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Hawaiian Tattoos: Welcome To our website. Here you will get all information about tattoos and their designs. Today we are going to discuss Hawaiian flower tattoos, so stick with us.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoos are very trendy and popular nowadays. One of the popular types of tattoos is a flower tattoo.

Flowers are temporary but tattoos last forever on your body. It is a great choice for flower lovers. Flowers, herbs, and trees represent ideas, feelings, and moods.

Flowers have fascinated people for a century and have gained immense popularity. Sometimes flowers may express you or represent your personality, you have to choose the right one for you.

Hawaiian tattoos
Hawaiian Flower Tattoo

Hawaiian Flower Tattoos:

Hawaiian flowers tattoo: Hawaiian Flowers are found in Hawaii. Hawaii lies in the Pacific Ocean and it is one the most isolated places on the earth.

Hawaii is a unique place environment for many types of Hawaiian flowers to grow and bloom. There is a huge importance, meaning, and significance of flowers in Hawaiian culture.

There are 25 types of Hawaii flowers. The types of flowers found in Hawaii, some types are common, some are rare and some are extremely endangered. Let’s talk about a few Hawaiian flowers.

Types of Hawaiian Flower Tattoos And Meanings:

Plumeria flower:

In Hawaiian culture, the plumeria flower is one the most important and powerful Hawaiian flowers.

This flower is of either creamy yellow or bright pink color. It has a very sweet and strong smell that makes this flower royal and adorable.

In past, only royal people were allowed to wear this plumeria flower because of its adorable smell and royal quality.

best plumeria flower tattoos
Plumeria Flower Tattoo Design

The Plumeria flower represents spring and a new beginning, birth, and love. This flower gives you extremely positive vibes and is seen as a symbol of hope. It represents a women’s love status when she wore it in her hair.

If the plumeria flower is behind its right ear, it means she is going to meet a romantic partner and if the flower is behind the left year, it means she is in a relationship.

Also, in Buddhist culture, the plumeria flower represents immortality.

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Orchid flower:

You are going to see Hawaiian orchids in a huge range of attractive colors but the most popular and well-known is purple and white shade.

Orchids are the perfect bloom to celebrate all precious moments of life. Orchids represent refinement, beauty, charm, love, and thoughtfulness. It also represents royalty, dignity, and fertility.

orchid flower tattoos
Orchid Flower Tattoo

Hibiscus flower:

Hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower. This flower is of mesmerizing yellow color which makes it striking, attractive, and beautiful.

The color of the flower defines its beauty and joyfulness. The hibiscus flower shrubs bloom almost daily but their blossoms last only for a day.

There is a huge variety of hibiscus flowers and each type has a special meaning and Symbolism. In short, the hibiscus flower represents love, passion, happiness, sunshine, mystery, knowledge, and good luck.

Hibiscus flower tattoos
Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

The bird of paradise:

This flower is of striking orange and blue color and the bird of paradise flower is indigenous to Hawaii. It grows between the leaves of the hibiscus flower bush and it seems like a bird is hiding among the bushes.

The bird of paradise flower represents joy, freedom, liberty, and magnificence. It is like a free bird measuring the whole sky.

the bird of paradise flower tattoo
The Bird of paradise flower tattoo


Hawaiian flowers are found in Hawaii. There are a huge variety of Hawaii flowers. Each flower has a different color and structure. Hawaiian tattoos for females are popular because of their vibrant and cool colors.

Each flower has a different story, meaning, and symbolism as we humans. Humans also have different personalities and traits. Hawaiian flower tattoos are known as symbols of femininity and beauty.

Hawaiian flower tattoos for females: Therefore these flower tattoos are most popular among women. Hawaiian flower tattoos are very versatile. They can be inked in any size according to your preference. Also, the designs are very unique, elegant, beautiful, and eye-catching. The designs can be simple or intricate, and black or colorful.

What Are The Best Placement For Hawaiian Flower Tattoos?

Let’s talk about Hawaiian flower tattoo placement options. So don’t worry guys, you have a lot of options. If the size of your selected tattoo is small, you can go for it on the hand, wrist, forearm, ankle, behind the neck, collarbone, shoulder, behind the ear, and on your back.

If you are a lover of large-size tattoos, you can choose your forearm, biceps, chest, belly, back, shoulder, legs, foot, and thigh for large inking. A Hawaiian flower sleeve tattoo is a good idea for those who want a large piece of art.  Now, let’s scroll down to the latest and unique Hawaiian flower tattoos below.

Hawaiian Tattoos Designs Gallary:

Hawaiian flower tattoos for females on their hands. 

small Hawaiian flower tattoo on wrist Hawaii state flower tattoo design in this picture. 

the bird of paradise flower tattoo

Hawaiian Face Tattoo design

hawaiian tattoos

hawaiian tattoos females on their collarbone. 

hawaiian flower tattoos

Hawaii flower tattoo ideas for females on their hand. 

hawaiian tattoo

hawaiian tribal tattoo

hawaii tattoo ideas


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hawaii tattoo

hawaiian flower tattoo on shoulder

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traditional hawaiian tattoo

hawaiian tattoo with flying bird

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Hibiscus flower tattoos

hawaiian tattoos for females on colar bone

meaning hawaiian tattoos

hawaiian turtle tattoo

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hawaiian sea turtle tattoo

small hawaii tattoo

small hawaiian tattoos


turtle hawaii tattoo

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hawaiian nautical star tattoo design

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plumeria tattoo

plumeria tattoo

hibiscus flower tattoos

hibiscus flower tattoos

plumeria tattoo

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hawaiian flower tattoo with hummingbird

hibiscus flower tattoos

plumeria flower tattoos

orchid flower tattoo on shoulder

hawaiian flower tattoo on feet

orchid flower tattoos

cute hawaiian flower tattoos

Hawaiian flower tattoo design on anle

Best hawaiian tattoos 2

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