Important Factors You must Known About Tattoo Cost And Prices

Tattoo Pricing and Important Factors Responsible for How Much a Tattoo should cost.

If you are thinking about getting a permanent tattoo on your body. Here are few things you should consider:

How much does a tattoo cost? Its a question everybody will think before visit any nearby tattoo studio. So here we are to tell you that, Tattoo Prices vary depending upon such factors like size of tattoo, Tattoo artist, color, part of the body and geography location of the tattoo studio (New York city tattoo studio vs. India’s tattoo studio).

So these are the main factor you must keep in mind which will help you to make more informative decision like planning to have your dream tattoo at which studio and even negotiating price about tattoo.

Basically a tattoo performed in a licensed and registered professional tattoo studio, would be more costly than other tattoo guy who making tattoos on road side or in their room. Tattoo Done by those artist can make you sick with bad disease.  Paying a little bit more in a good tattoo studio can certainly be worth it.

Tattoo Cost Pricing and Factors
Cheap tattoo vs expensive tattoos

How your Tattoo artist can cost you:

Generally there are two rules by your artist can charge you for your tattoo design,

  1. By The Hour.

In this, cost of tattoo will depend on how much time it will take to complete the tattoo includes applying the stencil. Sometime artist design a custom tattoo for you which he/ she also include some creativity charges in whole total price.  Minimum quote charge is always for one hour even it take 5 minutes to complete your tattoo because artist use sterilized equipment to tattoo on your skin.

  1. By the Size of tattoo design.

We can divide this category into two sub parts.  One is set the price for the whole tattoo piece  by seeing its details  and complexity and size and how much time it gonna take it to complete. And another one is set the price according the size by per square inches.  In this no matter how complicated design is, or how much detailing in it.


Tattoo Aftercare product:

After your tattoo done, you have to purchase some tatt wax or Vitamin A & D (OINTMENT) .As Shown below.

Vitamin A & D Ointment, Tattoo After care product
Vitamin A & D Ointment, Tattoo After care product


Best quote about tattoo cost:

Tattoo Cost Pricing Factors
Cheap Tattoos Vs Expensive tattoos

Good Tattoos Aren’t Cheap and Cheap Tattoos Aren’t Good.

Decision is yours.

Sandra Pele
Sandra Pele
As a professional tattoo artist, Sandra Pele brings her creative expertise and passion for art to every design she creates. With years of experience in the industry, Sandra is known for her unique style, attention to detail, and ability to bring her clients’ visions to life. Check Out sandra's blog.

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