Top 55+ Solid Skull Tattoos Designs and Ideas Everyone Must See

Coolest Skull Tattoos and Designs for men and women

Skull Tattoos: Tattoos have a language that tells us about your personality and behavior. Tattoos represent your thought and attitude. Sometimes it’s very easy to understand by seeing your tattoo design what kind of person you are. So it’s very important for you to choose a better and more suitable design for your tattoo design if you are thinking to have a tattoo on your body. When someone decides to have a tattoo, it seems and builds him feel tough.

Skull tattoos aren’t limited to just men—a lot of women want in on the fun, too! This doesn’t mean that they want an exact replica of the same skull tattoo that their boyfriend or husband has, though. More likely, they want something original and cool that suits their own personality and tastes. In this guide, you’ll find all sorts of great ideas for women’s skull tattoos along with their meanings so you can find something perfect just for you!

What does a skull tattoo symbolize?

Skull tattoos designs and ideas look amazing on both men and women because of the variety of designs available. Whether you are looking for a full skull tattoo or just parts of the skull, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from in this guide on skull tattoos designs and ideas.

If you already have some experience with skulls and want to add another design or two to your collection, this guide will show you how to find inspiration and create the perfect design that complements your style without being too over-the-top or causing any contradictions to your personal brand.

It’s a very common problem to decide on a cool tattoo design. There are many styles of tattoos presented today. Which Skull tattoo designs are the coolest tattoo design. which have some special meanings. Like skull tattoos associated with fearless. However, skull tattoos designs may be understood as rigid or powerful. the skull has long been considered as the vessel of the soul or wisdom of ancestors.

If you live life by your own rules go for a skull tattoo and enhance your personality. A skull is synonymous with danger for a long time. So in the tattoo world, it gives a unique meaning. But it cannot be taken as the symbol of death.

Skull Tattoos Designs Ideas and Meaning

Your skull tattoo design can say as much about you like any other type of tattoo. Skull tattoos are great for men and women, and they can be easily incorporated into your other tattoos and body art designs. We’ve compiled some of the most popular and amazing skull tattoos here so that you can see what ideas are out there, or maybe even use them to inspire your own creation.

Skull tattoos can help your thought to come alive and your fearless attitude. Skull tattoos can be more creative with other designs and symbols. You can make experiments with colors to make your design different. There are a lot of such combinations which can spark your skull tattoo. today, skull tattoos are so popular that people may love to have skull tattoos just for their cool looks.

Skull Tattoo Design

Skull-shaped tattoos are one of our favorite designs; they have a certain spooky, dark vibe that seems to echo with danger. While we personally love skull tattoos, we also know that some people don’t really like them—the eyes are sometimes regarded as too big or dead, so it might be worth your while to do some research before getting a skull tattoo inked onto your body.

skull tattoos arm

There are many kinds of skull tattoo categories like Tibetan skull, Sugar skull, rock ‘n’ roll skulls, etc. They come in many sizes, colors, and shapes. Skull tattoos can be mixed with some of the other designs like crows, snakes, roses, or many more other designs as shown below in tattoo pictures of skulls. Here we have collected some beautiful skull tattoo images for you :

1. It’s rare that you are looking for skull tattoos for your leg but look at this design and it seems to be perfect for your leg.

skull tattoos leg


2. This skull head tattoo looks very appealing and symbolic for both men and women. It can be more beautiful by using some tribal stuff or layers in it.

skull tattoos and their meanings


3. This man wears a skull tattoo on her leg showing it’s symbolic of a badass brave spirit.

skull tattoos arm sleeve


4. Skulls can be used to express the time of someone’s death.

skull arm tattoos for guys


5. Skull tattoo on the chest with butterflies.

skull chest tattoos with butterflies wings


6. Skull tattoo design on upper half sleeves with butterflies and flowers for women.

skull tattoos with flowers


7. A simple but unique skull tattoo design.

skull tattoos easy


8. Skull with Rose Tattoo

Roses are often depicted in skull tattoos to symbolize beauty in death. Combined with a rose, skull tattoos can take on an added meaning of everlasting love. But paired with other symbols or images, roses create a truly one-of-kind design that makes each skull tattoo unique to its wearer. Check out our gallery of rose skull tattoos for ideas on how you can use these two themes to create your own custom design.

skull tattoos with roses


9. Getting a skull tattoo design like this on the back is also great for men and women.

are skull tattoos offensive


10. Black and grey 3d skull tattoo design on the shoulder. 

skull tattoos sleeves


11. This can be an amazing skull tattoo design so we add this skull drawing design here that anyone likes and chooses for his/her tattoo design. Check out this full back skull tattoo design which look amazing.

skull tattoos full back


12. A simple pirate Skull tattoo design on the bicep.

skull tattoos girly


13. Branded Skull with Wings Tattoo

One of our newest categories, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we have to offer. Skulls with wings are one of those skull tattoo designs that have become trendy in recent years. In other words, we should see more of these with time! If you like skulls or wing tattoos then you will love these new additions to our growing collection.


skull tattoos hand


14. A candy Skull tattoo design which is not so popular but these are good as simple designs.

skull tattoos full sleeve


15. Geometric Skull tattoo design with a rose on the forearm.

skull tattoos ideas


16. Belfast Skull tattoos design looking awesome.

skull tattoos on forearm


17. Black and Grey two male and female skull kissing tattoo on back.

skull tattoos on hand


18. An amazing skull tattoo on the chest.

skull tattoos on chest


19. Skull tattoos can be used as cover-up tattoos like this covering a part of the sleeve with these designs.

skull gangster tattoos


20. A cool skull tattoos design on the full-back cover with eyes.

skull tattoos on back


21. A sugar skull tattoo design on the upper back with roses. 

skull tattoos american


22. Take a look at this dangerous pic of Skull tattoo design which is made upon the chest. 

skull tattoos crown


23. Black Skull-like Halloween kind tattoo design on the upper back shoulder of men.

tattoos skull in butterfly wings


24. Awesome Skull tattoos design on side ribcage of a man.

skull tattoos color


25. Two lovely couples of skull kissing and butterfly with roses on the back.

skull tattoos designs


26. Amazing 3d Skull tattoo design on hand,

skull tattoos design ideas


27. five skulls images on the back of women.

skull rose tattoos


28. Small sugar skull tattoo design on wrist. These kinds of designs can be used behind the ear as well for girly-style tattoos.

skull tattoos small


29. Lame skull tattoo design on hand. Harley Davidson riders have these kinds of tattoos all over their bodies.

skull tattoos traditional


30. Koh Phangan Skull tattoo on head.

skull tattoos with snake


31. Koh phi Skull tattoo on half sleeve.

kissing skull tattoos


32. Small Cross Skull

Skull tattoos have been popular among men and women as a way to exhibit their daring, courage, rebelliousness or individualism. Small skull tattoos give you a chance to show off your rebellious side. Its small size makes it easy to hide if needed, but also gives you room to experiment with bigger ideas in case you decide that you’re ready for them. Either way, it’s great for any man or woman who wants to show off their tough side.

tiny skull tattoos small


33. An animal skull tattoo designed for men and women.

skull tattoos on arm


34. Realistic Skull tattoos with flames. It’s looking like it’s burning with red fire on the inner bicep.

skull tattoos on forearm


35. Realistic 3D Drawing Skull

This skull tattoo design is a great piece because it’s 3D realistic but still maintains a bit of an edge. If you want to get a badass tattoo that’s cool, unique, and not so over-the-top dark or gothic, consider getting one of these. The best part about it is that you can make it your own in terms of what color/colors you choose; if you want more black on there, do it!


skull tattoos reaper


36. A black simple skull tattoo design wearing a blackhead top hat.

skull tattoos pinterest


37. Skull tattoo design with meaningful quotes can be the best idea for getting a tattoo design.

skull tattoos pictures


38. A Mahican skull tattoo on the right arm using watercolor style tattoo ink.

skull tattoos pics


39. A tiny cross bone small skull tattoo design that is a symbol for danger.

best skull neck tattoos


40. This one is a unique style of skull tattoo that completes both full sleeves and chest. 

skull tattoos see no evil


41. vector skull tattoo design on sleeve.

skull pattern tattoos


42. A skull can be used to express a change in lifestyle, or give up a particular practice or outlook.

skull tattoos pretty


43. Skull tattoo design drawing for free. This design can be a perfect skull tattoo design for the back.

skull tattoos sleeves


44. Skull tattoo with time used to represent the death time of any related person. It’s used for someone’s memory.

skull themed tattoos


45. A simple skull tattoo design on hand.

skull tattoos on your hand


46. Skull tattoo looking on forearm very classic and colorful.

skull tattoos on your foot


47. skull tattoos in the world, mostly as ninety-nine percent are inked on the arms.

skull tattoos sketch


48. A watercolor using skull tattoo design on shoulder.

skull tattoos drawings


49. Full sleeve covered with skull tattoo with roses and ships is the symbol of a pirate. Skull tattoos

skull tattoos drawings


50. A beautiful Mexican skull tattoo design on the thigh.

skull tattoos easy to draw


51. An American-style 3d skull tattoo design.

skull tattoos chest


52. A Japanese skull tattoo design on half sleeve. 

skull arm tattoos for guys


53. This man wears a black and gray skull tattoo design where eagles are flying. This type of large skull tattoo design should be on the upper half sleeve.

skull tattoos grim reaper


54. Cover up tattoo ideas using some small skull tattoos.

skull tattoos on forearm


55. zombie boy skull tattoo designs are also popular take a look at this design which completes the full chest and arms with its dark colors and quotes. 

harry potter skull tattoos


All image credit goes to Tumblr and Pinterest.

So these are the best skull tattoo design gallery for both men and women both. I hope you like some cool designs for your tattoos or have an idea now for your tattoo design after seeing these beautiful tattoo pictures.  Check out our other cool tattoo designs articles. Check out Best arm tattoos.

Sandra Pele
Sandra Pele
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