40 Beautiful Sun Tattoos Design and Ideas For Men And Women

Sun Tattoos Design and Ideas

Sun Tattoos: The sun is the source of life. Sun always inspires us to shine. There are many religious and significant facts related to the sun from Ancient culture.

From the past century, people assume the sun is our God and it always there to protect. There were many cultures in the past that believed that the Sun is responsible for everything happening on earth.

These may be good effects and bad effects.
Today, We see the Sun as a symbol of glory and life. There will be no life without the sun. So Sun tattoo is probably the most popular tattoo design Due to its popularity.

Lots of people are attracted to sun tattoos. Even boys and girls can have sun tattoos easily. These Sun tattoos come in different sizes and designs.

Meaning of sun Tattoos:

  • People Represent that the sun is the symbol of truth.
  • It makes them belief in humanity.
  • It gives us faith.
  • Sun is the symbol of wisdom and courage.
  • It’s a symbol of good luck.
  • It helps you from danger.
  • It is a symbol of bravery.
  • It is a symbol of Energy and hope.

Types of Sun Tattoos

Like Sun and Moon tattoos, Rising sun tattoos, sun devil tattoos, sunfish tattoos, tribal sun tattoo, cloud and sun tattoos, stars and sun tattoos, etc. kinds of sun tattoos available.

Sun tattoos are available in different shapes and sizes. It depends upon your choice whether you’d like a small sun tattoo or a large-size sun tattoo design. One last important thing before you get done your first tattoo job.

Always remember that the Placement of a tattoo on our body for a tattoo is also of the same importance as tattoo designs. So choose a good body part for a sun tattoo design. There are lots of places for sun tattoos like shoulder, elbow legs, etc.

Here are some of the best-selected images for sun tattoos with their better placement. From here you can select your sun tattoo design and easily understand where that design looks perfect on your body.
Just take a look at these

Beautiful pictures of sun tattoo


1. This is a Filipino Sun Tattoo design on the upper shoulder of the women. This kind of tattoo design has its own meaning and history.
sun tattoo for arm

2. This one is a Geometrical Sun Tattoo design. These tattoo designs have unique shapes and designs.They look cool and interesting.
small sun tattoo for wrsit

3. This is a Japanese sun tattoo design in this tattoo see the rising sun with rays .
small sun tattoo

4. This is a Polynesian Sun Tattoo design. This is a different kind of tattoo art. Polynesian tattoo art is the most popular tattoo art from the ancient age.
sun and moon and star tattoos

5. This looks like a small tribal Sun Tattoo. This tattoo is placed on the side rib cage of women.
tribal sun tattoo

6. Sun and Moon tattoo design on the wrist. This is a very small sun tattoo design with the moon but looking so cute.
Sun and moon tattoos

7. One hand has a sun tribal tattoo and the other hands has half-moon tattoo design. There are beautiful thinking about getting both kinds of sun and moon tattoo design.
sun and moon tattoos for men and women

8. These two-person showing their love. One has a tattoo and others have a moon tattoo. Sun and moon tattoo have their own meaning like when they come together it symbolizes for both men and women together.
half moon and sun tattoo

9. Sun Tattoo zurigo design: in which both sun and moon are together in a single design.
Sun and moon matching tattoos

10. Take a look at these small sun tattoo designs in which the sun and earth are together. This design looks cool on leg.sun and earth tattoos

11. This is a sun tattoo Zurich design. This design is made up of mehndi and both sun and moon are together. that’s why it called as Zurich design tattoo.
sun tattoo zurich

12. Sun Tattoo design on the finger.
sun tattoo design on finger

13. Sun Tattoo design on the back of women. This tattoo design also has both sun and moon together with rays.
black and grey sun tattoo

14. Sun and moon Tattoo design on hands
Sun and moon tattoos

15.  A yellow Sun Tattoo design near navel of women.
sun tattoo

16. Sun Tattoo design on foot. This is a kind of tribal sun tattoo design in which sun moon and stars are including.
sun tattoo foot

17. Sun and moon tattoos on fingers.
sun and moon tattoos on finger

18.  when you visit a tattoo studio you have to take a look at all  tattoo ideas designs related to your interest. Like this image. It has Simple sun and moon tattoo design on wrist.
sun and moon tattoos

19. Sun Tattoo jamsai design in which small moon and sun seems to be kissing.
sun tattoo black and grey

20. Sun Tattoo design on feet. It’s a bad idea. People think that the sun is one of our god and sun tattoo on feet is not a good thing.
sun tattoo

21. sun tattoo around for wrist. Its a tribal sun tattoo design.
sun tattoo for wrist

22.  As shown above Polynesian tattoo design of sun and now take a look at this sun tattoo which is called Maori tattoo design.
sun tattoo

23. I found this tattoo design on Pinterest when I was looking for a sun tattoo design for women’s back. Its a beautiful sun tattoo on the back.sun tattoo

24. This one is not comparable to the tattoo design to others. This is a new black sun and moon tattoo design on the back of the shoulder and looking marvelous.
black sun tattoo

25. sun tattoo cover up ideas. Moon kissing the sun.
sun tattoo

26. Sun tattoo design in which om word is written inside sun tattoo. This is an amazing idea for sun tattoo with names on it.
sun tattoo

27. There are lots of tattoos includes in the sun tattoo gallery like this image. Where sun and moon are together in a tattoo design.
sun tattoos

28. Sun and moon tattoo design with stars on thumbs. This is a pretty cool ideas for girls.
sun tattoos

29. Sun Tattoo design on hand. This design can be places anywhere with other cover up ideas where it seems like sun in tattoos.
sun tattoos on hand

30. Sun Tattoos ink on the wrist. It’s a cool idea for sun tattoos for guys.
sun tattoos on wrist.

31. This image wins my heart. Just see how beautiful sun and moon tattoos are looking beautiful on foot of the women.
sun tattoos

32. Filipino Sun Tattoos with stars 
filipino sun tattoos with stars

33. Filipino Sun Tattoos with stars. This is also a unique sun tattoo. And need a special sun tattoo kit for this design.
best sun tattoo designs

34. Small Sun Tattoos on the upper back. This is a small design and can be placed easily behind the ear and lower back also.
sun tattoos for back

35. Sun Tattoos
sun tattoos

36. Sun Tattoos on the neck. The neck is also a good place for this kind of tattoos. But small in size.
sun tattoos on neck

37. Sun Tattoos are now used by some gangs. sun tattoos ink is popular in japan because their mafia uses this design for their Identity.
sun tattoos

38. Tribal Sun Tattoos for guys. Some guys have this kind of designs on their chests. I found this design on Tumblr.
tribal sun tattoos

39. Best tattoos Ideas for men and women
sun with rays tattoos

40. Sun tattoos with a sharpie. This is a unique sun tattoo design. And It looks perfect on the upper back.
sun tattoos

Img Src: Pinterest.

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