60 Best Owl Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Best Owl tattoo designs and ideas for men and women

Birds are cute and lovely. Some birds are so popular and think that they are lucky so people want to have them as their tattoo design. One of the famous bird types is the owl. The owl is a mythological bird. If we are talking about birds’ tattoos then we cannot deny the importance of owl tattoos because of their big eyes and innocent face. The owl is counted as one of the intelligent birds in their species. It is also said that it is a lucky bird and a symbol of wisdom. So people think about getting owl tattoos on their bodies. These kinds of designs are attractive and cool. These are popular among men and women. This is a beautiful bird so its designs are also beautiful and eye-catching.


Not only the design, but the meaning of the tattoo is also very important for the wearer. It is important to understand what your tattoo symbolizes. Some of the general meanings of the owl tattoos are mentioned below:


Owl tattoos are beautiful in their looks. They are attractive because of their looks. These are very stunning tattoo designs. There are many several meanings of owl tattoos like they are used to represent the traits and attributes of the owl. Owl has the power to see in the dark, they have a deep connection to wisdom and knowledge. Owl tattoo designs are very unique and stylish as compared to other designs, no matter if it traditional owl tattoos or modern owl tattoos. Let’s talk about owl tattoos placement, owl tattoos have a variety of designs like classic, modern, traditional, hipster, Illuminati, new school, quirky, vector, vintage, xam, xoil, zombie, etc types. These designs could be inked on the sleeve, on the chest, on arm, sleeve, on back, on behind neck, or maybe on the leg. Here are some beautiful images of owl tattoos pictures. Take a look at these 50 Awesome owl tattoo designs and ideas for men and women and their placement as well.

1. Black inked tribal shape flying owl tattoo design on back for men. 
owl tattoo on back

2. Two matching black ink use owl tattoo on chest. 
owl tattoos

3. One of the best ideas forgets an owl tattoo design that is behind the neck. This one is a small owl tattoo design and looking cool.
owl tattoos chest

4. Owl tattoo design on arm in the memory of someone close to heart. 
small owl tattoos

5. An awesome owl tattoo design on back with sugar skull tattoo design. 
back tattoos

6. An Illuminati Owl tattoo design on arm with sugar skull design in it. 
owl tattoo

7. A flying owl tattoo design on chest covering the full front of body parts. Its kinds of large tattoo design and can be a cover-up tattoo design. 
owl tattoos for men

8. A silent American owl seems to sit on Moon. 
owl tattoos meaning

9. An amazing black and grey color owl tattoo design in which holding a heart with its paw.
owl tattoos for women

10. A small Owl tattoo design on side hand.
owl tattoos

11. A flying owl tattoo design on the upper leg of women. 
owl tattoo meaning

12. Owl tattoos holding a key with his paw.
traditional owl tattoo

13. A flying barn Owl tattoo design on arm. 
small owl tattoos

14. Owl tattoo on the back. 
owl tattoo designs

15. A cute owl tattoo design with the compass on the wrist. 
mystic owl tattoo

16. Owl eyes tattoo design on upper chest .
owl tattoos for men

17. Quirkly owl tattoo design on back. 
 owl tattoos for women

18. Owl tattoos designs and ideas for men and women.
owl chest tattoo

19. Watercolor Owl tattoos on the forearms.
 cute owl tattoos

20. Small owl tattoo on arm .
owl arm tattoos

21. Native american black color owl tattoo on arm.
owl tattoo ideas

22. Black tribal ink tattoo art for Owl tattoos on half sleeve.
 watercolor owl tattoo

23. Traditional Owl tattoo design with rose. 
barn owl tattoo

24. Hourglass owl tattoos.
owl neck tattoo

25. A beautiful colored owl tattoo design on full back. 
girly owl tattoos

26. A large size owl tattoo design with its big eyes on the sleeve. 
 geometric owl tattoo

27. Owl tattoo design on hands.
owl eyes tattoo

28. Cool owl tattoo on half sleeves. 
watercolor owl tattoo

29. Owl tattoo on arm sitting on anchor on neck.
owl neck tattoos

30. A beautiful small owl tattoo. 
small owl tattoo

31. Beautiful nite owl tattoo ideas for arm.
nite owl tattoo

32. fallen owl tattoo on the leg. Here it works as cover up tattoo ideas. 
fallen owl tattoo

33. great horned owl tattoo on arm. 
night owl tattoo

34. A cute night owl tattoo and a tree tattoo design on the sleeve. 
great horned owl tattoo

35. snowy owl tattoo design for men on leg. 
snowy owl tattoo

36. Best owl tattoo design for men on arm. 
 simple owl tattoo

37. A cute simple owl tattoo on half sleeve. 
 simple owl tattoo

38. A skull and owl tattoo drawing design for women on half sleeve. 
owl and skull tattoo

39. Beautiful geometric owl tattoo ideas for men and women. 
geometric owl tattoo

40. Watercolor owl tattoo designs for men and women.
watercolor owl tattoo

41. A vector geometric look Owl tattoo design on leg. 
 owl tattoos tumblr

42. A flying vintage Owl tattoo design on half sleeve for men. 
 barn owl tattoo

43. Beautiful Owl tattoos on half sleeve. 
owl head with crown tattoo

44. A new school owl tattoo design with a zombie owl tattoo on leg.
new school owl tattoo

45. Unique owl tattoo design on thigh. 
owl sleeve tattoo

46. A xam & xoil Owl tattoo ideas on the forearm. 
harry potter owl tattoo

47. This one is the best owl tattoo on the chest. 
 ovo owl tattoo

48. Blue color simple owl tattoo design on chest.
owl dreamcatcher tattoo

49. Hipster Owl tattoo on behind bicep.
girl owl tattoos

50. Cute and lovely small quirky owl tattoo design on wrist. This is the best idea for girls to have such kinds of tattoo design on wrist. 
blue owl tattoo

chest tattoos

owl shoulder tattoo

owl feather tattoo

 neo traditional owl tattoo

owl tattoo

chest tattoos

owl tattoo meaning

 traditional owl tattoo

owl tattoos for guys

owl tattoo designs

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