30+ Nordic Viking Tattoos For Men With Meaning: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Unveiling The Mystical World of Viking Tattoos

Introduction: Hey guys, welcome to our website. We hope you enjoyed our all previous articles. Here you will get information about all types of tattoos, their meanings, their design ideas, and the latest & popular tattoo designs. In today’s article, we are going to know about very popular Viking tattoos. So, be with us to the end.

The History and Origins of Viking Tattoos

Vikings tattoos: Vikings tattoos are very popular. The Vikings were more than barbarians and plunderers. Vikings were complex people; skilled seafarers, farmers, travelers, the balance of the universe, and believers in destiny.

The beliefs and lifestyle of Vikings have inspired people for films, tattoos, and literature. The few pieces of historic evidence that exists made us confirm that the Vikings used to have heavy tattoos on their body.

Their tattoos were not only just ordinary tattoos, they carried deep meanings and were associated with bravery, fearlessness, and strength with their thought and memory. For people who belong to Scandinavian ancestry, it can be the best way to honor their heritage and for other people, it is a way to celebrate the values of these people. Or Viking tattoo can be seen as a thought-provoking design that is inspired by mythology, beliefs, and destiny.

Popular Viking Symbol Tattoo & Designs With Their Meaning

There are many kinds of Viking tattoo designs. Mainly Viking tattoo symbolize bravery and strength.   Here we will discuss the popular Vikings’ powerful symbol. 

1. The Helm of Terror / The Helm of Awe tattoo

Norse tattoo: In Norse mythology, The helm of terror is the most famous symbol and it represents protection. Aegishjalmur is a Norse word and it means the helm of terror. This is also called wheel or protection as it is made up of protection runes that rotate around a circle.

Many Viking warriors used to get these tattoos on their arms or on their foreheads between the eyes to create terror in the minds and hearts of their enemies as they thought this tattoo will make them invincible. They also believed that this will protect them during the war.

The helm of awe

The helm of terro

2. Helm of Awe tattoo 

The helm of awe

3. The Valknut tattoo – Odin’s knot Tattoo

The Valknut tattoos are simple Viking tattoos. It is a very mysterious symbol of Norse mythology and it is made up of three interlocking triangles. The word valknut was derived from the Norse words – valr and knut. The word valr means ” Slain warriors” And knut means “knot”. You will see this symbol on different Viking ship burial objects and on various rune stones.

Therefore, this valknut symbol symbolizes odin in Norse mythology and is also associated with the death of the people who died in battles. This symbol also represents the knot between Vala’s heart and slain warriors, therefore also known as Hrungnir’s heart.

The valknut - Odin's knot  tattoo

The valknut - Odin's knot tattoo on wrist

4. The Horn Triskelion 

The Triple Horns of Odin: Odin is a Nordic god and if we talk about the horn triskelion Viking symbol, it consists of three interlocking drinking horns. And these drinking horns are the symbols of the Nordic god, Odin. The triple horns of Odin are also seen as a symbol of wisdom.

Horn Triskelion tattoos

Horn Triskelion tattoos

Horn Triskelion tattoo

5. Viking Troll Cross Tattoo 

Scandinavian people used to wear the troll cross which is made up of bent pieces of iron as an amulet. It is because they believed that the troll cross will protect them from the trolls and black magic. And we have not found any strong evidence that it was used by the Vikings.

troll cross tattoos

troll cross tattoo

6. Viking Yggdrasil Tattoo 

Yggdrasil Viking Tree of Life tattoo: Yggdrasil is known as the Tree of Life. According to Norse mythology, it is believed that the Yggdrasil is a very giant tree and it connects and held the nine worlds together. It is also believed that the branches of these trees are spread all over the nine worlds and also extended to heaven. As Yggdrasil holds all nine worlds together, it is seen as the spine of all existence and the frame of the universe.

Yggdrasil tattoos

7. Vegvisir Viking Compass Tattoo 

The Viking Compass: If we talk about vegvisir – the Viking compass, it is like a magic lantern that helps the bearer to find out his way when he is stuck in a storm or in bad weather. Vegvisir means a way-finder in the Icelandic language. This symbol serves as a symbol of guidance and protection and many people get the Viking compass tattoo as a reminder so that it will always make them remind that the bad time will pass and never lose path in life.

Vegvisir tattoos

Vegvisir tattoo on forearm

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8. Traditional Viking Mjolnir Tattoo 

The Hammer of Thor: Everyone knows about Thor. Thor is the god of thunder, lightning, and storms. Mjölnir is Thor’s magical hammer which is described in Norse mythology. People also believe that Thor is also the god of war and the protector of mankind. The hammer of Thor symbolizes protection, power, and strength.

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traditional viking mjolnir tattoo

traditional viking mjolnir tattoo

9. Viking Gungnir Tattoo 

The magical spear of odin: In Norse mythology, the magical spear of odin is considered a spear of heaven and it is the symbol of a ” Swaying one “.

Gungnir tatto on head

Gungnir tattoo on wrist

10. Web of Wyrd tattoo 

The Matrix of Fate: It is also known as Skuld’s net. The web of wyrd was supposed to be woven by the norms. According to Viking mythology, the Norns were the shapers of destiny.

The web of wyrd consists of nine staves and these nine staves are arranged in an angular grid in a manner that represents all the possibilities of past, present, and future. In simple ways, it can be explained as the actions done by us in the past affects our present and our future depends on our present actions, everything is interconnected.

web of wyrd tattoo

web of wyrd tattoos

web of wyrd tattoo

11. Ragnarok Viking tattoos

A Ragnarok Viking tattoo may be a representation that things will change and you don’t have to give up or lose hope. There is also another important meaning of Ragnarok Viking tattoos that these represent courage, dignity, and honor.

Ragnarok Viking tattoos

Ragnarok Viking tattoos

14. Huginn and Muninn Tattoo 

There are twin crows that belong and serve to the Odin and their names were Huginn and Muninn. On the orders of Odin, they used to fly all over the world to get information about what was going on in the world and then return back to Odin to report everything.

huginn and muninn tattoo

Viking Tattoo Ideas For Men And Women

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15. Nordic Viking Tattoos 

The meaning of Nordic tattoos are:

  • Strength
  • Free spirit
  • Bold and bravery
  • Warrior spirit

nordic viking tattoos

16. Traditional Viking Tattoos 

traditional viking tattoos

17. Viking Compass Tattoo 

viking compass tattoo

18. Viking Ship Tattoo 

viking ship tattoo

viking ship tattooS

19. Viking rune tattoos

Viking rune tattoos are a collection of Vikings tattoo symbols. Each has its own unique meaning and design as shown below. 

viking rune tattoos

Tattoo Viking symbols

viking rune tattoos

20. Viking axe tattoo 

viking axe tattoo

21. Viking Hand Tattoos 

viking hand tattoos

22. Viking head tattoo 

viking head tattoo

23. snake eating its own tail tattoo on head for men. 

snake eating its tail tattoo

24. Viking sleeve tattoo 

viking sleeve tattoo

25. Viking raven tattoo designs 

viking raven tattoo designs

26. Viking Forearm Tattoo 

viking raven tattoo designs

27. Viking skull tattoo 

viking skull tattoo

28. Viking wolf tattoo 

Ragnarok Viking tattoos

viking wolf tattoo

viking wolf tattoo

29. Viking chest tattoo

viking chest tattoo  

30. Viking Back Tattoo

viking back tattoo

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We hope you like these amazing Viking tattoo designs and ideas with their meanings. 


Viking tattoos are very bold and awesome and these tattoos represent Norse Viking mythology. If you have chosen the perfect Viking ink for you then it is time to decide on the perfect placement for it. Prominent placement for Viking tattoos is the sleeve, forearm, upper arm, thigh, chest, back, neck, shoulder, hands, elbows, wrists, calves, and ankles. 

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There is no doubt that Viking tattoos are ancient tattoo designs and hold a historical and cultural significance Which makes them so popular among today’s generation. It is very important to appreciate the legacy of Viking tattoo designs and their meanings.

Did Vikings have tattoos?

Ragnarok Viking tattoos

yes, there is no doubt that Vikings have tattoos. The beliefs and lifestyle of Vikings have inspired people for films, tattoos, and literature. The few pieces of historic evidence that exist made us confirm that the Vikings used to have heavy tattoos on their body.

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