78+ Best Capricorn Tattoos Zodiac sign & Symbol With Meaning

Best Capricorn Zodiac Tattoo Designs and Ideas For Men And Women.

Capricorn Tattoos: People found tattoos more fascinating nowadays. People are going crazy for getting a tattoo. They think tattoos make them look cool, beautiful, and attractive. Today we are going to discuss Zodiac Capricorn sign tattoos. We will discuss what Capricorn sign tattoos mean, what are the personality traits of the Capricorn sign and we will also discuss its design ideas. So stick with us.

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People who have their birthdays from December 22 to January 21 fall under Capricorn Zodiac Sign. The symbol of this zodiac sign is the goat head. It is just not any goat but a goat with long horns and with a fishtail. People who are born under this zodiac sign are very hard-working and have passion. These people overcome all the obstacles and try their best to succeed. Capricorns are also very dedicated and have a very strong will. Getting a Capricorn Zodiac tattoo is not common. But if you are a Capricorn and also a tattoo enthusiast getting a goad head or complete goat tattoo is something that you can definitely go for.

Capricorn goddess tattoos

Capricorn Tattoos – Zodiac Sign and Symbol 

Capricorn Tattoos: Zodiac signs are always evergreen. There are twelve zodiac signs and the Capricorn sign is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac. The people born between 22 December to 21 January belong to the Capricorn sign. The symbol of the Capricorn sign is “sea goat”. Capricorn is a Latin word it means goat-horned. Its constellation is Capricornus. It belongs to the earth element of the zodiac. The ruling planet of the Capricorn sign is “Saturn”. It is one of the most difficult signs to understand. Let’s discuss its positive and negative traits at the bottom of the page. But first, let’s discuss What do zodiac Capricorn sign tattoos mean? What do Capricorn tattoos symbolize? What are the characteristics of the Capricorn sign? Down Below.

capricorn tattoos ideas

Meanings of Capricorn Tattoos & Zodiac Sign & Symbols.

Capricorn Zodiac tattoos mean a lot of different things. No particular meaning can be associated with the tattoo but based on the tattoo a lot of meanings can be drawn. A goat tattoo signifies a lot of things for example goats are known for climbing high and steep mountains so the tattoo of a goat on your body is a symbol of your will and determination as well. It shows that you are not afraid to climb heights in order to achieve your goal no matter how tough it is. Goats are very gentle and so they can also symbolize your inner gentle soul. Here are some related elements for Capricorn tattoos which are explained down below:


Capricorn sign elements are the thing that will add some twists to your tattoo design. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Sea Goat: In greek mythology, the sea goat is a legendary aquatic creature that is half fish and half goat. The sea goat symbolizes the god of the sea and it represents creativity, stability, and strength.
  • Capricorn glyph: The glyph of the Capricorn is the pictorial representation of the sea- goat. It is designed to show the hoof of a mountain goat and the tail of a fish.
  • Horn: As we know, a sea goat is a half goat and half fish. Tattoo artists use goat horns to design Capricorn tattoos.
  • Capricorn constellation: Capricornus is one of the constellations of the zodiac. It is the smallest zodiac constellation. The shape of the constellation is like a summer triangle.
  • Ruling planet – Saturn and Saturn glyph: The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn is all about discipline, hard work, and responsibility. Of all the planets, Saturn planet or Shani Graha is seen as a very heavy planet. This is the planet of karma.
  • Element – Earth: The element sign of Capricorn is earth. These people are down-to-earth, low-key, and practical.
  • Pansy flower: The official flower of the Capricorn sign is the pansy. This small flower is red in color. The word pansy is derived from the word pensee and in french it means “to think”. Therefore this flower is known as the thinker’s flower.


When you think about the placement of your tattoo, always consider some things first and then decide. Adding some elements to your basic design will add a twist to it.

  • Size: Good placement of a tattoo depends on the size of the tattoo design. If you are going for a large and bold Capricorn sign design, then choose shoulder, legs, forearm, biceps, chest, back, or thighs. If the size of your Capricorn tattoo design is small and delicate, you can choose a finger, wrist, behind the ear, behind the neck, collar bone, neck, forearm, ankle, or feet.
  • Visibility: If you want to keep your Capricorn tattoo design personal, it means you don’t want to show it to others, then simply go for the chest, thigh, or back area. It will be the best placement for a hidden tattoo. On the other hand, If you want your Capricorn tattoo to be easily visible to everyone and also you want to see your tattoo all the time, then wrist and ankle might be a good idea and choice.
  • Meaning: The last thing you have to keep in mind is the meaning of the tattoo. You have to think that the placement area you choose for your Capricorn tattoo will going to justify the meaning of your tattoo or not. So please take time to think and decide on the area for your tattoo placement. We want you to regret it later.

The placement of the Goat tattoo is very interesting as it can go anywhere and look just as beautiful. For a small cute but powerful impact, you can get just the goat face on the wrist. If you are fond of slightly bigger tattoos you can get the goat face inked on your forearm or bicep. It might sound a little weird but the Capricorn Zodiac tattoos of the goat on the thighs and calf are extremely popular too. You can even get it tattooed on your nape or upper back. There are different color options you can go for depending on your taste. There are different types of Capricorn Zodiac tattoos that you can choose from like the Capricorn star tattoo, Capricorn goat tattoo, Capricorn floral pattern tattoo, or Capricorn tribal tattoo. There are many other forms of Capricorn tattoos that you can choose from. You can even customize your tattoo with respect to the Capricorn sun sign.

Capricorn Tattoos Gallery

1. Capricorn tattoo design with a symbol on the head and butterfly with flowers.

meaningful capricorn tattoos for females

2. Capricorn head skull tattoo design with flowers on the thigh is a good idea for Women.

capricorn goat head  skull tattoo

3. Full-Size Capricorn tattoo design on the back.

capricorn goat tattoos

4. One of the best Capricorn tattoo designs with the rose flower on the back for women.

capricorn tattoos for women

5. Capricorn tattoo design with a long horn on the arm.

tattoos of capricorn zodiac signs

6. Full-size Capricorn head tattoo on the back for men.

tattoos of capricorn zodiac signs

7. Capricorn symbol animal full-size animal tattoo design for those who want full-size tattoo designs for their zodiac sign.

capricorn animal tattoo

8. Capricorn constellation and its planet Saturn and stars zodiac symbol tattoo design on the forearms for the girls.

capricorn constellation tattoo

9. Sketch-style Capricorn tattoo ideas for men.

capricorn drawing tattoo

10. Capricorn symbol goat head tattoo on chest.

capricorn symbol tattoo

11. Capricorn constellation tattoos for men and women.

capricorn constellation tattoo

12. Geometrical style Capricorn tattoo designs with arrow.

geometric capricorn tattoo

13. Full-size Capricorn zodiac symbol with flower tattoos.

capricorn goddess tattoos

14. Capricorn  and libra zodiac sign together tattoo on arm.

capricorn and libra tattoo

15. A beautiful piece of Capricorn symbol tattoo design with a constellation on the upper arm.

capricorn sign tattoo

16. A good way to represent your sun sign is with the date of birth and some quotes on it.

Capricorn tattoo ideas

Capricorn tattoos for girls on the inner bicep.

capricorn flower tattoo

Capricorn constellation star tattoos with Saturn planet on ankle.

capricorn tattoo design

Meaningful Capricorn tattoos for men and women both.

capricorn flower tattoo

capricorn zodiac tattoo

capricorn zodiac tattoo

capricorn zodiac tattoo

Small Capricorn tattoos on the finger.

small capricorn tattoo on finger

capricorn tattoo

capricorn goat tattoos

Capricorn tattoos with stars on the back for females.

capricorn goat tattoos with stars

Constellation star tattoo ideas.

Capricorn star constellation tattoo on arm

Sea Goat tattoos for men on arms.

capricorn sea goat tattoo

capricorn goat head tattoo

capricorn birth flower tattoo

capricorn goat head tattoo

Watercolor Capricorn tattoos

watercolor constellation capricorn tattoo

geometric capricorn tattoo

capricorn goat tattoos

capricorn goat head tattoo

capricorn goat head tattoo

tribal capricorn tattoo designs

capricorn goat head tattoo

capricorn goat head tattoo

capricorn goddess tattoo

capricorn tattoos

capricorn goat head tattoo

capricorn goat head tattoo

capricorn goat head tattoo

capricorn constellation tattoo

capricorn drawing tattoo ideas

capricorn goat head skull tattoo

capricorn goddess tattoo

Check out also Zodiac Sign Taurus Tattoos.

capricorn and taurus tattoo

symbol capricorn tattoo

capricorn zodiac tattoo

male cool capricorn tattoo

capricorn spine tattoos

meaningful capricorn tattoos for females

simple capricorn tattoos

capricorn goat head & horns tattoo

capricorn constellation and symbol tattoo on ear

capricorn goat head tattoo on forearm

capricorn goat head tattoo ideas

capricorn symbol tattoo with flower

small capricorn tattoo

feminine capricorn tattoo small

tattoos of capricorn zodiac signs

tattoos of capricorn zodiac signs

tattoos of capricorn zodiac signs

capricorn tattoo

capricorn tattoos

Now please also check out Capricorns people’s quality also. 

As above told that Capricorns have some best qualities but a few weaknesses also. please check out their positive traits and negative traits here.

positive traits

People who fall under the Capricorn sign have mountains of ambitions. Capricorns are very passionate about their ambitions and career. They want everything perfect, so they give their 100% time to finesse the idea. Capricorns are like wine, they get better and better with time as they are signs of longevity. Capricorns have the best choices in every zone whether it is music, art, fashion, cinema, sports, or special people. They choose the best thing for themselves. People of this sign have all the desired qualities. They are intelligent, determined, responsible, loyal, and reliable. They don’t want anyone’s attention regarding their clothes or personality. They don’t like to be admired but they want respect. They are the ultimate perfectionists in almost everything and also the masters of discipline. Capricorn sign holders are generally known as “workaholics”.

Negative traits

As well as with the qualities, people also have some flaws in them. They always try to compete with themselves and easily got frustrated by failure. They always think that they are the best. No one is better than them, they always put themselves first. Capricorns always plan things and if things don’t go their way they lose confidence easily. They are daydreamers and are easily disillusioned. Capricorns are stubborn and they don’t change their decisions easily. These people are also furious, pessimistic, and detached.

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We hope you enjoy these tattoo designs and surely get any ideas for your zodiac sign tattoos.
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