Top 70+ Cute & Small Wrist Tattoos Designs and Ideas You Must See

Cute & Eye-catching Wrist Tattoos And Ideas For Men And Women.

Tattoos look beautiful on any body part but it depends on what kind of tattoo design it is and what message they convey. Here we are going to talk about Tattoos on the wrist. The wrist is one of the coolest body parts to get tattoo designs. Although it feels more painful to get a tattoo on the wrist. Because the wrist is a sensitive part and has very less fat. You will feel pain when a tattoo machine will inject ink into your skin. The wrist is a very common body part where a tattoo can be seen easily. Both the selection of tattoo designs and placement is very important. So you must choose the best tattoo designs for your tattoo.

Why You Should Choose Wrist For the Tattoo Designs

Most people love to get a tattoo on the inner wrist, a place where the heart’s blood pulses close to the surface. Girls mostly get tattoos on their wrists. As we know women are more choosy and fashionable, so they also want to have cool tattoo designs for their wrists that give some meaningful message. And these wrist tattoo designs should give awesome look.

The wrist is a prominent part of the body where some special kinds of small tattoo designs suits as simple quote tattoos, flower tattoos, Celtic designs, bird tattoos, music symbol tattoos, etc. are available for wrist tattoos. Most girls always prefer to have cute and small tattoo designs on their wrists. Girls also love small and cute tattoos. Girls’ bracelet tattoos can be used as jewelry also. Most of the small wrist tattoos are cross, nautical star, tribal, bird, angel wings, and infinity which are liked by many of us. Wrist tattoo designs are helpful to convey the message. The couple’s tattoos are helping to show love for each other.

Wrist Tattoo Designs and ideas

Wrist tattoos help to increase beauty and personality. These tattoos on the wrist become a point of attraction. Wrist tattoos attract more people surrounding you. Where girls or women like cute wrist tattoos, Men like tribal tattoo designs on the wrist. Some celebrity also has tattoos on their wrist.

Here are the 70+ most beautiful wrist tattoo designs and ideas for men and women. Please let us know which one you like the best.

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1. Wrist Arrow Tattoos look very adorable with bracelets. This is only an arrow wrist tattoo design but some other wants a bow tattoo.

best wrist arrow tattoos

2. Small 3d heart tattoo on wrist. Sometimes these kinds of small tattoos will not be cause for affecting your job and workplace. These kinds of small tattoos are easy to hide.

3d small heart tattoos for wrist

3. Small Bird Wrist Tattoo designs Ideas For couples. Bird tattoos look very adorable on the wrist. They are too much pretty and cute for sisters.

small birds tattoos for couple

4. Mostly we can see small birds’ tattoos are so famous for wrist tattoos and women are attracted to these kinds of designs. See this flying phoenix on wrist looking cute.

wrist tattoos designs ideas 24

5. Birds’ tattoos on the wrist will not cost you so much due to the small birds’ size and shape. And another reason is that Birds’ tattoos on their wrist are mostly black in color.

flying dove tattoo designs for wrist

6. This is a beautiful piece of tattoo ideas for Wrists for women. This is looking so cute and simple and a perfect girly idea.

cute small wrist tattoos for girls

7. Music symbol on the wrist is the perfect tattoo idea for those who love music.

music symbol notes for wrist tattoos

8. Butterfly tattoos on the wrist are a feminine symbol. Women love to get this type of tattoo on their wrists.

butterfly wrist tattoos for girls

9. This is a picture of a tiny fish tattoo on the wrist. This is a very simple and small tattoo design for girls.

small fish tattoos for wrist

10. Bracelet wrist Tattoos are sin much popular tattoo design because they have their own meanings. These kinds of tattoos are symbols of fashion and lifestyle.

bracelet tattoos for wrist

11. Sparrow is a unique Wrist Tattoo idea for women. This can be a cover-up tattoos for a small tattoo design on the wrist.

colorful sparrow tattoo design for wrist

12. Celtic tattoo design For Men. This is one of the best tattoo ideas for men who want tattoos on their wrists.

wrist tattoo ideas for men

13. It’s a little question do wrist tattoos hurt? Oh yes, They hurt due to wrist is a sensitive part of the body and when a tattoo machine runs, it will give you the pain of pinching.

Geometric style rose tattoo on wrist

14. Inner wrist small whale tattoo design is a very cute idea for girls.

small whale tattoo for wrist

15. Some people want family tattoos like this bird tattoo design on the Wrist. On the wrist, there are designs also available like mother-daughter tattoos. Look at this tattoo design which is a symbol that shows the loving memory of someone who is not with us today. It is a good tattoo design idea for those who are missing someone they loved.

in loving memory of someone wrist tattoo ideas

16. Girls’ tattoo ideas for wrist. This is a great tattoo idea for girls.

girls wrist tattoo ideas

17. Breathe letter tattoo design with flying birds around wrist tattoo images.

breathe wrist tattoos for girls

18. Mandala wrist Tattoo design on the wrist for female.

mandala wrist tattoos

19. Om tattoo design on Wrist.

om tattoo design for girls

20. Flying birds tattoo design on wrist. This is an amazing wrist tattoo idea for the hand and wrist.

small birds wrist tattoos
21. Music symbol tattoo designs on the wrist.

music sign tattoo

22. Awesome Star tattoo design on wrist.

star wrist tattoos

23. Butterfly tattoo design on wrist.

butterfly tattoos for wrist

24. Most beautiful feather tattoo ideas are the best ideas for a tattoo on the wrist. I saw the same design on my teacher’s hand.

feather tattoos with birds

25. Lotus flower tattoos on the wrist of women are a great symbol of love and fate.

small lotus flower tattoo on wrist

26. Sunflower Flower tattoo design on wrist.

small sunflower tattoos

27. Unique Cross Wrist Tattoo with semicolon design.

cross tattoo on wrist

28. Small and beautiful red rose tattoo on wrist. There are many designs available like this small temporary design. Which gives you a real feeling of a tattoo on your wrist.

rose wrist tattoos

29. Tribal Cross or Celtic cross tattoo design on the wrist for a girl.

cross wrist tattoos

30. A yellow color rose tattoo design on the wrist is a good idea. but it takes up too much space on your wrist. it covers hands as well. You can say this tattoo design is a wrist and hand tattoo.

cute flower tattoos on wrist

31. Nautical Star tattoo design on wrist. So many different styles of stars are available for the wrist.

blue nautical star tattoos

32. Pictures of birds on the Wrist. Birds are popular for wrist tattoos. Even males also try for birds’ tattoos on their wrists.

small birds wrist tattoos

33. Cute and lovely Wrist Tattoos For lovers. These types of tattoos are the best tattoo ideas for women to show their uniqueness.

girls wrist tattoo ideas

34. Those Who believe in love with stars must have this kind of tattoo design on their body.

cool wrist tattoos

36. Unique Wrist tattoo designs for couples.

quotes wrist tattoos for couples

37. Small Heart Wrist Tattoos. it’s a cute tattoo design for couples who wants matching tattoos.

small heart wrist tattoos

38. Feather Wrist Tattoos are also most popular among men and women. Take a look at this design, it’s a wrap-around feather wrist tattoo design.

infinity feather tattoos

38. Wow. A Cute and lovely wrist tattoo idea for couples that gives a message about believing in yourself. These types of tattoos are very meaningful and it’s one of the coolest wrist tattoo designs.

watercolor feather tattoos

39. Some people are different they want something special like the sun and moon tattooed on the wrist.

moon and sun couple wrist tattoos

40. Rising sun tattoo Design on the wrist.

sun wrist tattoos

41. Moon and Star tattoos on wrist. I can’t say that it’s a good idea or bad idea for getting this tattoo on my wrist.

star sleeves tattoos

42. Leaf tattoo design on wrist. Pictures are taken from Pinterest.

cute girls wrist tattoos

43. Feather with flying birds on the wrist.

feather wrist tattoos

44. Moon and sun tattoos on Wrist. This is a style of couples tattoos or matching style tattoos. These kinds of tattoos are used to show love and combinations to each other.

sun and moon wrist tattoo ideas for men

45. Anchor tattoo design for Wrist Tattoos.

Watercolor anchor tattoos for leg

46. Small Dove tattoo design on wrist. It’s a very lovely tattoo design.

Best dove tattoos

47. Small Mermaid tattoo design on wrist. It’s a black tribal tattoo on the wrist.

best mermaid tattoos designs on wrist

48. Angel wings tattoo. This design looks cool on the wrist because it’s a small and cute wrist tattoo.

angel and wings wrist tattoos

49. Some people love music and this is the best example of that kind of tattoo. Music-related tattoos are so famous. Because some popular singers like Eminem, Jessica Alba, and Selena Gomez have tattoos on their wrists and other parts of their bodies.

selena gomez tattoos

50. Angel wings tattoo design on Wrist. Mostly these kinds of tattoo designs must be on the inner side of the wrist. Males and females both are addicted to wings tattoos.

angel wings wrist tattoos

51. Elephant tattoo design on the wrist is a famous tattoo design for men and women both. This is not in the latest tattoo trends but some people love to get these kinds of tattoos.

elephant tattoos on wrist

Image Credit @_danytattoo

52. Cute heart tattoo design on the wrist is the best tattoo idea for couples.

couple wrist tattoos

53. Lord Ganesha with om word written on the wrist.

lord ganesha tattoos on wrist

54. Awesome Maa-Paa tattoo design on the wrist for those who love their parents.

maa paa wrist tattoos

55. Yin Yang tattoo design, This is the latest in trends of tattoos.

yin yang wrist tattoos

semicolon wrist tattoo design looks cute on girls.

semicolon wrist tattoos

small couple dancing wrist tattoos

small tortoise wrist tattoos

angel and devil wrist tattoos

couple wrist tattoos

deathly hallows harry potter tattoos

tiny wrist tattoos

leaf tattoos

snake wrist tattoos

lotus wrist tattoos

couple matching tattoos

snow flake wrist tattoos

wings wrist tattoos

couple matching tattoos

flower wrist tattoos

small whale tattoos for wrist

Img Src: Pinterest

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