65 Most Beautiful Tattoos For Girls


30.  Full sleeve tattoo ideas for girls. This kinds of ambigram tattoos are more popular between men and women both. This tattoo design is from upper shoulder to the wrist, its covering full arm. 

full sleeve tattoos for girls

31.  Gun tattoos for girls not so much famous but tattoo ideas for any design can make that interesting and beautiful. See this gun tattoo design in which butterfly are flying after a gun shot in head.

gun tattoos for girls

32.  Upper arm covered with flower tattoo designs. This types of designs are same as mehndi designs.

mehndi tattoos for girls

33.  Cute hands tattoo designs for girls. This tattoo design covering  many things in it like a compass time clock tattoo design and fonts on finger .

hands tattoos for girls

34. This small one love heart tattoo on wrist is a best tattoo idea for those girls who believe in love .

heart tattoos for girls on wrist

35.  Small Hummingbird tattoo on arm. This will be the best tattoo ideas for those who love bird tattoos and small tattoos.

hummingbird tattoos for girls on arm

36.  Watercolor tattoos on both legs of a girl. Its an amazing tattoo idea.

watercolor tattoos for girls on leg

37.  Damn cool lily flower tattoo design on upper back of a girl. Mostly this kind of ink uses for pin up tattoos.

lily flower tattoos for girls

38.  Many girls don’t think about tribal tattoo designs on their body. Bu look at this tribal tattoo design on back  with lotus flower design which is looking damn cool. 

tattoos for girls

39.  Sugar skull tattoos are much famous among women. Look at this tattoo design on lower back of girl. in which a bird is sitting on a skull.

skull tattoos for girls


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