50+ Best Joker Tattoos & Dark Meaning Behind the Clown Prince of Crime

Joker Tattoos And Design for Men and Women

Joker tattoos: Joker is also known as a clown. Who we can see in circuses and festivals which are decorated with funny big red noses that are meant to make everyone laugh. Every child who visits the circus to see the Joker becomes his fan because of his funny acting, laughs, gags, and stupid stunts.

And Joker is also found in playing cards but it does nothing in the game as other cards do. But ever since Batman’s movie series came out, the image of Joker has change in everyone’s mind.

Late actor Heath Ledger plays the role of Joker in the movie “ The Dark Night Rises” in which he gave his best performance as the character of Joker. Everybody who watches the movie becomes a fan of the heath ledger.

Why Joker Tattoos are popular:

The Joker is one of the most fascinating and well-known fictional characters out there. His tragic story, his twisted sense of humor, and his it’s just crazy personality are what make him so appealing to comic book fans everywhere.

This popularity has led many individuals to get the Joker tattooed on their bodies as an homage to the character’s journey, but the meaning behind each Joker tattoo can be very different depending on who does it and why they do it.

Meaning Behind Joker Tattoos:

The Joker tattoo might seem like a relatively obvious choice for comic book fans, but there’s actually more behind the smile than you might think.

Joker becomes one of the most controversial characters. He appears in comic books and movies with his neon green hair, white face skin, and red lip grin.

He wears a purple suit with a green shirt. His image is very difficult to interpret. He shows his brilliance from madness. That’s why Joker tattoos become the fan’s choice.

People looking for joker tattoo designs some want Heath Ledger portrait tattoo designs and some want card joker tattoo designs. There are two meanings behind these two types of joker tattoos.

What do they mean?

Joker tattoo designs use to represent:

  • anger,
  • sadness,
  • hate
  • Alone
  • and mainly belongs to dark side.

In addition to comic book characters, people also get joker tattoos to represent death, pain and suffering, anarchy, and many other things; but no matter what they symbolize, these tattoos will certainly stand out among other ink. These tattoos are often intricate and have deeper meanings than just being cool or representing someone’s favorite villain.

Why People Love Joker Tattoos:

The first one is people who want heath ledger or a new movie’s Joker portrait tattoos. It means to show that passion for love for gambling and risk of life for the win and where card’s joker represents passion for risk and dangerous games. Some people also want a combination of Joker and batman tattoos. You can have joker tattoo designs anywhere on your body depending upon the designs. There are lots of designs and ideas for joker tattoos.

Placement – Where are they usually located?

Joker tattoos are almost always located on a person’s right side, where it can be easily covered up. This is because many jokers are left-handed, so they hide their tattoos with their right hand.

Joker tattoos can also be found on a person’s back or neck if they wish to conceal them further. It is also common for people to have multiple joker tattoos in one location, such as a sleeve. Here we collect some of the 50+ best tattoo designs and ideas for joker tattoos.

Joker Tattoo Gallery

1. The Joker portrait tattoo designs on the back.

best joker portrait tattoos

The Joker is one of the most fascinating and well-known fictional characters out there. His tragic story, his twisted sense of humor, and his it’s just crazy personality are what make him so appealing to comic book fans everywhere.

This popularity has led many individuals to get the Joker tattooed on their bodies as an homage to the character’s journey, but the meaning behind each Joker tattoo can be very different depending on who does it and why they do it.

best joker portrait tattoos

Joker Tattoo Ideas: The joker tattoo isn’t so much an idea as it is an icon, one that people of all ages and walks of life have chosen to immortalize on their bodies.

joker tattoos with cards for men

Joker Tattoo Designs: it’s easy to see why anyone would want this tattoo (after all, it’s the symbol associated with Batman’s nemesis), but the question remains whether or not they truly understand what they’re getting themselves into when they choose the joker tattoo design.

attractive joker tattoos

Joker Portrait Tattoos:

Since the release of The Dark Knight, the Joker has become an increasingly popular tattoo design among young adults, with both men and women flocking to have their favorite comic book villain inked on their skin.

joker tattoos from movie the dark knight rises

what makes this Joker tattoo design so compelling?

The Joker, Batman’s arch-nemesis, has become one of the most iconic villains in comics and pop culture history since his creation in 1940. His look has evolved over the years, and he’s been portrayed by various actors over the decades, but no matter what, The Joker is always recognizable by his facial scars and white skin tone.

scary joker tattoos easy

JokerFace Tattoo From the Movie :

The Joker has been one of the most popular DC villains since his creation, and the way he’s depicted in his comic books, films, and video games has evolved over time to reflect changes in society.

realistic joker tattoos

Joker Face tattoo on upper arm:

In the past, Joker tattoos were common among gang members, but their popularity has now spread to the mainstream. Today, you can find plenty of people sporting Joker ink on their skin.

realistic joker tattoo designs

Joker Portrait tattoos:

Joker tattoos are some of most popular tats in today’s society. Thery want scary joker face tattoo to represent their character.

joker tattoo designs

Joker tattoo ideas:

When you think about Joker tattoos, you probably think about red lips and a creepy smile; maybe even a little green hair, With so many different design options. look at this custom design.

joker tattoo ideas

Joker Tattoo Stencils:

it’s not hard to find a Joker tattoo that fits your style. However, there’s actually much more to these tattoos than meets the eye. Look at this custom joker design tattoo which look amazing.

joker tattoo stencils

Joker’s Why So Serious tattoo on upper arm:

Joker become so popular from the movie “ Batman – The dark Knight Rises. People become fan of Heath Leadger who plays the role of joker in the movie. People start taking inspiration from his life and his rules towards life.

joker tattoo designs for men

Old and new Joker Together Tattoo design:

For starters, people don’t like to pay tribute to a character that has done so much evil. A lot of fans see him as nothing more than a psychopathic murderer and insane clown who does not deserve much attention. Joker tattoos also tend to reflect his insanity in one way or another as there isn’t really such thing as normal joker tattoos.

old and new joker tattoo designs

Joker Tattoo with Batman’s knife.

joker and batman tattoos

Custom joker Tattoo designs:

Most people who get Joker tattoos want them for their character designs or aesthetics, there is always something deeper that is true for only that person who got it done.

scary joker tattoos designs

Joker Smile Tattoo with smoking a cigarette.

joker face tattoo ideas

joker tattoos from movie

joker portrait tattoos

best joker tattoos

harley quinn tattoos

sugar skull joker tattoo ideas

joker tattoo on hands

joker tattoo designs

joker tattoos for forearms

joker tattoo on hands

Best joker tattoos designs 21

best joker tattoos

unique joker style tattoos

joker face tattoos

why so serious tattoos

joker holding mask tattoos

joker holding card tattoos

joker face tattoos

joker burning card tattoos

why so serious tattoo on hand

A brief history about Joker from Movie:

Before he donned purple spandex and pulled out a rubber chicken, The Joker was Batman’s arch-nemesis, the greatest threat Gotham City has ever known. Originally a regular old criminal named Jack Napier, he became disfigured after falling into a vat of acid. What makes him so scary is that he doesn’t just commit crimes for money or power, but for fun. He truly wants to be terrifying, and will stop at nothing to ensure that happens. His joker tattoos represent not only to draw attention to his disfigurement, but they also bring back memories in anyone who sees them, and there’s no more effective way to scare someone than with their own fears.

best joker tattoos

joker laughing tattoos

joker face tattoo on cards

joker holding card tattoos

joker tattoos

best joker tattoo designs

joker and batman tattoo ideas

joker tattoo designs

Joker tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos in today’s society. A common misconception about The Joker’s tattoos is that they are just random scribbles from someone who enjoys causing pain to others, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We hope you like these tattoo designs for Joker. Please share with others also. Img Src : Pinterest & Tumblr.

Read more about Heath ledger here.

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