas with Constellation for men and women both.

Sagittarius Tattoo Gallery

1. Sagittarius tattoos can be placed perfectly on the back. Look at this Sagittarius tattoo design on the back which is incredibly awesome.

Sagittarius archer tattoos

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2. Sagittarius tattoos design on arm for guys.

Sagittarius constellation tattoosfor arms

3. Watercolor Sagittarius tattoos on the arm is perfect tattoo ideas for girls.

Watercolor Sagittarius tattoos

4. Sagittarius tattoos look good in large-size on-back designs for women.

sagittarius tattoos

5. Small Sagittarius tattoos drawing ideas for men and women.

sagittarius astrology tattoos

6. Sagittarius zodiac Bow and Arrow symbol tattoo design on  the upper arm ideas for boys and girls.

badass sagittarius tattoos

7. Sagittarius zodiac constellation tattoo design on forearm ideas for men and women.

cool sagittarius tattoos

8. Sagittarius zodiac symbol tattoo design on arm for men. Girls can have this tattoo with stars, or hearts to make it more beautiful.

leo and sagittarius tattoos together

9. Unique Sagittarius warrior tattoo design on inner forearm ideas for boys and girls. This beautiful tattoo can be inked behind the neck also.

best sagittarius tattoos

10. Girl Sagittarius tattoo design on upper arm ideas for women.

cute sagittarius tattoos

11. Sagittarius constellation zodiac sign tattoo on the back for girls.

cute sagittarius tattoos

12. Sagittarius tattoos drawing ideas for men and women.

Small Sagittarius tattoos

13. Sagittarius archer tattoo with the date of birth on the arm for men.

Small Sagittarius tattoos

14. Sagittarius astrology tattoos on arms for men.

Sagittarius zodiac tattoos

15. Small Sagittarius zodiac bow and arrow symbol design on forearm designs for boys and girls. These small Sagittarius tattoos look cute when inked neatly.

Sagittarius symbol tattoos

16. Tribal Sagittarius tattoos design on arm ideas for guys.

Sagittarius tribal tattoos

17. Sagittarius constellation tattoo design on arm ideas for males and females.

Sagittarius archer tattoos

18. Beautiful small Sagittarius bow and arrow tattoo design on the half-sleeve ideas for men.

Sagittarius zodiac tattoos

19. Sagittarius constellation tattoo with moon on rarm ideas for men.

Sagittarius archer tattoos

20. Sagittarius constellation tattoo ideas for men and women for girls.

Sagittarius archer tattoos

21. Cute little Sagittarius zodiac symbol tattoo on upper half sleeve ideas for boys and girls.

Small Sagittarius tattoos

22. Awesome Sagittarius zodiac symbol bow and arrow with half moon ideas on upper back ideas for men and women.

Sagittarius archer tattoos

23. Sagittarius zodiac symbol and constellation as warrior form tattoo design ideas on shoulder blade ideas for boys and girls.

Sagittarius archer tattoos

24. Unique Sagittarius zodiac symbol tattoo design ideas for men and women. If you are looking for a unique Sagittarius tattoo, then you should try this.

Sagittarius symbol tattoos

25. Small Sagittarius symbol tattoo design on the shoulder for men.

Small Sagittarius tattoos

26. Beautiful Sagittarius constellation zodiac girl tattoo design on arm ideas for boys and girls.

Sagittarius tattoo designs

27. Geometric Sagittarius zodiac symbol is one of the best tattoo designs if you want to opt for a small tattoo. This small symbol tattoo can be inked on the shoulder, behind the ear, on the neck, or wherever you want it to be inked.

sagittarius color tattoo

28. Sagittarius goddess drawing tattoo design ideas.

Sagittarius tattoo ideas

29. Dreamcatcher Sagittarius symbol with a constellation tattoo design on back ideas for guys.

Sagittarius tattoo for men

30. Amazing Sagittarius zodiac tattoo design on arm ideas for boys and girls.

Sagittarius archer tattoos

31. Famous Sagittarius symbol tattoo design on calf ideas for men.

Sagittarius tattoo for women

32. Cool Sagittarius tattoo design on arm ideas.

Sagittarius archer tattoos

33. Sagittarius zodiac symbol tattoo design on neck ideas for girls.

Realistic Sagittarius tattoos

34. Flower Sagittarius bow and arrow tattoo design with flower alongside ideas arm for men and women.

Sagittarius wrist tattoos

35. Beautiful Sagittarius bow and arrow tattoo design on arm ideas for girls.

Sagittarius centaur tattoos

36. Small geometric style Sagittarius bow and arrow flowers tattoo design on the forearms ideas for boys and girls.

Sagittarius symbol tattoos

37. Sagittarius zodiac symbol tattoo design on wrist ideas for men.

Sagittarius symbol tattoos on wrist

38. Matching Sagittarius symbol tattoo design on wrist for couples and best friend ideas. Matching tattoos are one of the best choices for best friends and brothers and sisters.

matching sagittarius tattoos

39. Small Sagittarius symbol design on hand.

Minimalist Sagittarius tattoos

40. Famous Sagittarius constellation zodiac tattoo design on arm ideas for men.

Traditional Sagittarius tattoos

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