55+ Best Aquarius Tattoos: A Symbolic Tribute to the Water Bearer’s Significance

Aquarius Tattoos: Expressing Your Unique Water Bearer Personality

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Tattoo is one the best way to express our personality and character traits. Tattoos express your inner feelings very beautifully. It is because a tattoo design with meaning adds a layer of uniqueness to it and makes it more special. Today we are going to discuss the Aquarius zodiac sign tattoos. We will discuss it, its personality traits, its elements, and their meanings, and also design ideas for zodiac Aquarius sign tattoos.

There are twelve zodiac signs in astrology. Today we are going to discuss the zodiac Aquarius sign. Out of 12 astrological signs, Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac. The people born between January 20 to February 18 belong to the Aquarius zodiac sign. In Greek mythology, Aquarius are water carriers, a symbol of God who brings nourishment to the earth. The symbol of the Aquarius sign is “water bearer”. And the sign element of Aquarius is ” Air”. The traditional ruling planet of the Aquarius sign is “Saturn” and the modern ruling planet is “Uranus”. Its detriment is Sun. Birthstones of the Aquarius sign are Amethyst, Garnet, Opal, Sugilite, Jasper, and Moss Agate.

Dive into Aquarius Tattoos: Celebrating the Mystical and Innovative

People born between January 21 and February 19 fall under the Zodiac sign Aquarius. Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer or mostly an urn overflowing with water. The symbol represents the will to spread love and prosperity. People who fall under the Aquarius zodiac sign are often very social and compassionate. The sign of Aquarius which is the water bearer is often depicted by a man or a woman carrying an urn overflowing with water. People falling under this sign are known for sticking to their rules and values. They are often very independent and free.

Meanings of Aquarius Tattoos:

Aquarius Zodiac tattoos are extremely beautiful and have a wide variety in terms of both design and size. One can get either just a tattoo of an urn overflowing with water or they can get a huge tattoo of the water bearer holding the urn. You can even add the Aquarius constellation stars to make the tattoo more artistic and stylish. The placement of a tattoo can vary from arm to waist to even back or neck. Water in the tattoo can have a range of blue colors and very artistic shading while the urn could be as colorful or as shaded as one likes. If someone wants a smaller tattoo they can get just a small teeny tiny tattoo of the Aquarius symbol somewhere on the hand.

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There are no hard rules for how the Aquarius tattoos are inked so there is always an option to combine both the symbol of Aquarius as well the water bearer and even add the stars and moon to make the tattoo very intricate so it looks beautiful. One can experiment till they are sure about what exactly they want on their body for eternity. If you want to get even craftier with your zodiac tattoo you can even ask the tattoo to include all the planet names that directly affect your zodiac signs. If you yourself are an astrology enthusiast you can craft your own Aquarius zodiac tattoo so it is unique as well as significant to you. You can even just get the word Aquarius tattooed in classic fonts for a crisp but cute tattoo.


In every zodiac sign, there are a few elements that define that sign and these elements are used in making zodiac sign tattoo designs. These elements can give your tattoo design some twist. We will discuss Aquarius sign tattoo elements and their meaning.

  • Aquarius glyph: Aquarius glyph is like sea waves. But it is not really this, the glyph symbolizes water pouring from the vessel of the water bearer.
  • Aquarius constellation: Aquarius constellation 8s is one of the oldest recognized constellations and it falls between Capricornus and Pisces. It has 12 stars with planets.
  • Ruling planet: Aquarius sign has two ruling planets. One is Saturn and the other one is Uranus. The planet Saturn represents discipline and structure. This planet is full of energy which makes aquariums logical thinkers. On the other hand, Uranus’ planet symbolizes revolution and freedom. Because of the effect of Uranus’ planet, they love their freedom and live their life on their terms and also have the ability to make impossible things possible.
  • Birth flower – Orchid: In the victorian age, you could barely see an orchid, therefore orchids became symbols of privilege and wealth. Orchids also stand for love, charm, thoughtfulness, refinement, and beauty.
  • Aquarius sign – Air: People having air signs are good communicators, great thinkers, intellectuals, and Imgainators. These people are spontaneous, curious, and very logical about new ideas. They have adaptable nature, they can easily adjust themselves according to any situation.
  • Aquarius Symbol – Water-bearer: The symbol symbolizes a man who is carrying a vessel with water pouring out. People believe that it will bring nourishment to the earth. It is also seen as a symbol of open-ended spiritual energy.
  • Planet glyph: The glyph is like stacked waves that represent two planets- Uranus and Saturn. It means the water is flowing equally or you can say there are two coexisting personalities within an Aquarion.

Aquarius tattoos gallery.

1. Aquarius tattoo designs on inner forearm ideas for girls.

aquarius sign tattoo

2. Aquarius tattoos symbol design for back and chest.

tribal aquarius tattoo designs

3. Matching watercolor Aquarius tattoo designs for the person who has the same zodiac sign.

aquarius tattoo

4. Tribal Aquarius tattoos design ideas on legs for men and women.

tribal aquarius tattoo designs

5. Small Aquarius tattoo design on wrist ideas for boys and girls.

aquarius tattoos on wrist

6. Aquarius zodiac symbol tattoo designs for men and women.

tribal aquarius tattoo designs

7. Beautiful Geometric style Aquarius tattoo design on forearm ideas for girls.

aquarius tattoo

8. Small Aquarius constellation tattoos on the wrist for girls.

Aquarius tattoo designs for wrist

9. A beautiful Aquarius tattoo design on the wrist for females.

aquarius tattoo designs

10. Beautiful Aquarius design tattoo ideas for girls.

aquarius tattoos

11. Awesome Aquarius tattoo design pictures for men and women.

aquarius tattoo ideas

12. Aquarius constellation tattoos on the upper arm for females.

aquarius tattoo on forearm

13. Aquarius symbol tattoo designs on the inner forearm. You can also get this tattoo behind the ear or neck.

aquarius tattoos

14. A 3d Aquarius symbol tattoo design on the chest for girls.

aquarius tattoo design on collar bone

15. Small Aquarius constellation tattoo design on ankle for girls.

aquarius constellation tattoo on ankle

16. Small Aquarius symbol tattoo design on the side rib. You can also go for an infinity tattoo with it.

male aquarius tattoo

17. Aquarius rashi sign behind the ear for girls. This small and cute Aquarius gives a beautiful look.

aquarius symbol tattoo behind the ear

18. UV Style Aquarius symbol tattoo design on the shoulder for girls.

UV aquarius tattoo designs

19. Aquarius symbol tattoo with the looking a good idea for tattooing.

aquarius male tattoos

20. Small Aquarius constellation tattoo design with moon and stars inner forearm ideas for men.

aquarius constellation tattoo

21.  Aquarius zodiac sign tattoo ideas for men and women.

male aquarius tattoo

22. Small Aquarius zodiac sign and constellation stars tattoo design ideas for girls. You can get this tattoo behind the ear as well.

aquarius symbol tattoo

23. A Beautiful Aquarius tattoo design on the back.

symbols for aquarius in tattoo

24. Unique Aquarius tattoo design on the wrist looks beautiful.

symbols for aquarius in tattoo

25. Small Aquarius symbol tattoo on upper arm for girls.

symbols for aquarius in tattoo

26. Aquarius zodiac symbol tattoo design on the calf for men.

aquarius tattoos for males

27. Tattoo ideas for Aquarius tattoos symbol and sign tattoos.

Aquarius tattoo ideas

28. Aquarius zodiac symbol design photo.

aquarius tattoos

29. Simple lines tattoo designs for Aquarius tattoos.

aquarius symbol tattoos

30. Best Aquarius tattoo design on the shoulder.

aquarius tattoo designs

31. Amazing Aquarius tattoo design on the shoulder for women.

aquarius tattoo ideas

32. Beautiful Aquarius symbol and sign tattoo designs on the leg.

aquarius tattoos

33. Aquarius symbol tattoo design on the thigh.

male aquarius tattoo

34. Aquarius symbol tattoo design for guys.

aquarius male tattoos


Each of the twelve zodiac signs has different personality traits. All have some negative and some positive traits. Let’s discuss the personality traits of the Aquarius zodiac sign.

Positive Traits: Aquarions are very well educated and creative. They always try to discover new things and carry innovative attitudes. These people are very intelligent and highly deep thinkers, they always try to help and support others. These people are very open-minded, they like to think differently from others and show interest in doing something new and different from others. They don’t like to judge a book by its cover, they always try to know all the facts about a thing and then come to a decision. Aquariums are free-spirited people who want to enjoy their life on their own terms. They don’t like anyone’s interference in their life. They need their own freedom and space to work on their creative innovations. Aquarius sign holders have a positive attitude and they see the universe as a place full of possibilities. The nature of aquariums is sensitive and calm. They are very adjustable, they can adjust themselves according to any situation and can easily find out the way to come out of that problem or situation. They have some imaginative qualities and can also predict their future. You can see them in the same position where they had predicted themselves 5 or 10 years later. They love to be surrounded by others because they like group discussions and cultures. Aquarius people truly enjoy working to serve mankind or you can simply say they are the most caring and compassionate among all the zodiac signs when it comes to humanity.

Negative traits: Aquarions are unpredictable, you will never know what they are going to do next. When you start thinking that you know them, they will definitely do something that will surely shock you and put you in confusion whether you really know them or not. They have to develop an ever-changing identity, or you can say they are inconsistent in other words. Aquarius people are extremist extremists, they always do things that cross all the boundaries and things that are beyond our imagination, too. They are stubborn as they have quickly changed their minds. They are very impulsive, they don’t want anyone’s interferes in their life. They live their life on their own terms. They want them to be, they never want to be limited by others thinking, and they always choose their own paths with full confidence and freedom.

Now check out more designs and ideas.


aquarius symbol tattoo on wrist


aquarius sign tattoo


aquarius tattoos for males


aquarius tattoos


watercolor aquarius tattoos


aquarius constellation tattoo


aquarius constellation tattoo


tribal aquarius tattoo designs


small tribal aquarius symbol tattoos


tribal aquarius tattoo designs


small aquarius symbol tattoo designs


tribal aquarius tattoo designs


tribal aquarius tattoo designs


watercolor aquarius symbol tattoo


small matching aquarius symbol tattoo


mini aquarius symbol tattoo

tribal aquarius symbol tattoo designs

aquarius symbol tattoo on ankle

aquarius constellation tattoo on forearms

tribal aquarius symbol tattoo designs

aquarius constellation tattoo

tribal aquarius tattoo designs

watercolor tribal aquarius tattoo designs


Before getting a tattoo, you always have a difficult task to do and the task is to decide where you are going to get a tattoo. Many people find it confusing but don’t worry, we are here to clear all your doubts regarding tattoo placement. There are a few things you have to consider while deciding the placement of your tattoo. Aquarius sign tattoos can be small or large and simple or complicated, it is your call what you decide for yourself.

  • Meaning: The meaning of a tattoo plays an important role in deciding a good placement for a tattoo. Sometimes the placement of a tattoo disrespect the tattoo and many people find out offensive. So be careful and always thoroughly learn the meaning of the tattoo which you are going to ink on your body and according to the meaning decide the best placement then.
  • Size: The size of the tattoo also matters a lot when deciding the placement of a tattoo. If your tattoo size is large, you can choose the forearm, biceps, chest, shoulder, back, rib, thigh, or on legs. If your Aquarius sign tattoo is small, you can choose a finger, wrist, forearm, collarbone, neck, behind the neck, behind the ear, or on the ankle. These are the best placements for small-size Aquarius sign tattoos.
  • Visibility: This is the factor where you have to decide whether you want your tattoo secret or not. If you want to show your Aquarius zodiac sign tattoo to everyone, you can opt for wrist, forearm, biceps, neck, behind the neck, behind the ear, ankle, or on legs. On the other hand, if you want your tattoo to be personal, you can go for the chest, shoulder, thigh, back, or collarbone.

Aquarius people don’t want to be copycats or wear a tattoo that is too common and seen millions of times. They always want something new and unique for themselves. Also, Aquarions has a great artistic sense. They always try to represent themselves or express their love with the help of painting. So what is the more interesting and better way to express themselves other than by getting a tattoo? So, We have collected all the latest, interesting, and impressive designs of Aquarius zodiac sign tattoos. Please check them out and choose the best one for yourself.

Image src: Pinterest and Tumblr.

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