66+ Best Geisha Tattoos: The Ultimate Expression of Feminine Spirituality

Geisha Tattoos: A Showcase of Japanese Culture and Artistry

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Tattoos are Trending nowadays. Fan following of tattoos is very huge in numbers. Tattoos enhance our personality and add four moons to our beauty. Tattoo is one of the best ways to express our personality and character traits. Tattoos express your inner feelings very beautifully. It is because a tattoo design with meaning adds a layer of uniqueness to it and makes it more special. Today, we are going to discuss geisha tattoos, their meaning, and their design ideas.

There are many things that are used to entertain us, but In Japan, there is a different source of entertainment. In Japan Geisha were used to entertain their clientèle in the ancient era. Geisha is an unmarried woman who provides their services to the clientèles to make them happy. Geisha learned many things in their lives, they started learning before the age of 5.

Geisha girls are very talented and have many skills. Geisha’s dress has opted from Japanese culture. They are beautiful girls who easily attract everyone around them. Geisha is also symbolized by respect and high-profile status in society.

What is the meaning of a Geisha tattoo?

Geisha tattoos are unique tattoos and it is mostly done in large sizes. Whenever you get a geisha tattoo, it must be a very detailed and large piece. It is a very interesting tattoo design and it is very popular, especially in Japanese culture. Geisha tattoos are worn by both men and women, it is very popular in Japanese culture.

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If you are wondering about the meaning of the word “Geisha”, then don’t worry we will tell you. The literal translation of the word geisha is ” Performing artist” or an “artist” Or “a person of art”. In Japanese culture, the word geisha is used to address female entertainers which are skilled in conversation, dancing, singing, and classical music. These female entertainers can also be skilled in art, poetry, and games. The only work of geishas is to entertain men. These women are professionally trained or skilled in their specific zones but some people have wrong thinking about them. Some people confuse them with sex workers or prostitutes but geisha’s focus is very different from it.

The main focus of these women is to entertain men by displaying their wealth of knowledge about Japanese culture and also letting others know and learn about it. Geisha play the main work role in cultural events or tea ceremonies where they provide constant entertainment by performing various acts and creating a relaxed environment for others.

As Geisha is well known around the world, it is also available in Tattoo art. Geisha tattoos have their own meaning of beauty, love, respect, and dedication. If you are thinking about Geisha tattoos then it will always help to be dedicated to your life and commitment as Geisha do. 

Meanings of Geisha Tattoos

Geisha Tattoos have several meanings and also depend upon the design to design. Here are Some beautiful meanings of Geisha tattoos:

• Mystique
• Power
• Beauty
• Carefree
• Graceful
• Intelligent
• Talented Women


The first woman who became the first geisha was a prostitute she claimed this title for herself in the year 1751and she acted as a jester-drummer in Kyoto. Before this, geishas were men and they used to entertain other men by performing arts. In the late 1700s, female geishas gained popularity and men focused on the talents of female geishas rather than paying attention to sexual favors. These women wrapped themselves in a bright silk kimono and wears heavy white makeup. They also wear black hair wigs with various hair ornaments. Geisha’s beauty teases & attracts men and blinds the mind and also develops desires in them.

What is the best placement for Geisha Tattoos: 

The placement of tattoos is very important, so whenever you make up your mind to ink a tattoo, carefully choose the right placement. As we told you earlier, geisha tattoos are liked by both men and women. Geisha tattoos are usually inked in large sizes, so it means you need a large area to get geisha tattoos. The large areas of our body are the arms, shoulders, back, and thighs. These are the only areas where you can get your beautiful geisha tattoos.

Geisha tattoos can be done in every style. Japanese Geisha tattoos are liked by both men and women around the world. As samurai tattoos, Geisha is also a famous tattoo from Asian tattoo art. As we know geisha can be compiled with other tattoos like a samurai, warrior, skull, elephant, quotes, and much more. You can get inked on any part of the body whether it is the chest, back, neck, ribs, etc. Read more below: 


Geisha tattoos are very unique and popular, especially in Japanese culture and they are liked by both men and women. In western culture, geisha tattoos are the symbol of divine beauty and exotic grace. There are various designs and styles of geisha tattoos. The important thing about geisha tattoos is they are very detailed, colorful, and usually inked in large sizes. We have collected all the latest and most popular ideas and it will surely help you to decide on one for you.

Tattoos are made up of some special elements which add four moons to the designs. So, the special elements which are associated with the geisha tattoos are:

  •  Japanese samurai: In Japanese, samurai symbolizes the warriors (bushi) of premodern japan.
  • Cherries and cherry blossoms: Cherries or cherry blossoms are symbolic flowers indicating springtime. Cherry blossoms symbolize beauty, the fleeting nature of life, and a time of renewal. In Japan, people celebrate cherry blossoms.
  • Fans and umbrellas: Fans and umbrellas have great significance in Japanese culture and traditional Chinese weddings. Different color umbrella holds different meaning like at weddings red -oil paper umbrellas are used to ward off evil spirits White umbrellas are used at funerals while purple umbrellas are seen as a symbol of the longevity of elders.
  • Peaches: Peaches are also used in geisha tattoo designs. In Japanese culture, peaches are seen as a symbol of the longevity of elders and are claimed to ward off evil spirits from us.
  • Dragons: In Japanese culture, dragons are seen as symbols of good fortune, protectors of mankind, sources of strength & courage, and also wise guardians.

Here we collected the best of the best geisha tattoo designs in this gallery. Hope you will like this geisha tattoo designs pics.

1. Geisha skull tattoo designs with rose.

Geisha tattoo designs


2. Japanese geisha girl tattoo on full-back designs for men.

geisha japanese tattoo designs

3. Realistic Japanese geisha girl tattoo on arm and shoulder designs for women.

Geisha tattoo meaning


4. Beautiful Geisha tattoo designs on the forearm designs for girls.

Geisha tattoo sleeve


5. Small Geisha tattoo designs on the thigh for guys.

Traditional geisha tattoo


6. Geisha tattoo design on back ideas for women.

geisha tattoo meaning


7. Japanese geisha girl tattoo design ideas for men and women.

Geisha girl tattoo


8. Masked Geisha tattoo design on the chest for men.

Geisha mask tattoo on chest


9. Beautiful geisha tattoo designs for back.

Geisha warrior tattoo

10. Geisha and warrior tattoo picture ideas for on the forearm.

Geisha tattoo sleeve

11. Japanese geisha girl tattoo designs on arms for boys.

Geisha warrior tattoo

12. Geisha tattoo represents the dedication and it is also an inspirational design for many others.

Geisha warrior tattoo

13. Small geisha tattoo designs for girls.

geisha tattoo meaning

14. Geisha with peony flower tattoo ideas for girls.

japanese geisha tattoo design

15. Geisha tattoo designs pictures for the full-back.

japanese geisha tattoo

16. Geisha girl tattoo designs drawing.

japanese geisha tattoo designs

17. Realistic geisha tattoo designs on leg ideas for women.

warrior geisha tattoo design


18. Geisha tattoo designs for full ideas for women.

geisha tattoo design

19. Japanese geisha tattoo designs on the shoulder for men.

geisha warrior tattoo

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20. Geisha girl tattoo drawing pictures designs.

Geisha mask tattoo

21. Beautiful geisha girl tattoo designs with tiger and temple for a cover-up.

traditional geisha tattoo

22. Realistic geisha tattoo designs on full arm ideas for boys.

traditional geisha tattoo

23. Colored Geisha with skull tattoo design on thigh ideas for men and women.

Geisha and crane tattoo

24. Geisha tattoo can be done with an elephant and it will show your dedication and commitment to your life.

Geisha and sakura tattoo

25. Small geisha tattoo designs on full arms for men.

Geisha and lantern tattoo

26. Geisha with lotus tattoo designs for ladies.

Geisha back tattoo

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27. Geisha lady tattoo designs pictures for the full arm.

Geisha and wave tattoo

28. Geisha with samurai tattoo designs are the best ideas for tattooing.

geisha tattoo

29. Geisha girl tattoo with flowers designs photos for men.

Geisha tattoo designs

30. Geisha with tiger tattoo designs ideas for women.

Geisha and wave tattoo

31. Angel is also an option with geisha tattoos.

Japanese geisha tattoos

32. Geisha tattoo design on full-back ideas for men and women.

Geisha and butterfly tattoo

33. Geisha with dragon tattoo designs for the calf.

Geisha and moon tattoo

34. Geisha tattoo designs on calf designs for women.

Geisha tattoo designs

35. Realistic geisha face tattoo designs on full hand.

Japanese geisha tattoos

36. Geisha with closed-eye tattoo designs on back ideas for girls.

Geisha tattoo meaning

37.  Traditional geisha tattoo designs pics ideas for legs.

Traditional geisha tattoo

38. Small geisha girl face tattoo design ideas for sleeves.

Geisha tattoo sleeve

39. Traditional geisha tattoo designs photos for boys.

Geisha girl tattoo

40. Realistic geisha face tattoo designs on the inner forearm and wrist.

Geisha mask tattoo


41. Traditional beautiful geisha tattoo designs pictures.

Geisha mask tattoos

42. Geisha lady face tattoo designs on inner forearm and wrist.

Geisha mask tattoos

43. 3d anime Geisha tattoo designs for girls.

Geisha back tattoo

44. Geisha face tattoo designs for shoulder and arms ideas for women.

Geisha tattoo designs

45. Beautiful geisha face tattoo designs for sleeves.

Japanese geisha tattoos

46. Geisha with lotus flower tattoo designs is one of the best options.

Geisha and cherry blossom tree tattoo

47. Geisha tattoo designs for full sleeves.

Geisha tattoo meaning

48. Traditional geisha tattoo designs on shoulder blade ideas for men.

Geisha tattoo meaning

49. Realistic geisha face tattoo designs on arm ideas for boys and girls.

Traditional geisha tattoo

50. Geisha tattoo designs on full-sleeve ideas for men and women.

Geisha tattoo sleeve


Geisha girl tattoo

Geisha mask tattoo

Geisha tattoo art

Geisha back tattoo

Geisha warrior tattoo

Geisha dragon tattoo

Geisha with fan tattoo

Geisha and cherry blossom tree tattoo

Geisha and samurai tattoo

Geisha and cherry blossom tree tattoo

Geisha and cherry blossom tree tattoo

Geisha and cherry blossom tattoo

Geisha and koi fish tattoo


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What do geisha tattoos symbolize ? or what is the meaning of geisha tattoos?

People see geisha tattoos as a symbol of mystery, artistry, perfectionism, and beauty. Geishas are very special as they have skilled talents which were somewhat hidden from most of society. Therefore, they represent desires, dreams, ambitions, and aspirations. It’s not the end, geisha also symbolize fertility, intrigue, feminine power, beauty, the transience of life, and fragility.

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