77 Most Beautiful Small Tattoos That Everyone wish to Have

61. Small single Star tattoo design on collar bone.

small star tattoo on collar bone of women

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62. Matching couple and family tattoos like dedicated to mom and father.

small matching couples tattoos

63. Small sun tattoo design on wrist.

small sun tattoo on wrist

64. Back swan tattoo design behind ear.

small back duck swan tattoo behind ear

65. & music symbol tattoo design behind ear of a girl.

small music symbol tattoo behind ear

66. Small tattoo designs and ideas for male and female.

small tattoos for male and female

67. Small wave cute tattoo looking like large sea waves like open wings.

small tattoos for girls

68. Flying birds tattoo on wrist.

small flying birds tattoos on wrist of a girl

69. Tiger face tattoo design on middle finger.

small tiger face tattoo on finger

70. Two matching triangle on arm.

small triangle tattoo designs on arm

71. Small tree tattoo for women on side rib cage.

small tree tattoo design on side rib cage

72. Tribal butterfly tattoo design for girls leg.

small tattoo butterfly design on leg

73. Small flower tattoo on side rib cage. Its looking very nice.

small flower tattoos

74. Small swan sea white ink tattoo design on wrist. Its beautiful with white ink. You can use UV or ultra violet ink for your small tattoo design.

small bird white ink  tattoo on wrist

75. In small tattoos star is almost like by everyone. So many tattoos comes under star tattoos like nautica star, heart star, feminine star and wtc designs. See this beautiful star tattoo design on wrist.

small star tattoo on wrist

76. So little and tiny kitty cat tattoo design on leg of a women.

small cat tattoos on leg

77. Men loves to get tribal tattoos. Mostly small tribal tattoos looks cool on hands but this tribal sun tattoo on upper back of man.

small tribal sun tattoo on upper back of men

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