50 Best Daisy Tattoos And Ideas With Meanings

Daisy Tattoos Designs And Ideas For Men And Women

When it comes to tattoo designs for girls. Mostly girls look for flower tattoo designs. Because flowers are beautiful, colorful and symbol of love and happiness. In flower tattoos there are also many varieties like, sun flower tattoos, rose flower tattoos, lily tattoos, lotus flower tattoos, daisy flower tattoos and many more flower tattoo designs are available. Here we are going to talk about daisy flower tattoo designs with their meanings.

Daisy tattoos are growing into popularity among girls and women. Because Daisy flower tattoo designs are so beautiful, comes in different colors, sizes which gives a beautiful and appealing look and a great symbol ic value for those who wear that tattoo design. Daisy flower are the symbol of royalty and beauty. Daisy flower is a common flower which is found in variety of locations around the world. This flower comes from the family flower group of Sunflower and aster. Daisies flower used for decorations. These flower tattoo look like similar to sunflower tattoos but in small size with sun shaped center wheel and their beautiful petals with different-different colors.

Meaning of Daisy tattoos:

Daisy tattoos are popular throughout the world for centuries. This tattoo is popular in many culture. As you know daisy flower comes in many colors and variety. So there meanings are also different according to their color and design. Daisy comes in a variety of colors like red, yellow, pink, violet, and blue. Each color daisy has different meaning. Like red daisy flower is symbolize for boldness and energy. While yellow color daisy stands for intelligence and a cheerful attitude. Blue daisy represent emotions and softness. While white represent for Innocence.

There are more Meaning related to daisy flower tattoos:

As told above daisy tattoos have many meanings with each color and size. Here are some more interesting meaning of daisy tattoos which increase the value of these tattoo designs.

• Patience
• Beauty
• Innocence
• Purity
• Love
• Luck
• Simplicity
• Serenity
• Peace
• Femininity
• Vanity
• Gentleness
• Emotion
• Happiness
• Youth
• Boldness

So these are some meaning relates to daisy tattoos. Daisy tattoos are the perfect tattoo designs for women and girl. Mainly daisy tattoos represents Innocence and purity. Daisies tattoos also represents sign of femininity and beauty. Here we collect some of best daisy tattoos designs and ideas with meanings. Please take a look:

Daisy tattoo Pictures and Gallery

1.Daisy Tattoos on feet.

Best daisy tattoos designs Ideas

2.Daisy Tattoo design on leg.

Best daisy tattoos designs Ideas

3.Daisy Tattoo with butterfly on back.

Best daisy tattoos designs Ideas

4.Daisy Tattoo ideas for girls on back.

Best daisy tattoos designs Ideas

5.Daisy Tattoo design for women.

Best daisy tattoos designs Ideas

6.Daisy Tattoo design for side rib cage.

Best daisy tattoos designs Ideas

7. Beautiful daisy tattoo designs for women on back.

Best daisy tattoos designs Ideas

8.Small Daisy Tattoos design on collar bone.

Small Daisy Tattoos design on collar bone

9.Red color daisy flower tattoos.

Best daisy tattoos designs Ideas

10.Small daisy tattoo design for wrist.

Best daisy tattoos designs Ideas