50+ Most Beautiful Peacock Tattoos Designs And Ideas With Meanings

Best Peacock Tattoos For Men And Women with Meanings

Peacock Tattoo: Peacock is a very beautiful bird. Peacock is a symbol of royalty, divinity, and nobility. It’s a majestic bird with a very colorful array of feathers behind which looks extremely beautiful when he opens them and starts dancing. Peacock is a very intelligent and pretty bird who is not afraid to show off its colorful feather. The feather of Peacock is much more important than it’s given to that serviceman who works in the military for being recognized as providing impeccable service and deserving honorable mention in their military position.

Peacock tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are many design possibilities when you choose this bird as your tattoo subject. The beautiful colors and large eyes of peacocks make them perfect for tattoos, and the meaning behind this tattoo can also be a motivating factor. If you want to know more about peacock tattoos, read on to learn all about these amazing birds and what they mean in tattoo form.

best peacock tattoos

Why you should have a Peacock Tattoo

If you’re looking to get inked, it may be worthwhile to consider a peacock tattoo design to show off your unique artistic flair. But with so many different types of peacock tattoos out there, how do you decide which one to get? Check out the following peacock tattoos and meanings for some inspirational ideas on what kind of peacock tattoo to get next.

Due to the beauty of peacocks, so many people are in love with peacock tattoos. These tattoos are looks beautiful and attractive due to their colors and its body. Peacock tattoos can be different types like white color peacock tattoos, tribal peacock tattoos, peacock feather tattoos. They are large tattoo designs.

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People who want to cover a large area of their body part will also look for peacock tattoos. Not only its beauty, but peacock tattoos also have many different meanings which attract more people to fall in love with these tattoo designs. It’s a statement tattoo that carries a lot of meaning depending upon the civilizations and beliefs.

Meanings of Peacock tattoos

Peacocks were used as symbols of love, power, and immortality in Chinese culture. The Chinese also thought that peacocks had special healing powers, which is why many people in China still believe it is good luck to keep a picture of a peacock tattooed on their body. Peacocks can also represent feminine strength because they only mate with one bird for life. If you have ever been hurt by someone who has left you for another lover, it may be time to get yourself a beautiful tattoo of a peacock to show your strength and how far you have come since then.

Peacock tattoos are designs that have immense beauty and deep symbolism. As we know peacock is a symbol of royalty and Pride. So its have many meanings according to their designs. White peacock tattoos symbolize purity. Here are some more meanings of peacock tattoos given below.

Peacocks represent more than just pretty little birds and here are some beautiful meanings for peacock tattoo :

• Glory
• Vanity and Beauty
• Spirituality
• Renewal and Spiritual Awakening
• Immortality
• Refinement
• Purity (White Peacock)
• Love
• Pride
• Luxury
• Expensiveness

One thing to consider before you go for peacock tattoo designs to have permanently on your body, that is you must need a very skilled tattoo artist to bring out the best in it. These are some complex and large designs that are why you just need a good tattoo artist and a very hygienic tattoo studio. which helps you to complete your tattoo as soon as possible with very little pain. Here we collect 50 beautiful and best peacock tattoo designs and Ideas For men and women

Peacock Tattoo Designs Gallery

1. Beautiful peacock tattoo design on the back.

peacock tattoo back

2. Peacock tattoo on the thigh for men.

best peacock tattoos on thigh

3. Custom Peacock tattoo drawing designs for tattoo artists.

best peacock tattoo drawing

4. Full upper arm peacock tattoo designs for women.

peacock tattoo for ladies

5. Traditional Custom peacock tattoo designs and ideas for men and women.

best peacock tattoo sketch drawing

6. Colorful peacock tattoo designs for women’s thigh.

best peacock thigh tattoos

7. Best peacock tattoos for men.

peacock tattoo black

8. Best peacock tattoos for women on legs.

peacock tattoo leg for females

9. Colorful Peacock Feather tattoo ideas for men and women’s arms.

peacock feather tattoo on arm

10. Traditional peacock tattoo designs for thigh.

peacock feather tattoo meaning

11. LACE PEACOCK TATTOO for men on the forearm.

best peacock tattoos

12. Peacock tattoo designs for men and women.

best peacock tattoos

13. Full wrist peacock feather tattoo designs for men and women.

best peacock tattoos

14. Peacock tattoo ideas for upper half sleeve for men.

best peacock tattoos

15. Peacock tattoos for women’s forearms.

best peacock tattoos

16. Upper sleeve tattoos for women.

upper sleeve arm tattoos for girls

17. Black and grey peacock tattoos for girls.

Black and grey peacock tattoos for girls

Peacock Shoulder Tattoo Design Ideas

Peacocks have been linked since ancient times—they symbolize immortality, resurrection, and protection in Chinese culture. Peacocks are also a symbol of life or yang. If you’re looking for a tattoo with deep meaning and symbolism—look no further than peacocks. With a beautiful and elegant design, peacock tattoos are subtle but powerful. And don’t just take our word for it. check out these cool peacock tattoo designs on shoulders for women.

18. Best place to get peacock tattoos is on the upper arm.

upper arm peacock tattoos

19. CHINESE PEACOCK TATTOOS on full arms for females.

CHINESE PEACOCK TATTOOS on full arms for females

20. Full sleeve with color peacock tattoo designs for women.

best peacock tattoos

Meaning of Peacock Feathers Tattoos:

Whether you’re looking for a symbol of elegance or an ode to your inner explorer, peacock feathers and tattoos can communicate a wealth of messages. The first thing most people notice about a peacock feather is its vibrant color, which includes reds, blues, greens, and yellows. While we typically associate bright colors with joyfulness and springtime renewal, these natural hues are symbolic of many other moods and traits as well. Consider how coloring in your peacock tattoo will affect how others interpret it.

21. Small and beautiful colorful peacock tattoos.

Forearm tattoos for girls

22. peacock tattoo on forearms.

best peacock tattoos

23. Tattoos on wrist for women.

best peacock tattoos

24. Tattoo on full leg.

best peacock tattoos

Color Symbolism For Peacock in Ancient Cultures

Peacocks, along with many other animals and creatures, have a long history of being used as symbols in different cultures around the world. In ancient India and Persia (modern-day Iran), peacocks were seen as a symbol of immortality because they shed their feathers regularly. The bird was associated with beauty and abundance in Greek mythology, which is why it’s often found on jewelry, furniture, home décor items, and even handbags. In China, peacocks are also seen as a sign of wealth.

25. tattoos for Thigh.

best peacock tattoos

26. Peacock drawing for tattoos.

best peacock tattoos

27. Drawings for peacock tattoo ideas.

best peacock tattoos

28. Simple tattoo ideas for men and women.

best peacock tattoos

29. Peacock tattoo ideas for men and women.

best peacock tattoos

Meaning of Colors In Peacock Tattoos:

This is an important thing to remember when you want to get a peacock tattoo design. There are many people who do not know that there are many different meanings of colors, and they often associate a different meaning to each color. You might be surprised that there are as many meanings for peacocks as there are colors on their feathers. However, you will most likely only have one color in your tattoo if you go with a peacock image, so it’s especially important that you choose a color with good significance.

30. Beautiful tattoo designs for girls on the forearm.

best peacock tattoos



Forearm Peacock Tattoo Inspiration

Feathers and flowers are just two of many peacock tattoo designs. The colors are inspired by their plumage, which ranges from greens to blues to golds to whites. Peacocks’ crests and eyes can even be included in a design as well. Usually, small pieces look best on most people, but if you want your entire back covered in feathers—go for it. If you really like birds or want a reminder of home, wear what makes you happy.

32. Best matching peacock tattoo ideas for forearms.

matching peacock tattoos for couples

33. Tattoos design for the hip near the upper thigh.

best peacock tattoos on thigh

34. Heena tattoo designs for girls with peacock designs.

best peacock tattoo drawing

Follow Fawn. ink.

35. Best tattoo ideas for men and women.

peacock tattoo designs on thigh

36. BLUE PEACOCK TATTOO  design on forearms for men and women.

best peacock tattoos

37. Watercolor peacock tattoo designs for hands.

best watercolor peacock tattoos

38. ABSTRACT PEACOCK TATTOOS  for men and women.

best abstract peacock tattoos

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

As shown below the design is the perfect example for sleeve peacock tattoos. Like any other tattoo, peacock tattoos designs can be inked on different parts of the body. But, since peacocks are synonymous with royalty and opulence, it’s common to see these birds adorning arms or legs. Depending on your outlook towards life and your personality traits, you may find a suitable meaning behind each of these 6 tattoo designs

39. Traditional tattoo designs for men.

best peacock tattoos drawing

40. Simple CARTOON PEACOCK TATTOOS for men and women.


41. Peacock tattoo ideas on the shoulder for men and women.

best peacock tattoos on shoulder

42. Peacock tattoos are large designs, so if anybody wants perfect tattoo designs, then the arm is the perfect place for peacock tattoo designs.

best peacock tattoos on shoulder

43. upper back Aztec peacock tattoo designs.

best peacock tattoos on upper back

44. Simple Black peacock tattoo designs on wrist.

best peacock tattoos for wrist

45. Beautiful peacock tattoo designs on thighs for girls.

best peacock tattoos for thigh

46. 3d peacock tattoo designs for girls with flowers.

best peacock tattoos with flowers

47. Black peacock tattoo design with a lion.

lion & peacock tattoo on forearms

48. Peacock on side ribcage and thigh for modern women.

best peacock tattoos on side ribcage & thighs

Peacock Tattoo on Chest and Back Ideas

The chest and back are excellent areas for big, bold peacock tattoos. While smaller designs work too, larger pieces really stand out on these body parts. These animals are native to Central Asia, so they’re a popular design choice in that region of the world. However, due to their striking appearance, many western people prefer peacocks as well.

49. Simple and cute tattoo designs for girls on the lower back.

best peacock tattoos on lower back

50. best tattoo designs for girls on the wrist.

best peacock tattoos for wrist

peacock tattoo traditional for the leg.

peacock tattoo traditional

peacock tattoo drawing & Stencil for a tattoo artist.

peacock tattoo drawing stencils

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