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Struck by Lightning: Exploring the Meaning and Design Ideas of Lightning Tattoo

Hey readers, welcome to your favorite website of tattoos. We hope you enjoyed all the previous articles. We never disappoint our readers with our content. On this website, you will get all information about tattoos, their meaning, and their trending & impressive designs. Today, we are going to discuss Lightning tattoo and their meanings.

Lightning tattoos: If you are a nature lover and want to show your love towards nature, then a tattoo is the best way to express your love by getting a tattoo of some of your favorite natural activities. One of the most liked natural activities is Lightning and Bolts because it gives you an “Electrified look”. You can choose a design of either thunder or an electrified spark for your tattoo design.

Lightning Tattoo Meaning

Many people in this world don’t find lightning a scary fearful thing, for them it is a beautiful image. They have found it always an engaging activity. It is believed that in many places on the earth, lightning is seen as a symbol of energy and power. Lightning has the power to turn a night into day. If a lightning bolt tattoo is correctly done, then it represents swiftness, a split-second moment, and decisiveness. If you got a tattoo of many lightning bolts and these are unequal then it symbolizes fascism, inequality, and racism.

A lightning bolt tattoo meaning can stand for different purposes for different people and cultures.

  • For Greeks, the lightning bolt is a symbol of intelligence, enlightenment, strength and power.
  • For Chinese people, it stands for fertility.
  • It stands for a symbol of Thunderbird to Native tribes of America.
  • And for the Celts, the meaning of lightning bolt is a manifestation of the spiritual and divine.


There are many different styles and themes which you can use to make your lightning strike tattoo. Design ideas also depend on the place of the tattoo where you are going to ink it. If we talk about the latest tech and tattoo design of lightning, glowing fluorescent paints are in trend.

• Realistic Lightning Tattoo

This tattoo looks Fabulous on hand. To give the lightning design a realistic touch, a tattoo artist use multicolor. Using multicolors helps us achieve the aim of a realistic lightning strike tattoo.

realistic lightning tattoo

realistic lightning tattoo

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• Real lightning scar tattoos

Whenever lightning strikes a person, it leaves a scar on that place that looks like lightning. And some people make lightning scars into tattoos. A real lightning scar tattoo is a type of real tattoo and you can leave it as it is or you can also color it. 

realistic lightning tattoo

• Traditional Lightning Tattoos

According to Greek mythology, Traditional tattoos look very cool and these tattoo designs are made with the portrait of the Greek god Zeus, the God of lightning and god of thunder, or his son Thor. People choose traditional lightning design only to convey the story of the lightning God, Zeus, and his son Thor.

Traditional lightning tattoos

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Traditional lightning tattoos

Traditional lightning tattoos

• UV lightning tattoos

These are simple lightning strike tattoos that are made with special ink and this ink glows under Ultraviolet light. This thing makes this tattoo design very unique and cool. The UV tattoo looks shiny and powerful.

UV lightning tattoos

UV lightning tattoos

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• Lightning Strike Tattoo

You know why a unique lightning bolt tattoo is unique. It is unique because it is mixed with other styles. For example, to make it more unique, trendy, and modern, people sometimes mix it with techie style. These designs of unique lightning bolt tattoos describe a pattern of attitude.

lightning strike tattoo

lightning strike tattoo

• Dark Tattoo designs for Lightning

Dark tattoos of lightning are made with dark colors and these tattoo designs usually describe a dark side of a person or situation. The dark lighting designs include deserted places or storms and mythical creatures which makes its design more scary and beautiful at the same time.

dark lightning tattoo


dark lightning tattoo

• Electrifying lightning tattoos

Electrifying lightning is non-thunder lightning that is caused by electricity. The electrifying tattoo designs usually consist of light bulbs, lightning strokes, and some smoke. take a look at these lightning cloud tattoo designs on the inner bicep. 

dark lightning bolt tattoo

• Lightning storm tattoo 

The design of a lightning storm tattoo usually consists of rain, thunder, lightning strokes, and clouds. To make your rain and thunder lightning design tattoos more special, you can choose a different color for the lightning stroke or can make your tattoo multi-colored.

lightning storm tattoo

lightning storm tattoo

Top 60+ Best Tattoos For Men

Lightning Bolt Tattoos

lightning bolt tattoos

White Lightning Tattoo  

white lightning tattoo

Lightning McQueen tattoo 

lightning mcqueen tattoo

Lightning Tattoo Ideas

lightning tattoo ideas

lightning tattoo ideas

Lightning Zeus Tattoo 

lightning zeus tattoo

lightning zeus tattoo

Lightning arm tattoo 

lightning zeus tattoo

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Lightning shoulder tattoo 

lightning shoulder tattoo


Simple lightning bolt tattoo 

lightning bolt tattoo on neck

simple lightning bolt tattoo

Small lightning bolt tattoo on the wrist

small lightning bolt tattoo

Harry Potter lightning bolt tattoo 

harry potter lightning bolt tattoo

lightning hand tattoo

lightning hand tattoo

Lightning Scar Tattoo

lightning scar tattoo   

Lightning Sleeve Tattoo

lightning sleeve tattoo



These tattoos hold a very special meaning for those who want to show both power and love toward nature. They are symbols of inner strength and the ability to overcome tuff times.

One of the most important things to consider before getting any tattoo designs on your body. You must find a skilled and professional tattoo artist who can bring your vision to life and make clarity inspiration and creativity.  They also help yo to design your thoughts much better than your expectations. Pick your lightning tattoo with care, and may it generally act as a wellspring of solidarity, motivation, and innovativeness all through your excursion.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

what does a lightning bolt tattoo mean?

lightning tattoo featured iage

A lightning bolt tattoo can hold various meanings. Here are some common meanings as given below:
Power and Energy
Swiftness and Quick Thinking
Illumination and Enlightenment
Transformation and Change
Protection and Defiance.

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