44+ Meaningful Cancer Tattoos: Celebrate Your Cancer sign Tattoos that Expresses Your Emotions

Include Your Zodiac Sign in Your Tattoo Collection with Cancer Tattoos

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It is because a tattoo design with meaning adds a layer of uniqueness to it and makes it more special. Today we are going to discuss the Cancer zodiac sign tattoos. We will discuss it, its personality traits, its elements, and their meanings, and also design ideas for zodiac cancer sign tattoos.

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos:

There are 12 zodiac signs in astrology. Today we are discussing the zodiac cancer signs. Out of 12 astrological signs, cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac.

The people born between June 21 to July 22, belong to the cancer zodiac sign. The Zodiac element of this sign is water and the zodiac symbol of the cancer sign is “crab“.

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There are four birthstones of the cancer sign and these are moonstone, emerald, ruby and the fourth one is pearl. Its detriment is Saturn.

Cancer sign is one of the six negative signs and it is ruled by the moon planet. The opposite sign of cancer is the Capricorn sign.

The Cancer Zodiac sign is one of the three sun signs under the water signs. If you are born between June 21 and July 22 you have cancer as your zodiac sign.

There are some specific qualities in people which are the result of the zodiac sign they are born with. Each zodiac sign has some specific traits associated with it.

Cancer is a water sign and people who have cancer zodiac signs are often very emotional and sensitive. Cancer is represented by a Crab which signifies hard on the outside but soft on the inside.

Cancerians are often judged wrong by the people because of their cold and hard exterior when in reality they are the softest people by heart.

Since Cancerians are very creative people a cancer zodiac tattoo is just perfect for them.

Meanings of Cancer Tattoos

Meanings of Cancer Zodiac tattoos: There are many options available for people with cancer zodiac sign tattoo designs.

They can either get a crab tattoo or since cancer is a water sign they can even get a water tattoo or crab in a water tattoo. The cancer sun sign is ruled by the moon so they can even get a beautiful moon tattoo.

In cancer crab tattoos, also they can find a variety of designs. Since these people are creative they can play with different tattoo designs and create a zodiac tattoo of their own.

It has been said that people who are born underwater signs often have overflowing emotions that might overwhelm them and what better way to convey your emotions than with a help of a tattoo?

Elements of Cancer Zodiac Sign 

In every zodiac sign, there are a few elements that define that sign and these elements are used in making zodiac sign tattoo designs. These elements can give your tattoo design some twist. We will discuss cancer sign tattoos and their meaning.

  • Cancer glyph: The glyph of the cancer sign is similar to the number “69”. It is seen as the breasts of women because this glyph sign has the strong power of a mother. On the other hand, some people believe that this glyph represents crab claws.
  • Sign symbol – Crab: Cancer is a Latin word that means crab. Like crabs, Cancerians are hard on the outside and soft & vulnerable on the inside. Crabs protect themselves with the help of their hard shells. When crabs find themselves in danger they bite with their claws without letting go.
  • Cancer constellation: It is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac and it has ten stars with planets. It is the dimmest constellation out of twelve constellations. The cancer constellation looks like an upside-down “Y”. It is best visible during the march at 9 p.m.
  • Sign element – Water: The sign element of the cancer zodiac is water. Water signs are known to be emotional and intuitive too. Cancerians are very emotional & sensitive, therefore they are guided by feelings and imaginations like water signs.
  • Ruling planet – Moon: Ruling planet of the cancer sign is the moon. According to astrology, the moon planet rules our feelings and sentiments. Like the moon Cancerians are soft and sensitive. Like the moon changes its phase, the same Cancerians also change their moods and minds quickly.
  • Birth flower – Delphinium: The birth flower of the cancer sign is Delphinium. The delphinium flower is seen as a symbol of open heartlessness and encouragement. It is also known as a protective plant and also known as the official birth flower of July. Like delphinium flowers, Cancerians absorb emotions and greet everyone with kindness.
  • Moon glyph: The moon glyph of the cancer sign represents balance.


Before getting a tattoo, you always have a difficult task to do and the task is to decide where you are going to get a tattoo. Many people find it confusing but don’t worry, we are here to clear all your doubts regarding tattoo placement. There are a few things you have to consider while deciding the placement of your tattoo.

  • Visibility: This is the factor where you have to decide whether you want your tattoo secret or not. If you want your tattoo to be personal, you can go for the chest, shoulder, thigh, back, or collarbone. On the other hand, if you want to show your cancer zodiac sign tattoo to everyone, you can opt for wrist, forearm, biceps, neck, behind the neck, behind the ear, ankle, or on legs.
  • Size: The size of the tattoo also matters a lot when deciding the placement of a tattoo. If your cancer sign tattoo is small, you can choose a finger, wrist, forearm, collarbone, neck, behind the neck, behind the ear, or on the ankle. These are the best placements for small-size cancer sign tattoos. If your tattoo size is large, you can choose the forearm, biceps, chest, shoulder, back, rib, thigh, or on legs.
  • Meaning: The meaning of a tattoo also plays an important role in deciding a good placement for a tattoo. Sometimes the placement of a tattoo disrespect the tattoo and many people find out offensive. So be careful and always thoroughly learn the meaning of the tattoo which you are going to ink on your body and according to the meaning decide the best placement then.

If anyone with a cancer zodiac sign wants something softer for a zodiac tattoo they can even get a Lily or Lotus since both the flowers are associated with the cancer zodiac sign.

Mostly getting a crab tattoo is reserved for people who are born with a cancer zodiac sign but even if your zodiac sign is compatible with a cancer zodiac sign you can get a crab tattoo.

The crab tattoo can be anywhere, it could be a small cute tattoo on your hand or it could even be a fullback tattoo which looks extremely cool.

You can even get a crab tattoo with amazing embellishments and cool text to make your tattoo look even better than it already is. So that is why we collect some beautiful and creative cancer sign tattoos for men and women.

We have collected all the latest, interesting, and impressive designs of cancer zodiac sign tattoos. Please check them out and choose the best one for yourself.

Gallery of cancer zodiac tattoos for men and women

1. Crab tattoo design on the shoulder which is the symbol of cancer tattoos which is looking awesome on the back.

cancer sign tattoos

2. Cancer zodiac tattoo design on the leg for guys.

cancer zodiac tattoos constellation

3. Cancer zodiac tattoo design with a crown on the back for boys. You can combine this with an angel wings tattoo, which will give it an amazing look.

unique cancer zodiac tattoos

4. Tribal cancer zodiac tattoos are designed on the ankle for girls. Cancer zodiac will also look unique with quotes.

cancer star sign constellation tattoo

5. Cancer zodiac tattoo pictures for women. Women can go for cancer with clouds and flowers with it.

cancer zodiac tattoo crab

6. Cancer zodiac tattoo design images for boys and girls.

cancer zodiac tattoo on back

7. Cancer zodiac tattoo design on the forearms for girls. One who deeply believes in a horoscope can go for this symbol tattoo.

best cancer zodiac tattoos

8. cute and small Tribal cancer tattoo design images of forearms for girls.

cancer zodiac tattoos small

9. Cancer constellation tattoo design with its symbol and moon and star on the inner forearm.

cancer zodiac arm tattoo

10. Cancer tattoo designs on the back for boys. Hope these cancer tattoos become your choice.

cancer zodiac foot tattoos

11. Beautiful cancer tattoo design in the form of a flower.

cancer zodiac tattoos ideas

12. Cancer tattoos design pictures with and moon and star.

cancer zodiac tattoo ideas for guys

13. Tribal cancer tattoo design on the back for women.

cancer zodiac tattoo on back

14. Unique cancer tattoos design on neck and back ideas for men.

cancer zodiac tattoo on back

15. Beautiful mini cancer crab tattoo design on the finger. It’s a very cute and small tattoo idea for girls.

small cancer zodiac tattoo on finger

16. Small cancer tattoo design near collar bone ideas for girls.

cancer zodiac tattoo on collar bone

17. Geometrical cancer tattoos design on arm ideas for guys. Geometrical tattoos are getting popularity among men and women.

cancer zodiac geometric tattoo

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18. Constellation cancer tattoo design on the forearms for boys. You can also get cancer tattoos on your sleeves.

constellation cancer zodiac tattoo on arm for female

19. Cancer symbol tattoo with a flower on the forearm for girls.

cancer symbol tattoos for women's on arm

20. cute bracelet Cancer tattoo design.

cancer bracelet tattoo for women

21. Small cancer tattoo design on the leg which is a good idea for women.

cancer zodiac tattoos small

22. Cancer tattoo tribal design on wrist ideas for girls. A girl can go for cancer with a ribbon tattoo on her thigh will give her an amazing look.

cancer zodiac symbols tattoos on wrist

23. Unique Cancer tattoo design ideas with flowers for men and women.

cancer zodiac tattoo female

24. Small cancer tattoo with design on upper back.

cancer zodiac tattoo ideas for guys

25. Small tribal cancer zodiac tattoo design on leg ideas.

cancer zodiac moon tattoos

26. Cancer tattoo design on chest ideas for boys.

cancer zodiac geometric tattoo

27. Cancer constellation tattoo design on rib for girls.

cancer zodiac sign tattoo ideas

28. Best Geometric cancer tattoo design on arm ideas for women.

cancer zodiac symbols tattoos

29. Cancer tattoo design on the back for girls.

cancer zodiac sign constellation tattoo

30. Tribal cancer zodiac symbol tattoo design pictures. This tattoo can be inked on the arm, wrist, and neck.

cancer zodiac tattoos

31. Geometric Cancer zodiac tattoo design on inner forearm ideas for men and women.

cancer zodiac sign constellation tattoo

32. Small watercolor cancer zodiac symbol tattoo design on the upper shoulder for girls.

crab with constellation tattoos

33. Yin-yang style Cancer zodiac tattoo design on arm ideas for boys.

cancer zodiac symbols tattoos

34. Cancer tattoo drawing ideas for women.

cancer zodiac tattoos pinterest

35. Beautiful cancer zodiac tattoo design pictures for boys and girls.

crab tattoos

36. Beautiful cancer zodiac tattoo ideas in the form of musical note ideas for girls on the ankle.

cancer tattoos

37. A simple cancer zodiac constellation star tattoo design on an arm for men.

cancer zodiac constellation tattoo

38. Unique cancer tarot card tattoo design on arm.

cancer zodiac tattoo crab sign

39. Crab with its moon tattoo design on wrist ideas for guys.

cancer zodiac sign constellation tattoo

40. Crab tattoo designed with constellation star.

cancer zodiac tattoo crab and geometric

41. A large-size tattoo design for men on the stomach.

cancer zodiac tattoo crab

42. Simple cancer constellation zodiac tattoo design on the inner bicep.

small constellation tattoo ideas for girls

43. Cancer zodiac Constellation stars with watercolor style on the inner bicep.

cancer zodiac sign watercolor tattoo

44. Unique cancer zodiac tattoo design on arm.

cancer zodiac tattoo crab

Img src: Pinterest and Tumblr.
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