55+ Best & Magnificent Elephant Tattoo Designs And Ideas With Meanings

Best Elephant Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Elephant Tattoos: The elephant is one of the biggest animals in the world. Elephants are one of the strongest creatures. People love their tattoos as well because there are so many beautiful meanings behind these tattoo designs.

Elephant tattoos are incredibly popular among men and women of all ages, so it should come as no surprise that there are many different meanings associated with these animal tattoos.

In fact, the list of meanings below could go on forever, but we’ve tried to include only the most common elephant tattoo designs and their meanings so you can get inspired to design your own original elephant tattoo.

Why Elephant Tattoos are so popular:

Elephants are very calm creatures. Elephants are respected in many countries and continents. Continents like Asia and Africa are having a large number of Elephants.

Elephants are also worshiped in many countries. The elephant is also known as the symbolism of Lord Ganesha. As you know tattoos are very famous all over the world, in all cultures. Elephant tattoo designs are very famous among both men and women.

Elephant tattoos are powerful symbols that represent many different meanings, from protection to strength and wisdom.

If you’re interested in getting an elephant tattoo, there are many designs and styles you can choose from, each one with its own particular meaning or message about the world around you.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of elephant tattoos, along with their meanings and symbolism

What is the perfect size For Elephant Tattoos:

Elephant tattoo designs are available in every size small, medium, and large. Elephant tattoo designs are also available in many different colors.

There are some good and bad things about the Elephant tattoos. Good thing is that elephant has some connection with God like Lord Ganesha and Buddha.

The bad thing about elephant tattoos is that they are very difficult to ink anywhere. Back is the best place to draw this tattoo in a large size. But good tattoo artists make the thing possible and make the tattoos awesome.

Placement for elephant Tattoos:

Elephant tattoo designs can be inked on the wrist, back, shoulder, knee, ankle, ribs, upper arm, inner arm, sleeve, back of the neck, and many other parts of the body.

These elephant tattoo designs look very beautiful once they have been done. Elephant tattoo designs are available in many colors.

These elephant tattoos can be drawn with Polynesian, tribal, and Maori art also. These elephant tattoos also getting popular with watercolor ink.

This art helps to give a unique look to tattoos. Some pictures of elephant tattoos are very famous on Facebook and Instagram. Elephant tattoos with some cartoon effects look very funny.

What are the Meanings Behind Elephant Tattoos:

There is not a single meaning behind the elephant tattoo. There are various meanings for Elephant tattoos all over the world.

An elephant tattoo shows the character, prosperity, nature, and attitude of a person. Elephant tattoos are powerful symbols that represent many different meanings, from protection to strength and wisdom. Elephant Tattoos’ meanings are:

  • Strength.
  • Wisdom
  • power
  • Kind
  • Protection

If you’re interested in getting an elephant tattoo, there are many designs and styles you can choose from, each one with its own particular meaning or message about the world around you.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of elephant tattoos, along with their meanings and symbolism, below.

Different Types Of Elephant Tattoos:

Elephant tattoos can represent many different things depending on the design and the placement of the tattoo. While you should never assume what meaning an elephant tattoo might have, there are some common meanings to look out for that often pop up in these tattoos and their designs. We’ve compiled a list of seven elephant tattoo designs and the meanings behind them to help you better understand where this motif might be taking you.

1. The Lord Ganesha

People who choose to get a Ganesha tattoo are typically honoring their spirituality. This elephant-headed Hindu god is a remover of obstacles, and worshipers who get Ganesha tattoos hope he will help them remove problems or spiritual blocks that prevent them from living their lives to their fullest potential. People who want meaningful elephant tattoos often choose one of several traditional styles, including images of Ganesha from classic Indian art.

2. The Sacred White Elephant

In many parts of Asia, white elephants are considered sacred animals. According to ancient Hindu legend, Lord Indra believed that a white elephant was so pure it could rid an area of all impurities, diseases, and evil spirits. That’s why devotees in Sri Lanka still offer gifts of gold jewelry to white elephants today. The elephant represents purity and strength for some cultures; for others, it symbolizes wisdom or luck. Since elephants are massive creatures with intelligence comparable to that of humans, they’re often worshipped as gods on account of their power. Some believe that their great size allows them to carry burdens others can’t

3. Asian Elephants

Unlike African elephants, Asian elephants have smaller ears that are round at their tips. They’re also less rounded in shape. Asian elephants can live up to 70 years old. They are endangered, with numbers declining due to poaching, habitat loss, and human-elephant conflict. A conflict that is further exacerbated by deforestation and urbanization. While all elephants are technically listed as threatened under CITES, it’s estimated that there are only about 50,000 wild Asian elephants left today, with fewer than 5,000 females of breeding age.

4. African Elephants

African elephants are a symbol of strength, protection, longevity, and good luck. Elephants have been used as a symbol in many cultures since ancient times. Today elephant tattoos can be seen on people from many different walks of life. Most often people use elephant tattoos to signify that they’re protective & highly intelligent individuals or because they want to do something meaningful with their lives, others just like how elephants look. The elephant tattoo designs presented here reflect these meanings.

If you want to get an ink Elephant tattoo then we are here offering you the best elephant tattoo designs and ideas, which can be one of your choices. Hope you will find some of the best designs for you from this gallery.

Elephant Tattoo Gallery

1. Cool Elephant tattoo on wrist designs for girls on arms. This is an african elephant with its trunk up.

Mandala elephant tattoos

2. Small Elephant tattoo designs for girls who want tattoos on forearms.

cute elephant baby tattoos

3. Elephant playing music tattoo designs are cute. This tattoo can be done on your neck also.

small elephant baby tattoos

4. Elephant tattoo-eating pineapple ideas for men. The placement of any tattoo is very important. 

cute baby elephant tattoos

5.  Decorated Elephant family tattoo designs on forearms for you if you want to have a tattoo on your sleeves. This elephant family tattoo looks very beautiful.

elephant family tattoos

6. Cute small elephant baby tattoos. These tattoo designs are very innovative in tattoo art. This is looking very awesome.

small elephant baby tattoos

7. Elephant with trunk-up tattoo designs. Thigh is one of the best places to get an elephant tattoo.

elephant face tattoos

8.  Cute elephant baby tattoo holding ballons. This Asian elephant tattoo is perfect for the legs.

cute elephant baby tattoos

9. Small Elephant family link tattoo designs for under arm. This awesome tattoo design is looking very cute.

best elephant tattoos

10. Elephant making a heart with their trunk up. This thigh tattoo design is very feminine.

best elephant tattoos for men

11. Asian Elephant tattoo with baby. This elephant tattoo can be inked on the legs and thighs.

african elephant tattoos

12. awesome elephant tattoo ideas for girls. 

awesome elephant tattoos

13. Elephant tattoo design for men on arms. This is one of the best tattoo designs for you if you want a tattoo on your upper sleeve and thigh.

elephant tattoos designs for men

14. Elephant head tattoos with mandala style. 

elephant tattoos ideas

15.  Unique Elephant tattoo design it seems like an African elephant.

small elephant tattoos

16. Feminine Elephant tattoo with flowers on arm. Flower and Elephant tattoos are looking very cute, this tattoo design will cover up your full shoulder.

elephant tattoos for girls

17. Half Elephant face tattoo on arm. This drawing here gives an awesome look at girls.

elephant tattoos for girls

18. elephant tattoos for boys on arms. 

elephant tattoos for boys

19. Small and very cute Elephant with heart/ This tattoo design is best for lovers. You can get many pictures like this on Instagram and Pinterest.

elephant tattoos for women

20. One of the best and unique designs for elephant tattoo with rose. These design tattoos are very famous ideas for girls.

elephant tattoo in a rose

21. Elephant head polka trash tattoo drawing for elephant tattoos looks very amazing.

elephant tattoos drawing stencils

22. Cute Elephant tattoo on the thigh with trunk holding a lotus flower.  You can also get this kind of tattoo with quotes.

elephant tattoos on thigh for girls

23. Black color small Elephants on ankle or foot tattoo designs are very cool ideas for guys. This is a very simple tattoo design.

elephant with baby tattoos

24. Cute mix-up small Elephant tattoo design for the lower back. This tattoo design is also available in white ink.

circus elephant tattoos

25. Cool & Unique Elephant tattoos for girls who want tattoos on their arms.

best side view elephant tattoos

26. African Elephant with the half-face is one of the greatest tattoo designs ever. Hindus used to worship elephants on various occasions. 

one side face elephant tattoos

27. Small and simple to ink baby Elephant tattoo design on the forearms. You can get this tattoo behind your ear.

watercolor elephant tattoos

28. watercolor Elephant tattoo design on the upper shoulder. A pink elephant tattoo is a very famous design for girls.
watercolor elephant tattoos

29. Elephant with link tattoo designs for inner arm. This tattoo cover up half of your hand.
elephant tattoos designs

30. Elephant head with trunk up and flower tattoos under arm designs are very famous ideas for girls.

elephant tattoos ideas

31. Cute Elephant tattoo designs for ribs. A rib cage is also another good placement for elephant tattoos.

elephant tattoos on forearms

32. Lord Ganesha tattoo is also very popular among elephant tattoos. Ganesha is God in the Hindu religion. 

elephant tattoos on arms

33. Elephants with flowers and leaf tattoo designs on their arms are very famous. You can also get an elephant tattoo on your knee.

best elephant tattoos for men on arms

34. Decorated cute small Elephant baby playing with colors designs on leg. If you have long legs then you can also get a large size of an elephant tattoo.

cute baby elephant tattoos

35. Full-size Elephant tattoos on the back look very cute. 

elephant tattoos on back for women

36. Geometrical style Elephant trunk and foot designs for shoulder.

best elephant tattoos for men

37.  Walking Elephant is the best idea for men and women both to have this tattoo.

best elephant tattoos

38. Elephant family making a link and walking.

elephant tattoos with moon

39. Maori and Polynesian mix Elephant tattoos with long legs designs for the forearm.

black and white elephant tattoos

40. Elephant face tattoo designs for the back of the bicep.

half elephant face tattoos

41. Elephant family tattoo design on the side ribcage for men.

elephant tattoos on siderib

42. Baby Elephant tattoo designs on the ankle are very famous. This little elephant baby is looking cute. There are many tattoo designs that are widely available in cartoon versions.

elephant tattoos with flowers

43. Cute elephant teddy bear style tattoo on hand. 

cutest elephant tattoos

44. Cute small Elephant baby playing with tattoo designs on foot. You can make this tattoo with henna also.

elephant baby tattoos for girls

45. Very cute baby Elephant cartoon tattoo design on the arm. You can also get this tattoo on your sleeve.

baby elephant tattoos

46. Elephant head with infinity and quote tattoo designs for girls.

elephant tattoos for arms

47. Cute tiny Elephant baby playing with ship with trunk-up tattoo designs on legs.

tiny elephant tattoos

48. Very cute watercolor Elephant baby tattoo design on leg. You can also make a drawing of this by outlining this tattoo.

watercolor elephant tattoos

49. African Elephant tattoo design on legs ideas for girls.

elephant tattoos designs

50.  These designs are very famous and best for you if you want innovative tattoo art on your skin.

elephant tattoos for sleeves

51. Cute cartoon-style baby Elephant tattoo design.

cute baby elephant tattoos

52. Elephant head tattoo design on leg. The earlier elephant was used in circuses for entertainment purposes.

golden elephant tattoos

53. Cutest Elephant tattoo design ever. This elephant has ears like a butterfly. This seems an Asian Elephant.

best elephant tattoos for arms

54. Cute elephant loves together tattoo design for forearms.

cute elephant tattoos

55. A warrior Elephant tattoo designs are very famous and these are mostly inked at the lower back or close to the belly point.

unique elephant tattoos

56. Elephant tattoo design on arms. The elephant with octopus effect is a very famous idea.

simple elephant tattoos

57. Watercolor Elephant tattoo designs are very famous for girls.

watercolor elephant tattoos

58. Cute baby Elephant tattoo looking cute on the wrist for girls.

elephant tattoos on wrist

59. Long teeth Elephant tattoo on the calf designs for women.

elephant tattoo designs

If you want a unique elephant tattoo, remember that elephants appear in many different forms in nature. If you’re looking for a design that symbolizes wisdom, then the elephant is a perfect choice.

This is our best Elephant tattoo designs gallery. In this gallery, we add all kinds of tattoo designs, ideas, and art related to Elephant tattoos. Hope you enjoy your visit to your own article. Read More about elephants here.

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