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Best 50+ Aries Tattoos for the Strong and Determined

Aries Tattoos: Zodiac sign tattoos are always evergreen and when we talk about Zodiac Aries sign tattoos, these are very popular nowadays. It comes in different sizes and designs. It also gives you many placement options. Aries is the first zodiac sign. People born between March 21 and April 19 are born under this sun to sign. This zodiac sign is ruled by Mars planet. The zodiac sign is represented by Ram with curled horns. The symbol of this zodiac looks like the alphabet V but with curled ends which symbolize the horns of the ram. People born under this sign are quite independent, and positive, and are often very generous and kind. Aries is the first zodiac sign and with its symbols, there are various characters and traits attached. One of the significant traits is Uncomplicated nature. People who are very close to astrology and have faith in it often want to get zodiac tattoos and Aries’s zodiac tattoos are very powerful.

Meanings of Aries Zodiac Tattoos:

Aries Tattoos Meanings: There are 12 astrological signs, the very first one is the Aries sign. People born between 21 March to 19 April belong to the Aries zodiac sign. Every zodiac sign holder has unique personality traits and qualities. As we told you above that it is the first zodiac sign, therefore they love to be the number one in everything. The element of Aries’s sign is ‘fire‘, therefore it is considered as hot and dry. They have the quality of being stubborn and innovative about what they want in their life. Aries people are the best people you meet in your life as they are having these qualities like

  • Loyalty
  • Lovers
  • Inspiring
  • Leaders
  • Passionate
  • Ambitious
  • Tough.

Aries people are born a powerhouse as they are being ruled by the sun. They are full of energy, they always try to lift everyone’s mood and spirit. After having so many good qualities, they also have a negative trait i.e competitiveness. They take everything as a competition and always try to be number one. No doubt, they have every reason to be proud of themselves but still, they are eager to prove it.

What Are The Aries Tattoo Elements? 

  1. Ram: The Latin word for ram is Aries. Aries is the golden fleece in greek mythology and it is a sheep with big curved horns. It symbolizes the strength, energy, and courage of Aries sign holders.
  2. Curved horns: Aries is a sheep with big curved horns. Everyone has their own powerful weapons, and here in Aries sign, curved horns are the most powerful weapon.
  3. Aries glyph : Aries glyph is similar to english alphabet ‘V’ and it is designed to represent the curving horns of sheep. The aries glyph is one the most straightforward symbols of astrology.
  4. Aries constellation : Aries constellation is a dim constellation having only four bright stars.
  5. Honeysuckle: Just like the Aries zodiac sign, honeysuckle also loves the sun and can stand the heat. Because of the honeysuckle, people who fall under the Aries zodiac sign seem to be very sweet to others.
  6. Mars and mars glyph: Mars is the ruling planet of the Aries sign. It is associated with strength, aggression, war, anger, confrontation, ambition, and impulsiveness.

What are the best placement and size should be for Aries tattoos?

Since Aries is represented by Ram, people often get either the Ram head tattooed or some just prefer to get its horns tattooed. The tattoo placement when it comes to Aries Zodiac tattoos is very diverse. One can get the Ram or its horns inked on the back, sides, chest, arm, neck, forearm, calf, thigh, ribs, stomach, and lower back. If you do not want horns tattooed on yourself but still want an Aries tattoo you can always go for the Aries symbol tattoo on either wrist, finger, collarbone, nape, or shoulder. The spirit of a warrior is associated with Aries and its symbol and if you are a warrior in real life or if you have the soul of a warrior and you are an Aries you can get the zodiac tattoo to show it.

Kindness and generosity are something that cannot be separated from Aries. According to Greek mythology, Zeus once sacrificed a Ram for the sake of mankind. It shows not only selflessness and kindness but also great courage. If you have no problem with pain tolerance you can always choose a back tattoo because space availability tattoo size and design options are unlimited. If you are deeply engrossed in astrology and stars you can always get the Aries constellation inked for you. You can even play around with all the aspects of the Aries Zodiac Sign. You can get Ram horns and the Aries symbol inked inside the Aries constellation or you can just get the Aries constellation tattooed with Aries written inside it.  Here we have best 55+ Aries Zodiac Sign and Symbol Tattoos Designs and Ideas For Men and women.

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Best Aries Zodiac Tattoo Gallery.

1. Aries’s zodiac sign tattoo is a ram with curly horns. Look at these amazing designs with simple grey colors. Go with some unique Ink ideas.

best aries tattoos

2. Aries astrology symbol tattoo design on the wrist is a good idea for females.

aries wrist tattoos

3. Best Aries zodiac color tattoo designs for men.

aries constellation tattoo male

4. Aries zodiac tattoo design for the back.

aries tattoos on back

5. Geometric Aries tattoo design on the side rib cage.

aries star constellation tattoo

6. One of the best Aries tattoo design ideas for men and women.

best aries tattoos

7. Aries animal “ram” face tattoo design for chest.

aries tattoo designs with crown

8. Aries zodiac sign tattoo with a pocket watch and clock on the back.

aries tattoos for girls

9. Beautiful watercolor Aries sign tattoo behind the neck

watercolor aries tattoos

10. Aries horoscope zodiac sign on the shoulder.

watercolor aries shoulder tattoos

11. Best Aries animal skull tattoo design on the neck’s back is giving an amazing look. Girls must consider this design

watercolor aries tattoos

12. Ram animal face tattoo design on chest for men to represent the zodiac sign.

aries animal skull tattoos

13. Aries watercolor tattoo designs for men & girls on the foot.

aries tattoo designs

14. Half ram face and half skull tattoo design for men.

aries tattoos

15. Aries tattoos on chest for men.

aries watercolor chest tattoos

16. Aries tattoos for men behind the ear.

small aries tattoos

17. Aries zodiac symbol tattoos for girls behind the ear.

tiny aries tattoos

18. Ram animal which is the symbol of Aries zodiac sign can give this kind of beautiful

aries constellation tattoo wrist


best aries tattoos

20. Simple aries tattoos for men and women.

aries ram and zodiac sign together

21. A very beautiful Aries Constellation and zodiac sign on the stomach.

aries constellation tattoos

22. Aries skull tattoo is a good luck symbol for those whose zodiac sign is Aries.

aries skull tattoo for men

23. Small Aries and libra tattoo together on the forearms.

aries and libra tattoos together

24. Best Aries constellation tattoos for males.

aries tattoos for men

25. A sketch-style Aries Goddess tattoo idea.

aries goddess tattoo

26. Amazing aries tattoos for women’s backs.

aries goddess tattoo

27. Tribal Aries tattoos for men on the Forearm. Please also check out more best forearm tattoos here.

aries tribal tattoos for men

aries zodiac sign and constellation tattoo together

aries zodiac sign and constellation tattoo together

aries tattoos men

aries tattoo male

aries ram skull tattoo

aries symbol and zodiac sign together

mini aries symbol tattoo

zodiac signs aries tattoo with ram

aries woman tattoo

libra and aries tattoo together

aries zodiac sign neck tattoo

aries goddess of war tattoo

3d aries tattoo design

Aries letter tattoo on wrist

small aries symbol tattoo on wrist

aries letter tattoo

aries sign tattoo

aries tattoo design

realistic aries ram tattoo

aries ram tattoo

aries goddess of war tattoo

aries fire tattoo on wrist

aries goddess of war tattoo

arian brotherhood tattoos

aries goddess of war tattoo

aries ram tattoo

aries tattoos drawing ideas

aries tattoos

aries hand tattoo

arian nation tattoo

zodiac signs aries tattoo

aries goddess tattoo

geometric aries the ram tattoo

aries the ram tattoo

aries tattoos for females on back

small aries tattoo

aries constellation tattoo

aries constellation tattoo

aries symbol and zodiac sign tattoo together

aries constellation tattoo on collar bone

Why do people choose aries tattoos?

Aries tattoos are not associated with the numbers. Aries tattoos don’t mean to be bold, big, intricate and attention seeking, these only just have to be unique, meaningful, and relatable. Aries tattoos show the real you. Aries tattoos are mostly inked in small sizes. It is a better way to express your personality by getting an Aries tattoo, isn’t it cool? Let’s check out aries tattoo designs.

We hope you like these Aries tattoo images and ideas for your zodiac tattoo. Please also check out If You want to check out other zodiac Sign Tattoos.

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