50+ Outstanding Watercolor Tattoo Designs & Ideas For Men & Women

Best Watercolor Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Watercolor Tattoos: Every day there is a new invention or creativity took place. So the same is the tattoo artist. There is much creativity happening in the daily schedule by tattoo artists at their tattoo shops. Watercolor tattoos are also a new creation in tattoo art.

Watercolor tattoos are inspired by watercolor paintings. Watercolor tattoo helps to express emotions, love, beliefs, etc. A watercolor tattoo is one of the best ideas to get a tattoo on your body. Watercolor tattoo is very unique and won many hearts. If you want to impress your friends then a watercolor tattoo could help you.

Watercolor tattoos designs and ideas

You can get this watercolor tattoo technique done in many other tattoos like quotes, elephant, rose, tree, mermaid, owl, flower, feather, butterfly, sunflower, dandelion, magnolia, fish, lion, and many more. This watercolor tattoo technique is awesome. Tattoos by this form look like crayon tattoos.

You can get many pictures on different websites on the web. Watercolor tattoo style is getting more popular. Watercolor tattoo designs are inspired by watercolor painting. There are many tattoo designs in watercolor which can give you the best experience of your life with a watercolor tattoo.

In this article, we are going to offer you the best watercolor tattoo designs gallery. These watercolor tattoos can easily impress all of your friends.

1. Watercolor Dreamcatcher tattoo design on shoulder looking very cool for girls.

dreamcatcher watercolor tattoos


2. Dreamcatcher upper back Watercolor Tattoo designs for girls.

wings watercolor tattoos on back


3.  Lion on thigh Watercolor Tattoo giving awesome look. 

watercolor lion tattoo designs


4. Skull watercolor tattoo design with red rose tattoo designs are famous for girls. 

skull watercolor tattoos


5. Skull Watercolor tattoo designs for men on the shoulder.

watercolor thigh tattoos


6. If you are looking for lion tattoo designs then this Watercolor Tattoo will be the best one for your upper arm.

watercolor lion tattoos


7.  Cat Watercolor Tattoo designs on the full back.

watercolor car tattoos


8. Watercolor bird tattoo design on back.

watercolor sparrow back tattoos


9. Anchor watercolor tattoo designs are very positive tattoos, tree is one of the inspiring elements. This anchor watercolor tattoo will look amazing on the arms and legs.

watercolor anchor tattoos

10. Elephant tattoos are the favorite choice of girls, what about watercolor elephant tattoo designs on upper back.

watercolor elephant tattoos


11. This rose flower watercolor tattoo on the upper back is an awesome design for the girls.

watercolor tattoos


12. Watercolor fox tattoo with a colorful effect giving awesome look. You can also get fox tattoo in watercolor style.

watercolor fox tattoos


13. Lotus flower tattoos are very famous you know. Simple lotus with watercolor effect tattoo on back looking awesome.

lotus flower watercolor tattoos


14. Beautiful kingfisher bird watercolor tattoo designs for men and women. 

flying bird watercolor tattoos


15. Watercolor feather tattoos on the forearm are a very unique tattoo design.

watercolor feather tattoos


16. Watercolor sparrow tattoo designs are getting popular.

birds watercolor tattoos


17. watercolor fox on back masterpiece ideas for both men and women.

watercolor tattoos


18. Lion watercolor tattoo designs on the chest for men.

watercolor lion tattoos


19. dandelion flower watercolor tattoos in watercolor style on side rib cage ideas for girls.

watercolor dandelion flower tattoos


20. Flower tattoo ideas for girls on the upper back in watercolor style.

watercolor flower tattoos


21. watercolor cat tattoos design on shoulder looking very cute with Watercolor style.

watercolor cat tattoos


22. Wolf with half-moon watercolor tattoo design on the upper back looking cool.

watercolor wolf tattoos


23. Amazing Owl watercolor tattoo designs for upper shoulder.

owl watercolor tattoos


24. Watercolor tattoo ideas on thighs for women.

watercolor tattoo ideas


25. Small Astronouts watercolor tattoo looking cute with planets. 

watercolor astronauts tattoos


26. Rose flower watercolor tattoo designs for women’s hands.

watercolor rose tattoos


27. Cool watercolor crown tattoo design on half sleeves for men.

watercolor crown tattoos


28. Watercolor wanderlust style tattoo on forearm for men and women. 

watercolor full sleeve tattoos


29. One of the best choices for every girl that her tattoo took everybody’s attention like this one.

watercolor tattoos for men


30. beautiful cat with rainbow watercolor effect tattoo designs for the upper half sleeve.

watercolor cat tattoos


31. Flower tattoo ideas for girls on the side ribcage. Watercolor Tattoos becoming the first choice of tattoo lovers.

watercolor tattoos for girls


32. Combination of different tattoos like books with watercolor style tattoo designs for men and women hands.

watercolor book tattoos


33. watercolor fox tattoos for men and women.

watercolor fox tattoos


34. Quote tattoo designs with birds on the full back of men. This watercolor tattoo is the best designed for men who want a tattoo on their back.

watercolor tattoos on collar bone


35. Watercolor pokemon Mewtwo tattoo for men and women both.

pokemon watercolor tattoos

36. Watercolor tattoo inspired from Harry Potter movie.

watercolor tattoo ideas

37. Watercolor phoenix tattoo designs for arms

watercolor phoenix tattoos

38. Tree Watercolor Tattoo designs for girls.

watercolor tree tattoos

39. Koi fish watercolor style tattoo ideas for men and women.

watercolor koi fish tattoos

40. Tree and birds are good combination watercolor tattoo designs.

watercolor tree tattoos

41. beautiful tattoos for girls.

geometric watercolor tattoos

42. Dancing girl watercolor style tattoo ideas for girls.

watercolor dancing doll tattoos

43. Beautiful sunflower tattoos on upper sleeves for both men and women.

watercolor sun flower tattoos

44. Half sleeves watercolor tattoo ideas for men.

watercolor periodic table tattoos

45. In the memory of their dead. This kinds of tattoo style are popular for those who lost their loved ones.

watercolor skull tattoos

46. watercolor tattoos for forearms.

watercolor tattoos

47. beautiful flying bird tattoo on thigh for girls is a unique tattoo style.

watercolor birds tattoos

48. Beautiful tree tattoos on full back in watercolor style is a crazy idea for nature lovers.

watercolor tree tattoos

49. Beautiful cat tattoos with watercolor style for men on their legs for those who love their cats.

watercolor cat tattoos

50. Cool wanderlust style tattoo design and ideas for those who love travel and exploring places like this.

watercolor tattoo ideas

51. Feather tattoos with an arrow look awesome on forearms.

watercolor feather tattoos

52. Blue whale watercolor tattoo ideas for men and women both.

whale watercolor tattoos


This is our best 50+ watercolor tattoo designs hope you all like our collection. We do have many other watercolor tattoos like sunflower, mermaid, magnolia, koi fish tattoos, peacock tattoos, infinity tattoos, and many others. You can get these tattoos done on the shoulder, chest, back, leg, thigh, ankle, and foot. Please let us know your suggestions by your comments below.

Sandra Pele
Sandra Pele
As a professional tattoo artist, Sandra Pele brings her creative expertise and passion for art to every design she creates. With years of experience in the industry, Sandra is known for her unique style, attention to detail, and ability to bring her clients’ visions to life. Check Out sandra's blog.

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