50+ Cute Fish Tattoo Designs With Meanings


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Fish Tattoo Designs and ideas for men and women

Fish tattoos are not always in trend but somehow people are getting fish tattoo on their skin. Because of some important meaning and symbolism. Fishes are a cute creature. Here we are talking about some small kinds of fishes like goldfish etc, not that huge kind of fishes like shark and whale. You shouldn’t surprise why people getting a fish tattoo. In fact, fish has long intimacy with a human being. Fish have a lot of symbolic meanings in many cultures across the world. One of the reasons that most people choose fish tattoo because fish is a Zodiac symbol Of Pisces. Which is the 12th astrological sign of Zodiac? Which is for the time period who born between 18 Feb to 20th March.

Meaning of Fish Tattoos :

The fish tattoo has the much different meaning according to different culture and country.
Fishes are a symbol of good fortune, Luck and Happiness.
They are intelligent species. So these are the symbol of intelligence as well. They also represent happiness, good luck, wealth, adaptability, long life, unity, determination, and freedom.

In Christianity, Fish tattoo are symbolized as abundance and faith. Today people are getting fish tattoo and in other side people also getting koi fish tattoo. which has some different meaning read here about koi fish tattoo and meaning.

There are several kind of designs for fish tattoo. Mostly fish tattoos are small in size. They look very beautiful when they tattooed on your skin with color. Here we collect some of beautiful fish tattoo designs an ideas for men and women both. Please take a look below.

1. Fish Tattoo Design behind the neck.
fish tattoos for arms for men

red fish tattoos for girls

beautiful fish tattoos

pisces symbol fish tattoos

pisces tattoos

fish tattoo on chest

art fish tattoo

fish tattoos on arm

Pisces tattoos for girls

fish tattoos and meanings

fish aquarium tattoos

fish tattoos abstract

Best fish tattoos designs ideas men women 40

bass fish tattoos gallery

girly fish tattoos

fish tattoos ideas

fish tattoos images

fish tattoos colorful

shark fish tattoo

shark fish tattoo

fish tattoos traditional

fish tattoos with meaning

koi fish tattoos upper back

unique fish tattoos

fish tattoos simple

fish tattoos for ladies

fish tattoos for guys

koi fish tattoos back

fish tattoos bass

fish tattoos colorful

fish couple tattoos

fish tattoos on wrist

fish tattoo design on wrist

fish tattoos for ladies

fish shoulder tattoos

small fish tattoo on ear

fish temporary tattoos

fish tattoos on thigh

fishing tattoos

simple fish tattoos

cool fish tattoos

redfish tattoos

quail fish tattoos meaning

fish tattoos for male

fish tattoos pictures

fish tattoos sleeve

fish tattoos black and white

fish tattoos for couple

matching fish tattoos

fish tattoos upper back

simple fish tattoos

colorful fish tattoos

Img src: Pinterest, Flickr and Tumblr. Checck out also Pisces tattoos.

Sandra Pele
Sandra Pele
As a professional tattoo artist, Sandra Pele brings her creative expertise and passion for art to every design she creates. With years of experience in the industry, Sandra is known for her unique style, attention to detail, and ability to bring her clients’ visions to life. Check Out sandra's blog.

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