Top 55 Cute and Attractive Wrist Tattoos Designs and Ideas You Must See

41. Moon and Star tattoos on wrist . i can’t say that its a good idea or bad idea for getting this tattoo on wrist.

moon and stars wrist tattoo ideas

42. Howling wolf tattoo designs on wrist. Pictures taken from Pinterest.

wolf wrist tattoo ideas for girls

43. Love word written on wrist . So many things you can use to write on your wrist and love word is one of them.

love wrist tattoo ideas for women

44.Moon and sun tattoos on Wrist. This is a style of couples tattoos or matching style tattoos. This kinds of tattoos used to show love and combinations to each other.

sun and moon wrist tattoo ideas for men

45. Anchor tattoo design for Wrist Tattoos.

Anchor cool wrist tattoos

46. Small Dove tattoo design on wrist. Its very lovely tattoo design.

cute dove wrist tattoos

47. Small Mermaid tattoo design on wrist. Its a black tribal tattoos on wrist.

mermaid wrist tattoo designs

48. Key and music symbol together as a tattoo . This design looks cool on wrist because its a small and cute wrist tattoo.

lock and music wrist tattoo ideas for men

49. Some people love music and this is the best example for that kinds of tattoos. Music related tattoos are so famous. Because some popular singers like Eminem, Jessica Alba and Selena Gomez have tattoos on their wrist and other parts of the body.

music symbol small wrist tattoos

50. Black birds flying tattoo design on Wrist. Mostly these kinds of tattoo design must be inner side of the wrist. Male and female both are addicted to bird tattoos.

birds wrist tattoo ideas

51. Elephant tattoo design on wrist is famous tattoo design for men and women both. This is not in latest tattoo trends but some people love to get these kinds of tattoos.

Elephant tattoos on wrist

52. White ink infinity tattoo design on wrist is best tattoo ideas.

white ink infinity tattoos on wrist

53. Here is a sanskrit word written on wrist which says

santulan which means Balance. There are other words for sanskrit tattoos on wrist like hope and peace.

sanskrit word wrist tattoo ideas

54. Awesome Tribal Tattoo design on wrist with numbers.

tribal wrist tattoo ideas

55. Wrist nursing tattoos in which you can see heart beats and heart. This is latest in trends of tattoos.

nursing wrist tattoo ideas

Img Src: Pinterest

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