Top 20+ Best Sparrow Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Sparrow Tattoos designs and ideas for men and women.

Sparrow Tattoos: Sparrows are tiny birds, often seen in parks and backyards in small flocks. While sparrows are common around the world, tattoos featuring tiny birds are much rarer. Many tattoo artists might not even have heard of them! But if you love sparrows, you might want to get one done anyway. This guide covers the meanings behind some of the most common sparrow tattoos and helps you find an artist if you’re interested in getting your own sparrow tattoo done.

Sparrow tattoos history

In ancient Greece, it was a symbol of democracy because sparrows were thought to be too poor to own slaves. In China, sparrows are considered good luck; in England, if a sparrow lands on your head it means that someone thinks highly of you. Also, they’re just pretty birds. So there’s that. The upshot is that sparrow tattoos can have a number of meanings—but more often than not they simply signify hope or faith.

Sparrow tattoos are inspired by a story tale. Sparrow designs are similar to swallow tattoos but as you see them closely you will find the difference between a sparrow and a swallow bird. They are two different bird species even know they have similar features and behavior. There are separate meanings as well. Some people get confused between a sparrow and a swallow bird design when they are searching for these kinds of designs. Here we just collect beautiful sparrow tattoo designs for girls and boys.

Meaning of Sparrow tattoos in different cultures

What does Sparrow stand for? Baby Name World – Baby Name World states that The sparrow is a symbol of justice, fairness, innocence, vigilance, purity. In some cultures, it represents God’s Word. It is also associated with a spiritual guide or messenger. Some families in England have long used names with the sparrow in them because they believed these people were born on Christmas day — sort of an elf or brownie-like person sent to help out and keep things running smoothly around your home.

Sparrow Tattoo Styles

There are many different types of sparrow tattoos. The tattoo can be a small outline in black or grey, it can be filled in with color, or it can even be done as a realistic image (complete with feathers). Most often, though, you will see something more stylized – think comic book sparrows. This isn’t to say that non-stylized Sparrow tattoos aren’t out there; they just seem to be less common than their comic book counterparts. Regardless of which you choose to get, Sparrow tattoos have many meanings attached to them.

Sparrow tattoo design & ideas

Sparrow tattoos are popular because they remind people of joy, beauty, freedom, poetry, and inspiration. If you’re thinking about getting a sparrow tattoo design, here are some designs to choose from. Have fun brainstorming what your tattoo would mean for you. Birds are cute and lovely so why wouldn’t anybody avoid getting a bird tattoo on their body. And if the bird tattoo is a Sparrow tattoo design then it will be like dream come true. Because sparrow is one of the cute and small birds on earth. Sparrow tattoo designs are not so much popular. There are few people who love to get sparrow tattoos on their bodies. It can say that a lot of people try some other kinds of tattoo designs except sparrow tattoos. So we will say that sparrow tattoos are a unique and rare tattoo design.

A list of cute and feminine sparrow tattoo designs

There are actually quite a few different bird tattoo designs to choose from if you want to get one that represents your love of freedom. Some people choose to go with a sweet-looking hummingbird, while others opt for an elegant swallow or a charming crow. A couple of birds that are used often in tattoos are doves, robins, parrots, and geese; if these strike your fancy then they’re great choices as well. Lastly, an image of an eagle is something else you could try out.

Sparrow tattoo designs are small tattoo designs. So they can be adjusted anywhere on the body parts. Sparrow tattoos can be placed on the arm, shoulder, back, upper back, lower back, legs, forearms, sleeves, wrist, hands, foot, etc. Sparrow tattoos can be used as cover-up tattoos and they can be used with some other tattoo designs like flowers, skulls, roses, clouds, leaves, and many more other things.

There are some meanings as well behind a sparrow design. It is said that the sparrow is the symbol of good luck and success. Sparrow is also symbolized as fate. So sparrow tattoos should be used as a distinct symbol.

An image gallery of beautiful sparrow tattoos

Find your favorite sparrow tattoo idea in our gallery. These bird tattoos will look wonderful on any part of your body as they symbolize love, hope, protection, and good luck. Sparrow tattoos will make a great addition to any collection. Also, see our articles about how to choose a new tattoo or visit our store for high-quality temporary tattoos: check it out here. Here we collect some of the most beautiful and cute sparrow tattoos pictures and ideas for both men and women both.

A traditional Sparrow tattoo design. this one looks like a real sparrow tattoo design. 
best sparrow tattoos

A colorful sparrow tattoo design on the side arm sitting on a leaf of flowers. 
real sparrow tattoos

A flying colorful tattoo design on the upper back of women. 
 sparrow tattoo on hand

A flying Sparrow tattoo on chest.
sparrow tattoo on chest

Sparrow tattoo with quotes on arm. 
Sparrow tattoo meaning

Sparrow tattoo on forearm. 
Best sparrow tattoos designs 21

Small black Sparrow tattoo design on leg. 
traditional sparrow tattoos

Sparrow tattoo design on wrist. 
traditional sparrow tattoo on arm

Traditional Sparrow tattoo on forearm. 
forearm sparrow tattoos

Sparrow flying tattoo on back shoulder. 
color sparrow tattoos on back

Beautiful Sparrow tattoo on neck.
sparrow tattoo on neck

sparrow tattoo on arm

sparrow tattoos on sleeve

sparrow tattoos on neck

sparrow tattoos with flowers

sparrow tattoo ideas

sparrow tattoos 3d

sparrow tattoo on hand

sparrow tattoos for girls

sparrow tattoos for men

sparrow tattoos designs

best sparrow tattoos

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