55+ Best Shoulder Tattoos: The Ultimate Expression of Strength and Beauty

Best Shoulder Tattoo Designs And Ideas

As wrist tattoos are very famous in tattoo art, Shoulder tattoos are also very popular among many tattoo fans. The shoulder is a very small body part for tattooing. Shoulder tattoos are meant for both men and women. Men and Women both love shoulder tattoos. Because shoulder tattoos are available in every size small, medium, and large. There are many tattoo designs and ideas which can be done on the shoulder. You can get shoulder tattoos in tribal, Maori, watercolor, 3d style, etc. Cherry blossoms, flowers, and butterfly tattoos are the best feminine tattoo designs for women on-shoulder tattoos.

Why should You Go For Shoulder Tattoos?

Shoulder tattoos can be combined with sleeve, back, and chest tattoos. The shoulder is one of the best body parts for tattooing. There are many tattoo designs like flowers, quotes, butterfly, dragon, Maori, tribal, rose, lion, and angel, which look beautiful once shoulder tattoos are done.

Girl shoulder tattoos are like flowers, butterflies, stars, angels, etc. These look pretty cool after done. Men who want to show their tough personalities can get tattoos on their shoulders. Back shoulder tattoos are available for both men and women. Front shoulder tattoos will cover sleeves if you want. Dragon tattoos for the shoulder blades are also the best ideas.

You can also send the tattoo pictures you want to see on our website. We have so many images of tattoos sent to us by our daily visitors. Hope you will like the shoulder tattoos given below. Please leave your comments and suggestions below.

Here we are with the best Shoulder Tattoos For Men And Women

Best rose flower tattoo ideas for women.

flower tattoos on shoulder ideas for girls

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The Black Widow spider tattoo on the shoulder gives an awesome look to the men’s Shoulder.

spider tattoo on shoulder

Unique tattoo designs ideas for men and women on Shoulder.

Celtic cross tattoo on shoulder for men

Flowers tattoos are the first choice of women tattoo lovers. This flower tattoo gives a pretty look to shoulder ideas for women.

rose tattoos on shoulder

Rose tattoo design for men and women both who are looking for Shoulder tattoos.

rose tattoos on shoulder

This flower tattoo on the Shoulder looks cute on a girl shoulder. There are various kinds of flower tattoos available for women.

flower tattoo ideas for shoulder

Elegant Japanese Dragon tattoo design for upper shoulder and sleeve ideas for girls.

dragon tattoos on shoulder

Beautiful flower tattoo design on the Shoulder for women.

flower tattoo designs for girls on shoulder

Quotes tattoos are really awesome ideas for tattooing. Quotes tattoos on the Shoulder look nice.  Unique dandelion flower with a quote tattoo design on shoulder ideas.

small tattoos for shoulder

Unique Mandala Tattoo design on the shoulder for men and women.

mandala tattoos on shoulder

Tribal Nautical star tattoo designs with Polynesian style tattoos on shoulders for men. 

tribal tattoo on shoulder

A small airplane with ocean wave tattoo combination for those who are looking for some wanderlust tattoo designs.

small tattoo ideas for shoulder

Unique Japanese dragon tattoo on full shoulder and arm for men and women on Shoulder.

full shoulder tattoos for men

Small Star tattoo design tattoo designs ideas for men and women on Shoulder.

small star tattoos on shoulder for girls

Beautiful and cute tattoo ideas for girls on the back shoulder.

shoulder tattoos

You can also send your Shoulder tattoo pictures to us if you want to see them on our website. Check out this coolest dragon tattoo design on shoulder for men.

dragon shoulder tattoos

Some motivational single-word tattoos also look cool on shoulders for men and women both.

shoulder tattoos for men

Tribal tattoos are the famous choice for men who want tattoos on their shoulders.

shoulder tattoos for women

Unique quotes on Shoulder tattoo designs also look amazing.

shoulder tattoos for women

Pretty cool small butterfly shoulder tattoo ideas for women.

butterfly tattoos on shoulder

The fish fin under the skin tattoo design which represents some mermaid style tattoo design on the shoulder represents that you are FREE attitude men or women.

butterfly tattoos on shoulder

A beautiful flower and butterfly tattoo design ideas for women on Shoulder.

shoulder tattoo ideas

Flowers leaf tattoo designs for women. This is looking cute on a girl’s Shoulder.

leaf shoulder tattoo ideas

Maori Tattoos on the Shoulder represent the tough personality and Maori tattoo designs help to look beautiful.

polynesian shoulder tattoos

Check out the Best traditional Maori Tattoos here.

Peony flower tattoo design with names can be done on both the Shoulder front and back for women.

shoulder tattoos for women

Floral tattoo designs for the Shoulder.

shoulder tattoos for women

Amazing geometric artwork on Shoulder looks so attractive for men and women.

geometric shoulder tattoos

Geometric tattoos are very famous tattoo designs for men and women. You can also get this 3d geometric pattern on the neck and shoulder also.

geometric tattoos on shoulder

Japanese Dragon tattoo designs are available in many colors you have so many choices for dragon tattoos on the Shoulder.

dragon tattoos on shoulder

Butterfly tattoos can be done for both men and women on their Shoulders.

butterfly tattoos on shoulder

This is a Wow Eagle tattoo design on the shoulder which is covering half of your chest and sleeve and giving an awesome look.

eagle shoulder tattoos

This 3d butterfly tattoo design on the Shoulder looks very nice.

butterfly tattoos on shoulder

Elegant flower tattoo on Shoulder for women.

shoulder tattoo ideas

Chinese dragon tattoo designs ideas for women on the Shoulder, this design on the shoulder looks so catchy.

dragon shoulder tattoos

Amazing but simple tattoo design on the shoulder, it looks beautiful after being done on the Shoulder.

shoulder tattoos female

Beautiful swan tattoo designs are an awesome choice for Shoulders.

how much should you tip a tattoo artist

Stars tattoo design for men and women on the Shoulder.

star tattoos on shoulder for women

Star tattoo design on the shoulder with dot work on Shoulder tattoo ideas for men.

shoulder tattoos female

Mandala Flowers covering the shoulder, and sleeve tattoo designs for women.

mandala shoulder tattoos

Nice looking snake tattoo designs for men on the Shoulders and collarbone.

collarbone shoulder tattoos

A beautiful mandala tattoo ideas for  men and women both who wants tattoo on their shoulder.

mandala art tattoos on shoulder

A beautiful lace and mandala tattoo design for women.

mandala tattoo designs for shoulder

A simple rose tattoo design with names is best for those who wants name or single word tattoos.

small rose tattoo designs on shoulder for women

Birds flying out from the feather is a unique and beautiful tattoo ideas for girls.

feather tattoo designs on back shoulder for women

A black widow spider tattoo design on the shoulder for men is a unique tattoo idea.

black widow tattoo on shoulder

A tribal tattoo design on the shoulder is one of the coolest choices for men and women both.

tribal tattoo on shoulder for girls

A beautiful feather tattoo design for men and women both.

feather tattoos on shoulder

A beautiful flower tattoo design on the shoulder for women.

hibiscus flower tattoos on shoulder

A beautiful small and simple crown tattoo ideas for men and women both for those who wants simple but meaningful tattoo.

crown shoulder tattoos

A beautiful dandelion flower tattoo design with birds flying on the shoulder is a unique tattoo idea for women.

dandelion tattoos on shoulder

Simple leaf tattoo designs ideas on shoulders for women.

shoulder tattoos on women

Geometric tattoo design ideas for men on Shoulder.

shoulder tattoos for men

Beautiful mandala tattoo designs are very famous choices for every woman (girl). Mandala tattoo ideas are widely available for women.

best mandala tattoos

Small flying bird tattoo on shoulder

small ocean wave tattoo on shoulder

small moon and star tattoo on shoudler

Warrior tattoo designs ideas for men on Shoulder.

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These are the Best Shoulder Tattoos For Men and Women. Hope you all like your visit to our site. Please leave comments and suggestions below.

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