55+ Stunning Floral Tattoos Designs to Add Color and Elegance to Your Body Art

Amazing Floral Tattoos And Ideas

Floral Tattoos: Floral tattoos are not something new there are some of the most common tattoo choices. Women especially love to get floral tattoos as flowers are commonly associated with beauty and femininity but nowadays floral tattoos are not limited to just women.

Men can also choose a floral tattoo as different flowers symbolize different things. Some of the most common floral tattoo options are roses, lily, orchids, lotus, dogwood, and peony flowers.

Floral Tattoos are very popular tattoo designs among women of this century. Floral tattoos are a beautiful way to express yourself through body art. In these tattoo types, there are many flowers, leaves, and other symbols of nature, each with a different meaning.

Here in this article, we will discuss 10 amazing floral tattoos and the symbolic meanings behind them given below.

  1. The Lotus Flower
  2. The Rose Flower
  3. The sunflower
  4. The daisy
  5. The Tulip
  6. The lily
  7. The orchid
  8. The hibiscus
  9. The cherry blossom
  10. The daffodil

Meanings of Floral Tattoos

In many cultures across the world, different flowers mean different things but still, flower or floral tattoos are prevalent anonymous all cultures. Henna tattoos mostly consist of floral designs only. When it comes to floral tattoo placement the choices are unlimited.

For men shoulder, chest, and bicep are the best choices and as for women, the choices are more like arm, shoulder, neck, collarbone, nape, side, thighs, ankle, legs, wrist, lower back, and even foot.

If you love large colorful tattoos the cherry blossom floral tattoo is best for you. In Japanese culture, cherry blossom symbolizes mortality since cherry blossoms don’t bloom for long they are associated with life which passes by in the blink of an eye.

Lotus Tattoos Meanings

Lotus tattoos symbolize enlightenment whereas rose tattoo symbolizes love and beauty. Black rose tattoos are popular among the Goth community.

Some people even choose floral vines tattoo designs as they look intricate and beautiful. The best part about floral tattoos is the fact that they are very colorful and add something extra to your personality. The most common color choices for the floral tattoo are pink, orange, red, peach, purple, and black.

The shades might depend upon your taste. Floral tattoos are also the safest tattoo design choice since not many people know the meaning of each flower which makes the tattoo and its meaning personal to you. Sunflower floral tattoos are rare but look extremely appealing as they are very bright and colorful.

Some people love getting hibiscus flower inked because not only is it big and beautiful but it also symbolizes power yet gentleness.

You can always mix floral tattoos with quotes to customize a tattoo design of your own. You can even ask the artist for a 3-D floral tattoo.

Here we collect some of the best floral tattoos 

1. Beautiful floral tattoo design on the wrist for girls.

lily floral tattoos

The daffodil floral tattoos

Floral wrist tattoo design on the wrist for men and women. 

floral tattoo

floral tattoo

floral sleeve tattoo

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lotus tattoo floral designs

peony floral tattoos

rose floral tattoos

tattoo floral designs

floral forearm tattoo

floral arm tattoo

floral tattoo sleeve

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floral ribcage tattoo

floral shoulder tattoo

fine line floral tattoo

floral thigh tattoo

floral shoulder tattoo ideas

floral shoulder tattoos

shoulder floral tattoos

dainty floral cross tattoo

fineline floral tattoo

floral sternum tattoo

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floral chest tattoo

floral tattoos for ankle

floral leg tattoo

floral leg tattoo

floral hand tattoo

floral arm tattoo

floral shoulder tattoo ideas

floral shoulder tattoo ideas

floral vine tattoo

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geometric floral tattoo

dainty floral spine tattoos

floral butterfly tattoo

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floral tattoos

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floral tattoos drawing

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floral tattoo designs

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What do flower tattoos symbolize?

floral butterfly tattoo

Flower tattoos are a beautiful way to express yourself and your beliefs through body art. These tattoos have designs of flowers, leaves, and other symbols of nature, each with a different meaning. From lotus flowers to cherry blossoms, you are sure to find the perfect flower tattoo design if you will express yourself. Flower tattoos are popular with body art enthusiasts of all ages. There are a variety of floral designs, each with its own unique symbolic meaning. From delicate flowers to intricate melodies, these prints can represent a wide range of emotions and ideas. Read More..

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