Top 5 Best Laser Tattoo Removal Techniques In New York

Laser Tattoo Removal Techniques

If you are bored with your Tattoos or want to have a new Tattoo on your body.Then here are the solutions.Technology has been develop various techniques which can remove the permanent Tattoos easily.One of the most popular method is Laser Removal.

These Laser Tattoo Removal Techniques are easy and with very minimal side effects.Black inked tattoos can be removed easily by breaking down the pigment colors using a high intensity laser beam.Other colors can be removed by using other lasers according to the pigment colors.

How To Remove Tattoos?

This is not a big question at this time of modern technology.Laser Tattoo removal has become a new business.Tattoos were considered permanent earlier,but now tattoo removal is possible.Laser Tattoo removal process are carried out by Tattoo artists as well as Doctors.This process requires careful handling of Laser machine at the tattooed body part and in right manners.

Earlier laser removal methods were not advance,because they were not able to vanish the Tattoo clearly.But now you can easily get remove tattoo from your body.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work

Lasers are the most commonly used for tattoo removal.Laser works by produce short pulses of intense light which pass harmlessly by top layer of the skin and then this is absorbed by tattoo pigment.Lasers directly injecting into the skin in just trillionths of a second.Laser helps the tattoo pigment to fragment into very small particles which later removed by the immune system of the body.Tattoo pigments have its light absorption spectra.Tattoo pigments like yellow,green and fluorescent ink are more challenging to remove than darker black and blue.Laser Tattoo Removal is very safe,simple process and it gives positive results.This process take few treatment sessions to remove the tattoo successfully.Laser procedure cause a stinging sensation,which can be ease with the help of a local anesthetic cream.This can cause lightening or darkening of the affected skin,but it return to the normal skin after some time.

What Is The Best Laser For Tattoo Removal

There are  variety of lasers which are using for tattoo removal.

1.Passive Laser Tattoo Removal:

These Passive Laser Tattoo Removal treatments are cheaper.It can be purchased by Tattoo parlors and beauty salons. Tattoo is not removed completely by using this technique.This is the disadvantage of this technique.It will only partially fade your Tattoo.Most of you are cheated by clinics and beauty salons because you were not aware about this fact.

Laser Tattoo Removal - Passive Laseer

These Tattoo parlors and beauty salons may take advantage of the fact,as you do not know the difference between passive or active laser.They can charge you the same price but the result of passive laser technique will not satisfy you.As it will not completely remove your tattoos.

2.Active Laser Tattoo Removal:

Laser Tattoo Removal - Active Laser

Active Laser Tattoo Removal is the best technique to remove the Tattoos permanently.This Q-switched Tattoo removal machine is able to break down the pigment into small particles,which is easily removed by the body’s immune system.It is one of the best method of Tattoo removal.It helps to remove your permanent tattoo completely.This Active Laser Tattoo Removal technique not able to remove the colors like yellow or light blue.Otherwise this removes all dark colors tattoos.It has minimal side effects.Active Laser Tattoo Removal is the expensive tattoo removal technique.But it gives positive results.

3.Q-switched ruby laser removal:

Laser Tattoo Removal - Q-Switched Ruby Laser

Q-switched laser is known as the best laser for tattoo removal.Q-Switched ruby laser is the first treatment which is developed for Tattoo removal.This Q-switches laser’s wavelength is more effective for the colors which are very difficult to remove.It is measured in nano seconds.This technique is able to remove the black and blue pigments successfully.This technique is not able to remove the red,yellow and green pigments.

4.Q-Switched Nd-YAG Laser:

Laser Tattoo Removal - Q-Switched ND-YAD Laser
Q-Switches ND-YAG(neodymium-doped Yttrium aluminium garnet) Laser can be visible to the human eye.Q-Switched ND-YAG Laser is the best laser which helps to remove grey,black and dark blue inks.It also helps to remove the red,yellow,& orange colors.This laser contains potassium titanyl phosphate crystal.With the help of these crystal it double the frequency of laser light.It has a wave length of 1064 nm and capability to reach deeper layers of skin tissues,which other lasers can not done.

5.Q-Switched Alexandrite Laser:

Laser Tattoo Removal - Q- Switched alexandrite laser

Q-Switched Alexandrite is the best laser to remove tattoo effectively.This laser easily can remove the blue and black pigments,but also green pigments.Green color often left behind with any other laser except Alexandrite Laser.This Q-Switched Alexandrite Laser is most popular laser because it has ability to remove green pigments.This is the safe and effective laser tattoo removal technique which can remove every color pigments.This is the expensive treatment.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal gives Pain?

This is another question that will come to your mind does laser tattoo removal gives pain? Yes,Laser Tattoo Removal hurts. This is because of the impact of energy from the laser pulse.This feels that someone continuously hitting your skin with a rubber band.For reducing the pain of laser Doctors might applying a Anesthetic cream 2 hours before the procedure begins.This cream wiped off before laser surgery starts.Some patients refers a local Anesthetic injected into the tattoo before surgery.Removing the tattoo is more painful than getting a tattoo.
Numbing Cream is used for Tattoo Removal.Numbing cream is applied on the tattooed skin before the tattoo removal surgery begins.This helps to reduce the pain of laser.

Cost Of Laser Tattoo Removal

The laser is most effective way to remove the Tattoo from body.The cost of laser tattoo removal is based on the size,color of tattoo,session of treatment etc.Cost starts from $100/ session to remove a small tattoo.Color also matter here if tattoo is in black then it is very easy to remove.If tattoo contains more colors then it will take more session treatment which can be more expensive in comparison to remove the black color tattoo.Tattoos with multiple colors are time taking treatments which cannot removed by one or two session it requires 6-8 weeks.
Prices of tattoos are not costly but removal of tattoo cost is very high.
Average laser tattoo removal prices can be $850.

New York Magazine has been announced that New York(U.S.A.)is the best tattoo removal place in world.New York’s laser tattoo removal center ensure that their patient’s tattoos has been properly removed from body.

Laser Tattoo Removal Reviews:

Most of us share their experience of laser removal tattoos with friends,neighbors,colleagues,etc.The result of tattoo removal is positive.Only very few of us face problem after tattoo removal.This is because you are not following the instructions which are suggested by surgeons.Very less % of tattoo removal patients has complaints regarding laser removal method.

Some people face the problem of Blisters.Swelling of skin after laser surgery is known as Blisters.This is because you are not taking the proper aftercare.It can be easily resolve if proper care is taken by you.You have to prevent your surgery skin from the direct sunlight,cosmetics and other things which can effect your skin.Drinking more water will help to heal fast.

Aftercare For Laser Tattoo Removal:

Aftercare is very essential to prevent from infection,side effect,skin texture change etc.

1: You have to take proper care of treated area.Apply antibiotic ointment 3 times in a day.
2: You should covered the treated area with dressing for 2-3 days.
3: Protect the area from direct sunlight.Wear a sun block which can helpful.
4: Using of cosmetic should be avoid,because it can cause side effect.
5: Use of hot baths should be avoid.

So Dont worry if you get a wrong tattoo or want to remove unwanted tattoo. Laser is the easiest method for tattoo removal.

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