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On this website, you will get all the information about tattoos, their meaning, and their trending & impressive designs. Today we will talk about spiritual tattoos in this article. Spiritual Tattoos are one of the best ways to convey one’s messages about faith and beliefs.

These Tattoos are a good way to show your devotion with some religious symbols, designs, and messages. These tattoos have some special meanings as well. Here we will discuss more than 20 best spiritual tattoo designs and their meanings as well. 

Spiritual Tattoos For Men

Spiritual tattoos are a great way to express one’s spiritual beliefs and values. Whether you’re looking for a subtle reminder of faith or an intricate piece of artwork, spiritual tattoos offer a unique way to show your devotion.

From religious symbols to spiritual messages, these spiritual tattoos come with a wide range of meanings. In this blog post, we’ll explore 20+ popular spiritual tattoos and the spiritual tattoo meanings behind them.

People found tattoos more fascinating nowadays. People are going crazy for getting a tattoo. They think tattoos make them look cool, beautiful, and attractive. Everyone in this world has problems in their life, some small and some big ones.

Every person wants peace in their life and they get it by doing spiritual activities. I think you have got the idea about today’s topic.

Yes, you are right, today we are going to discuss Spiritual tattoos. We will discuss what spiritual tattoos mean, what are the different symbols of spiritual tattoos and their meanings, and we will also discuss design ideas. So stick with us.


Religious tattoos or you can say spiritual tattoos have a separate fan following. Religious tattoos are always popular among people.

Spiritual tattoos are always associated with deep meaning. It tells us about what and how a person thinks about god and life.

If you want to express your deep feeling by inking a tattoo on your body, I must say spiritual tattoos are the best way to convey your feelings.

Spiritual tattoo designs are suitable for both women and men. Or you can say it is a unisex tattoo. People choose spiritual tattoos to express their inner deep feelings.

Spiritual tattoos are the best way to express your religious beliefs. Whenever you see these tattoos, you will feel protected, guided, and inspired at every moment of your life.

These tattoos are versatile, they can be inked in both small and large sizes and their design can be simple to intricate.

There are many powerful symbols and designs in various religions that hold deep meanings, we will discuss some of the symbols and their meanings.

Spiritual tattoos designs 6 1

Spiritual Tattoos And Their Symbols With Their Meanings

Hamsa hand:

Hamsa hand is a very popular and meaningful spiritual symbol. It is in the shape of a palm with a powerful big eye at the center.

It is very famous among different religions and cultures, as people believe that the hamsa hand keeps evil thoughts and bad vibes out of people’s life.

People also see hamsa’s hand as the hand of god. The eye at the center of the hamsa hand represents confidence, power, and protection.

In other religions, it has different meanings in Islam religion it is the sign of Fatima’s hand. In Christianity, the hamsa is the representation of kindness, warmth, and femininity.

hamsa hand tattoos on back

Water symbol:

If you don’t know let us tell you, water is a spiritual sign. Our nature consists of four elements and water is one of the most important and powerful elements from one of them.

We all know, water is life and we all are made up of water. Water symbolizes purification and purity.

The water symbol tattoos on forearm

water symbol spiritual tattoos

Moon and Sun:

  • Moon and sun is also spiritual symbol. It is easily recognizable by people and it is a very popular spiritual design.
  • We all know the moon is the symbol of mystery, elegance, and enlightenment. And Sun is the sign of strength, fertility, new challenges, and rebirth.

sun and moon spiritual tattoos

Tree of Life:

  • It is one of the most loved ones and influential spiritual tattoo symbols. It represents a complete life cycle. No wonder, in many cultures trees are some sacred and spiritual elements and they do have a strong connection with the ancestors, and descendants. And the tree of life is also a sign of growth and evolution and also symbolizes eternity, fertility, wisdom, love, legacy, and knowledge.

spiritual feminine unique tree of life tattoo

Lord Ganesha:

  • Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular spiritual symbols. He is the Hindu god. In India, we worship Ganesha for the very first before starting any new work. Lord Ganesha clears all the obstacles and problems and makes a clear way for us to move forward in life. He symbolizes wisdom, and understanding, and protects us.

lord Ganesh tattoos on arms

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  • A buddha is one who has started the Bodh Dharm and is the one who has attained the bodhi. Bodhi is a term, it means an ideal state of intellectual, wisdom, and ethical perfection. The word buddha represents “awakened” Or “enlightened one”.

lord buddha spiritual tattoo

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  • A holy cross is a repeatedly used spiritual or religious symbol of Christianity. It is one of the most ancient Christian religious symbols. The holy cross refers to the cross upon which the crucifixion of Jesus was done. It symbolizes Christ’s victory over death and Christianity.

celtic cross tattoos on arms

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  • Om is a prime holy religious symbol and one of the often used spiritual symbols in Hinduism. Actually, it is a sacred sound, mantra, or syllable in Hinduism. Om represents the Trinity of Hindu gods – Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh or you can say it symbolizes creation, manifestation, and destruction. Om also has its root in Buddhism and in Buddhism, it symbolizes connection and compassion.

spiritual symbol tattoos

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  • Lotus is a very beautiful and powerful spiritual symbol. It has its roots in mud but despite this, it blooms as the most beautiful flower. In Hinduism, the lotus is a holy flower associated with the gods Brahma and Vishnu and with the goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati. It symbolizes purity, femininity, good fortune, learning, wealth, prosperity, and spirituality.

unalome spiritual tattoos on arms

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  • Mandala tattoos are sacred designs often used for spiritual and religious purposes. They first became popular among the Hindus and the Buddhists. Mandala word means discords or circles. In different religions, it has different meanings. In Christianity, mandala designs are related to artwork in churches. In both Hinduism and Buddhism, the mandala represents harmony, infinity, and inner balance of body and mind.

lotus mandala spiritual tattoos for girls

Evil eye:

  • The evil eye also has a special place in spiritual symbols which is an ancient symbol of protection. The evil eye is a curse in Greek culture, it means whenever someone is envious of you, they will send you a piece of bad luck by giving you an evil glare. This tattoo has been associated with luck, protection, and healing for centuries and makes for a meaningful spiritual tattoo idea. Evil eye deflects all the upcoming negative energy or glares at you and protects you from all evil forces.

the evil eye tattoos for men


  • It is one of the best and most loved spiritual symbols. Its design is very unique and fascinating. It tells us that the path isn’t always straight, right, or perfect. You have to encounter many turns and hurdles in your path. Unalome means it is a journey to enlightenment and it consists of many missteps, sufferings, and many important lessons of life to learn.

unalome spiritual tattoos

unalome spiritual tattoos

Dharma chakra:

  • In Hinduism, dharma chakra is known as the “wheel of law”. In Buddhism, the dharma chakra is the symbol of the Buddhist faith and also represents the teachings of lord Buddha. In short, dharma chakra means the path to enlightenment.

Dharma chakra spiritual tattoos

Yin yang:

  • Yin yang is a very popular harmony symbol in Chinese culture. The dark swirl is called yin and it represents shadows and femininity. On the other hand, the light swirl is called yang and it represents brightness, growth, and passion. Yin-yang is a reminder for us to balance our lives and embrace its Dualities like good times & bad times, ups & downs, and many more.

yin yang spiritual tattoos

yin yang dragon tattoos

yin yan wolf head spiritual tattoo


  • Spiral seems to be simple but it is associated with big concepts. If we talk in the term of spirituality, it is a way of leading us from outer consciousness to the inner soul. Or you can say, the spiral is associated with consciousness, creation, life, evolution, and more.

spiral spiritual tattoos

spiral chakra spiritual tattoo on chest

Flower of life:

  • For spiritual persons, the flower of life is the best symbol. It is a geometric pattern formed by overlapping symmetrical circles. The flower of life symbolizes the “cycle of creation”, it means it represents the twists and turns that come throughout life. It can be considered a blueprint for all life.

spiritual tattoos for women

We have collected all the latest and most impressive spiritual tattoo designs which will make you fall in love with them. So please check all the designs below and choose one for yourself.


When it comes to spiritual tattoos, you have to be careful while choosing a placement. You have to keep several things in mind before you decide to get a spiritual tattoo.

  • Never ever get a tattoo on your lower body because people see it as a disrespectful activity. If you are willing to get a spiritual tattoo, so first you have to be respectful of that tattoo and related religion to it.
  • You have to be sure about the exact meaning of the tattoo. There are different religions and each religion has various spiritual symbols with different meanings. So always be sure about the meaning of the tattoo and according to it choose the right placement because the placement of a tattoo plays an important role in conveying the tattoos meaning.

If you are a small-size tattoo lover, then go for wrist, neck, behind the neck, shoulder, back, chest, behind the ear, or hands. But if you want your tattoo to be big, then always go for the chest, back, forearm, shoulder, or bicep area. It makes your tattoo bold and more attractive.

Here we collect more than100+ Spiritual tattoos for men and women both. Please check them out: 

100+ Spiritual tattoos for men and women Gallery

Embody Your Beliefs: A Collection of Stunning Spiritual Tattoos For Men And Women. 

spiritual tattoos on chest for men

Cute Little spiritual Dove Tattoo on the neck 

spiritual tattoo on neck

Endless Knot Spiritual Tattoos for Females. 

endless knot tattoos on wrist

Guardian Angel Spiritual Tattoo Ideas for chest for men

3d angel tattoo on chest

Spiritual Goddess Tattoo on Back. 

tattoo ideas for spirituality

Yin Yang Spiritual Tattoos on the neck.

yin yang spirituality tattoo

Eye of Ra is one of the most popular spiritual Tattoo designs for men and women. 

eye of ra tattoos

Unulom Tattoo with Lotus flower tattoo for girls. 

lotus unalome tattoos for girls

Dharam Chakra Spiritual tattoo on chest.

Dharma chakra Spiritual Tattoos

A beautiful combination of Om Design, Endless Knot, and Unalome design tattoo like Three Spiritual tattoos together 

Endless knot spiritual tattoo

Spiritual Mantra Tattoos For Men And Women

spiritual mantra tattoos

Lord Shiva’s Weapon Trishul and His Damru consider one of the most spiritual elements.

tattoo ideas for spirituality

Spiritual Symbol Tattoos For Men on back. 

spiritual back tattoos

Statue Spiritual Tattoos for guys

spiritual back tattoos

Memento mori Tattoos are a trending choice for people who want spiritual tattoos.

memonto mori tattoos

spiritual tattoos  for arms

This is a Tree of life spiritual tattoo design for men on arms. 

spiritual tattoo

Meditation Spiritual Tattoo Trends for Those Seeking Inner Peace.

spiritual tattoo ideas

Connect with Your Inner Self with full upper body part covered with spiritual tattoo designs and symbols. 

tattoo ideas for spirituality

Ink Your Beliefs with this kind of Stunning Spiritual Tattoo Idea for a Deeper Connection.

spirituality tattoo

Ink Your Beliefs with this kind of Stunning Spiritual Tattoo Ideas for a Deeper Connection.

men's spiritual tattoos

Memento Mori Tattoo ideas for men on the chest. 

memento mori spiritual tatttoo on chest

Geometric style spiritual tattoo ideas for men on forearms. 

spiritual journey tattoo

Spiritual Tattoo Ideas for men and women. 

spiritual feminine unique tree of life tattoo

Find Your Spirit Through this kind of tattoo design. 

men's spiritual tattoos

Ink Your Beliefs with this tattoo and give peace to your inner soul.

spiritual journey tattoo

Lord Buddha Spiritual Tattoos. 

lord buddha tattoos spiritual meaning

Mandala Spiritual Tattoos. 

mandala spiritual tattoos

Lord Ganesha Spiritual Tattoo on arm.

lord ganesha spiritual tattoos

Find Your Inner Spirit Through Lord buddha Tattoos on your body. 

buddha tattoos spirituality

Find Your Inner Spirit Through Lord buddha Tattoos on your body. 

buddha tattoos

Find Your Inner Spirit Through Hindu Lord Hanuman ji Tattoos with the hanuman chalisa mantra on your body. 

lord hanuman with mantra tattoos on arms

geometric spiritual tattoos

lord shiva's trisula

lord Ganesh spiritual tattoos

lord buddha tattoos for females

lord ganesha spirituality symbol tattoos

spiritual sun tattoo

lord shiva tattoos on arm

spiritual tattoos with meaning

hamsa hand tattoos on back

Lord Krishna Spiritual tattoos for girls on arm

lord krishna tattoos on arms

yin yang spiritual tattoos symbol

spiritual lotus flower tattoos

spiritual tattoo sleeve

spiritual chakra tattoo designs

spiritual goddess tattoo

spiritual chakra tattoo designs

buddha spiritual tattoos

gautam buddha spiritual tattoos

Chakras Spiritual Tattoos

If you are looking for spiritual tattoos then chakras tattoos can be a good choice. Chakras tattoos are one of the most popular spiritual tattoo designs.

It has its own special meanings with different seven elements. Those seven chakras are Sahasrara (Crown Chakra), Ajna (Third Eye Chakra), Vishuddha (Throat Chakra), Anahata (Heart Chakra), Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra), Svadhishthana (Sacral Chakra) and Muladhara (Root Chakra).

These can be seen as in a series of circles. Chakras tattoos represent maintaining balance and harmony in life. It helps to control your inner thought and emotions. 

spiritual chakra tattoo designs

buddha spiritual tattoos

Religious Cross spiritual Tattoos with a snake around it. 

cross tattoos on arms with snake

The Celtic Cross Tattoos on the forearm.

cross spiritual tattoos on arms

Mahamrityunjya Mantra spiritual Tattoo on men’s back. 

mantra spiritual tattoos

Our Inner self spiritual tattoo on arms. 

spiritual hand tattoo

Eye of Ra tattoo design

eye of ra tattoos

The Tree of life with geometric style tattoo on sleeve. 

tree of life spiritual tattoos

spiritual goddess tattoo

The Hamsa Hand Tattoo design on the back. 

hamsa hand tattoos

Spiritual tattoos designs 24

Spiritual tattoos designs 23

The Eye of Ra Tattoo ideas.

eye of ra tattoos

balance spiritual tattoos

spiritual tattoos for guys

buddha spiritual tattoos on arms for men

ankh spiritual tattoos

hamsa hand with eye tattoo in palm

unalome spiritual tattoos

Endless knot tattoo: 

The Endless knot is one of the most popular spiritual tattoo designs which represents the never-ending cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The endless knot is also known as the Eternal knot or eternity knot. It is a common symbol in many cultures which represents the interconnection between all things in the universe like love, peace, wisdom, and strength. It is a symbol of a spiritual journey that includes karma and the cycle of life.

Whether you are looking for a meaningful spiritual tattoo idea or simply want something that looks beautiful, the Endless Knot tattoo is a great choice. There are many designs available today on the internet for endless knot tattoos. Some of them are shown here. 

endless knot spiritual tattoos on arms

endless knot spiritual tattoo on back

endless knot spiritual tattoo on forearms

The Endless Knot Tattoo on the forearm for men.

endless knot tattoos

endless knot spirituality tattoos meanings

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Here we also start to answer people’s questions at the bottom of our articles like QnA and Faq’s. So we can help our readers to clear their tattoo-related doubts. Please also check out:

People Also asked that: 

Are Tattoos Spiritual?

Best spiritual tattoos featured image

There are lots of tattoo designs available today on the internet. Some of them are just designs but some of them have a deep meaning. Those meanings can be spiritual depending upon the culture, religion, and personal beliefs of the individual. However, regardless of the reason, tattoos can have a spiritual aspect for those who believe that they have a deeper significance

Are Tattoos Bad For Your Spiritually?

Best spiritual tattoos featured image

The tattoo is a part of art. It is a form of self-expression. Which is used to represent someone’s personal meaning. Tattoos are also used to represent one’s religious and cultural’s beliefs. There is no one answer that whether tattoos are bad for someone’s spirituality. Because spirituality depends upon an individual’s cultural background and religious beliefs and someone’s values. Some people think that tattoos enhance their spirituality while some think differently.

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