Buddha Tattoos – 51+ Excellent Custom Tattoos With Meaning

Best Buddha Tattoo Designs For Men And Women With Its Meaning.

Buddha Tattoo: Why Someone Wants to Have a Buddha Tattoo Design on their Body: The art of Buddha tattooing is an ancient tradition that originated in Asia and is still common today. There are so many religions and cultures around the world.

Buddhism is one of the most common and colorful religions. Buddhism is so much popular and in tradition due to Gautama Buddha.

There are so many followers of Gautama Buddha in the present world. But Apart from being a religion, Buddha and Buddhism have become some of the most popular subjects in the spiritual tattoos world.

Buddha Tattoos represent a lot to people! These tattoos can be used as a symbolic tribute to Buddhism and Buddha’s teachings, or as a way of paying respect to Buddhist beliefs.

Buddhist Tattoos meaning and symbolism

Great Gautam Buddha Tattoo Designs and Meanings: Buddha designs are typically associated with Buddhism thanks to the religion’s origins in India.

But Buddha tattoos are not just for Buddhists, they can be worn by anyone looking for some sort of asceticism or striving for enlightenment.

A Buddha tattoo design can take many forms from, a traditional-looking Buddha sitting to a realistic Buddha with his arms raised as if in blessing.

The common notion is that a Buddha design is an Eastern symbol of serenity and peace. In Buddhism, the eight-spoked wheel represents the law of life.

The wheel has four parts: permanence, change or death, emptiness or being, and path or way.

Whenever you see a Buddha design, some questions may arise to yourself what is behind this tattoo? what does it mean?

why does someone want to have a Buddha design on their body?

Here is what is behind Buddha tattoos. These tattoos mainly emanate a sense of peace and serenity. They represent the symbol of who you are as a person.

There are also some hidden messages and symbolism that you can use for your tattoo design when choosing a Buddha design.

Buddha’s designs are simple and beautiful. They look wonderful when skillfully inked with such details on your body.

Types Of Buddha tattoos

Buddha Tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs out there. With their large, complex shapes and detailed patterns, Buddha’s designs are difficult to get right – even for experienced tattoo artists. However, if you love these unique designs and want one of your own, it might be worth checking out the tattoo ideas in this article.

There are many designs that can be created for Buddha tattoos. Like Buddha, tattoos can be designed with some Japanese theme.

We can use a Buddha head with lotus flower or tiger or temple designs etc. Here we collect some of the most amazing and cool-looking tattoo ideas and designs for those who want Buddha designs but with uniqueness.

The design of Buddha will play a great role in your life when it’s finished. You can go for some realistic Buddha or some 3d tattoo design which will look very wonderful.

In present-day watercolor and abstract styles of tattoo design will give a different appearance.

And one of the designs which are in tradition is the geometrical Buddha design. Please check out these 51+ brilliant tattoo ideas and designs for Buddha.

Buddha designs and ideas for men and women.

1. Japanese Buddha with lotus tattoo designs.

Buddha Tattoos

2. Buddha face tattoo designs for the back and chest.

Zen Buddhist Tattoos

3. Famous Buddha lotus tattoo designs.

Cool Buddha Tattoos

4. Buddha hand tattoo with lotus designs.

 Black And Grey Buddha Tattoos

5. Buddha drawing ideas for tattoos.

buddha drawing tattoo ideas

6. Buddhist prayer tattoos ideas for arms.

buddha arm tattoo design

7. Buddha with lotus tattoo designs for the upper arm.

buddha tattoo

8. Buddha drawing designs for tattoos.

buddha tattoo idea

9. Buddha, lotus, and tattoo designs drawing for the stencil.

buddha tattoo drawing

10. Buddha head tattoo designs for arm.

buddha tattoo arm

11. Buddha with lotus tattoo idea for full back.

buddha tattoo ideas

12. Buddha and lotus tattoo ideas for men.

buddha tattoo lotus

13. Buddha face drawing designs for tattoos.

buddha face tattoo ideas

14. Buddhist prayer tattoos.

buddha tattoo japanese

15. Buddha head tattoos.

buddha japan tattoo

16. Buddha and samurai tattoo designs for a full sleeve.

Laughing Buddha Tattoos

How to choose the best Buddha tattoos design for you?

Buddha tattoos vary in complexity and meaning. Some people get a tattoo of a Buddha statue while others ask a Buddhist monk to do a blessing. Those who love the practice may get a design that symbolizes enlightenment or strength. Other people want to get a tattoo that is encouraging or motivational.

17. Concept for  Buddha designs.

 Buddha Tattoos For Guys

18. Small Buddha design on forearm for both men and women. 

small buddha tattoo sleeve

19. Lotus and Buddha full back design. 

buddha tattoo back piece

20. Realistic tattoos.

buddha tattoo back

21. Simple Buddha head tattoo design. 

buddha tattoo simple

22. Small Buddha designs for girls.

buddha tattoo upper arm

23. Full-back Buddhist prayer tattoos.

full back buddha tattoos

The Buddha is a deity in Buddhist mythology. He is the one who achieved enlightenment under the Bodhi tree and became a teacher to all creatures. There are many different meanings of Buddha tattoos. Some people have a tattoo of his head with a circle on top, which means the beginning, or A for alpha. Others have a full-body tattoo of Buddha with a white lotus flower that symbolizes purity and peace.
A buddha is said to be either enlightened or not enlightened, depending on what they choose in their karma from past lives.

24. Simple Buddha design on shoulder. 

buddha tattoo cover up

25. Buddha head tattoo.

full sleeve buddha tattoos

26.Buddha arm tattoos designs


27. Buddha and lotus drawing tattoos.

Buddha and lotus drawing tattoos


28. Buddha as a kid small tattoo on back.

buddha back tattoos

29. Japanese Buddha head and hand tattoos.

Buddha and skull tattoos with lotus

30. Buddha on hand tattoos.

Buddha hand tattoos

31. Buddha head tattoos designs.

3d buddha tattoos

32. Famous Buddha head tattoos designs.

Buddha head tattoos designs

33. Buddha face tattoo.

Buddha face tattoo

34. Buddhist prayer tattoos.

Lord buddha standing tattoo design

35. Buddhist prayer tattoos.

cool buddha tattoos

36. Buddha face drawing tattoos.

buddha face drawing tattoos

37. Small Buddha designs for arm. 

Small Buddha tattoos designs

38. Best Buddha arm tattoos designs.

Best Buddha arm tattoos designs.

39. Buddha with lotus arm tattoos – Gautam buddha ke tattoo.

Buddha with lotus arm tattoos

40. Beautiful Buddha designs on the neck.

Beautiful Buddha tattoos designs

41. Full sleeve Buddha designs for the forearm.

Full sleeve Buddha tattoos designs

Via: Aliens Tattoos.

42. Buddha head tattoos designs.

Buddha head tattoos designs

43. Buddha head drawing designs for tattoos.

Buddha head drawing designs for tattoos

44. Japanese custom Buddha design.

Japanese Buddha tattoo

45. Custom Buddha designs for tattoos. 

Japanese Buddha tattoo

46. Buddha and lotus drawing ideas for tattoos.

buddha tattoo sketch

47. Small Buddha drawing ideas for tattoos.

Small Buddha drawing ideas for tattoos

48. Buddha with mandala flower designs for tattoos on back and chest.

Buddha with mandala flower designs for tattoos on back and chest

49. Full sleeve Lotus and Buddha.

Full sleeve Lotus and Buddha tattoos

50. Japanese-style tattoo designs.

custom buddha tattoos

3d Geometric Buddha designs for tattoos:

3d buddha tattoos


Buddhism has come to be seen in different ways by people across the world – some see it as a religion, while others view it as more of a philosophy. Buddhism is an ancient religion that arose in India but soon spread to China and other Asian countries. The Buddha is said to have taught that life is full of suffering and that following the Noble Eightfold Path will lead one to escape this suffering.

Is it disrespectful to get a tattoo of Buddha?

No, it’s not disrespectful to get a tattoo of Buddha. The only thing people may find disrespectful is someone who really doesn’t know about Buddhism and just wants a cool tattoo without any meaning.

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